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He stared at his brother with a murderous glare, that son of a b*tch was scaring his wife and he didn’t like it one bit. He didn’t find her sleeping beside him, it was as if his body couldn’t rest without her. Arsenio had to have his Plummy by his side just so that he could sleep. He had to play with her hair or tickle her she had to kiss him softly or whisper her soft words and that’s how he would sleep. He could see that his Plummy was a bit upset about not going for their honeymoon and he had decided that the moment things got settled with his brother he would whisk her away to their island.

But what Hector was doing made his blood boil. When they were young they had shared their girlfriends on more than one occasion but that was because he didn’t have any strong emotional attachment with them. But it was not the same with Plum; she was his wife and completely his. He would kill Hector if the man even tried to touch her.

“And so now you my little girl… have another Daddy,” Hector whispered.

Oh hell no. His squirrel had only one Daddy and it was Arsenio Torres.

“Get the f**k away from her Hector,” Arsenio snarled.

How dare he! Plum was his life and he was so damn possessive about her that no one could even look at her without his permission. Arsenio waltzed inside and pulled Hector away from Plum. He turned to Plum and saw her watery eyes and her body shaking like a life.

“Plummy, my beauty, go to the room. I will come shortly,” he instructed her in a strict yet soft voice.

She whimpered and ran away from the room.

He turned to Hector and found him smirking dangerously.

“That’s cute Arsenio, your little wife, so sweet and ripe,” Hector hissed, “when can I have a bite of it.”

“Never Hector, that girl is my wife and I love her more than anything in the world. She is not one of those trashy girls in seedy bars who cheered us in our underground fights, Plum is pure and you need to take your eyes off her,” Arsenio seethed.

Hector’s eyes grew serious and the smirk dropped from his face.

“So now someone is above our bond, Neo?” Hector questioned.

“We have no bond now Hector; I will give you your part of the company, the share you invested, the forty per cent. But I want you to leave and stay the f**k away from Plum. Don’t scare her,” Arsenio warned.

“She didn’t say no to me…”

“That’s because she has selective mutism, she has only spoken to four people on this planet and two of them are dead,”

Hector frowned but nodded.

“She will never be shared. She is mine to keep. Don’t go near my angel and don’t you dare take advantage off her very obvious innocence, gullibility and vulnerability. I’d rather have you be a brotherly figure in her life than anything else,” Arsenio said and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“We can never go back to what we had before…” Hector asked.

“We can and we will, it will take a while, you getting a parole as not been a pleasant news. I wanted you to be punished a little more….”

“You don’t know the truth. I didn’t do it!”

“I know! But the world doesn’t, for everyone out there you are the man who plotted and almost executed it. A plan to kill your own mother,” Arsenio hissed.

“F**k I had no hand in it, the b*tch trapped me!” Hector roared and turned away from him.

The events from ten years ago flashed in Arsenio’s mind. They had been fresh out of college, working on their company the money for which they had been saving since the past so many years through illegal underground fighting. And one day their mother turns up with her abusive boyfriend….

He shook his head and hugged Hector. His brother meant a lot to him and he would make sure that he would get everything that he owed. Hector deserved it. Hector patted him on the back and nodded.

“Stay away from Plum,” Hector said to himself, “that would be difficult but I will try.”

“You have no other option, I have to return to her, she does not like being alone,” Arsenio said.

“Night,” Hector said and Arsenio nodded and walked to his room.

He entered and found his little queen sniffing.

“My baby girl,” he whispered and lay down beside her. She quickly snuggled against him.

“No sharing,” she cried.

“Yeah, no sharing, I promise,”

“Only one Daddy, Arsenio San,” she sniffed.

He nodded and kissed her forehead.

“He was just teasing you…” Arsenio lied.

He wanted to comfort her.

“No, he scare me,” she whispered, “and he talk Japanese.”

“Okay, I didn’t know that. Do you speak Japanese?”

She nodded.

“I will tell him not to scare you,” Arsenio soothed her and pulled her on him, “now help me sleep. Sing me that song from last night.”

And so she started to sing, a sweet song in her mother tongue. He didn’t understand a word of it; he just enjoyed her voice and thanked the god for giving him a gift like her, a colour in his black and white life.


She was on his lap as she dunked a cookie in her milk.

“You have to have this omelette as well, you will not have a breakfast of just cookies and milk,” he instructed her in a stern voice.

Hector grunted and took a bite of his bagel. Plum on the other hand just made a little sound of protest and shook her head. Arsenio narrowed his eyes.

“Karen,” Arsenio called.

Karen came from the kitchen and stood respectfully in front of him. Arsenio snatched the plate of cookies from her hand and passed it to Karen.

“I want you to distribute all the cookies in the house to the homeless and for the next one month there will be no cookie in the house,” he instructed.

Karen bit back a smile and nodded; she took the cookie platter away and walked to the kitchen.

Plum looked at him with her beautiful eyes wet and her lip wobbling, he had just taken away food; all she ate was cookie and milk.

“Hector the fruit bowl,” Arsenio asked. Hector pushed the bowl towards him.

“If you want your cookies back then for the next two weeks you will have to have fruits and a proper meal,” Arsenio instructed.

She sniffed and looked at Hector. She wobbled her lips at him and he stared at Arsenio with helpless eyes. This was her weapon, her full lips wobbling and her big eyes wet. But it didn’t work on Arsenio, these fake tears definitely didn’t.

“Don’t get so harsh Neo,” Hector reasoned.

“Don’t fall for that face Hector, my little wife is just using her magic to trap you,” Arsenio said and squeezed her butt.

Her cheeks bloomed with colour and she placed her head on his shoulder. He wiped away her milk moustache and kissed her forehead. From his peripheral vision he found Hector looking at Plum, there was a fire in his eyes.

Well too bad. There was only one Daddy for Plum.

“Forty per cent Hector, as promised,” Arsenio said.

Hector nodded.

“I will work with you on most of the projects and operations for a couple of months, to get a hand of the company,” Hector said.

“Sure, we have a few condominiums that you can move into,” Arsenio said.

Hector smirked and looked at Plum again.

“You want to get rid of me so soon,” Hector said.

Arsenio just grinned and turned to Plum.

“Plummy,” he said and she looked at him.

“Baby I will be going to Seattle for a night, I will return tomorrow,” he said.

She immediately sat up and looked at him. She wanted to say something but Hector’s presence was stopping her. Hector understood this and walked out of the room.

“I don’t wa…want to l…live alone Arsenio San,” she whispered to him.

“Oh baby,” he crooned and kissed her.

“How will I sleep?” she sniffed.

He gulped, that was the truth. How would he sleep?

Her phone buzzed and she picked it up. Her eyes widened immediately and she turned it to him.

It was the tabloid news notification with a photo of her and Damon kissing.

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