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She hiccupped and covered her mouth, Arsenio San looked livid to say the least while Hector San looked serious and sombre. She gulped and bit her lip.

“Where were you at?” he asked. His voice was as cold as an ice slab and she didn’t really enjoy the feel of it.

She just kept staring at him, the drinks in her stomach didn’t feel so good right now and she had the overwhelming urge to puke her guts out. She whimpered and the room in front of her started to spin, she felt sweaty and her knees felt weak. She couldn’t focus on anyone.

“She is about to throw up, Arsenio,” Hector said.

She saw Arsenio San run to her and sweep her in his arms. He ran inside one of the guest rooms on the floor and kicked open the bathroom door. Arsenio San placed her on the floor near the toilet and pulled her hair back. Almost immediately she puked into the toilet, her little body retching.

“Dammit, how much did you drink?” he snarled from behind her and she puked all the more.

She flopped back and felt a glass of water against her lips. She took a few sips and a sigh escaped her lips. She felt being picked up and taken upstairs.

“She is not legal for drinking is she?” she heard Hector.

“No, she is still twenty,”

“What are you going to do about this?”

“I don’t know, but it sure as hell wouldn’t be good,”

“Be gentle,”

“Not this time. I am always gentle with her,”

“Yeah… sure, you are yelling and ordering the poor girl almost always,”

“Stop defending her, she has as it is started behaving like a brat. I don’t need her to be coddled all the more,” Arsenio snarled.

“I don’t think it warrants the kind of strictness you are showing. She is a college going girl who has to have fun, be reasonable,”

“My Plum is not like other girls. She does not party or go clubbing. She does not drink and nor does she wear such outrageously flirty dresses. My Plum likes being with her Arsenio San, she cannot sleep without him and she loves cookies and milk,”

“Your Plum sounds like a two year old,”

“F**k off Hector. My Plum sounds like a pure and gullible little lady who wants to be a designer and is focussing on her goals and husband instead of these frivolous activities like clubbing,” Arsenio seethed.

She groaned and soon her body hit the soft mattress, she purred and dozed off immediately.


Her eyes blinked open and she mewled in pain. Her head was hurting; it felt as if someone was hammering from the inside of her brain. Her body didn’t feel good and her throat felt scratchy and her mouth was overly dry. She brought her hand in front of her eyes and winced, there was so much of light in the room!

She whimpered and slowly removed her hand away and adjusted her eyes to her surroundings. The first thing she saw was Arsenio San standing, his face was devoid of any emotion. She looked down at her body and found that she was still wearing her party outfit from last night. She looked here and there and quickly sat up straight. Now was not the time to wallow over her hanging over.

“How do you feel?” he snapped and she yelped.

She knew she couldn’t delay her answer, which would simply test his patience.

“The hanging over is bad…”she whimpered, “my head hurts.”

“It is a hangover,” he yelled, “and of course it is going to hurt. How many drink did you have last night?”

She started to sob.

“Quit shedding crocodile tears Plum, you are not getting any love from Daddy today,” he snarled.

She bit her lip to stop her sob and looked at him with insolence in her eyes. Arsenio San was overreacting.

“I had three drinks: sea breeze, Havana cooler and My old lady,” she screeched all of a sudden, “and they were gooder than your wine drinks.”

His eyes widened infinitesimally and his lips thinned.

“You dare raise your voice at me! I like how your ‘hanging over’ is making you feel so courageous right now Plum. But you will get a spanking and it won’t be the normal one it is going to be better not GOODER but better than that,” he seethed and pulled her off the bed.

“This really fancy dress that you are wearing, I don’t like how people must have seen you, the looks you must have received. And why is it that you don’t wear them in front of me, for me? You act like such a prim and proper lady in front of me but in all honesty you have a dirty mouth, you like to club and you like to stay out late,” he seethed, “well why the f**k don’t you want me to be a part of this really ‘fun Plum’, huh?”

Tears spilled out of her eyes and he looked at him.

“Did you dance?” he asked.

She just sniffed.

“Did you dance? Tell me Plum!”

She nodded. She had danced like a crazy animal, it was the my old lady drink.

“Well I want to dance as well,” he declared and fished his phone out and pressed a few buttons until a party song was playing.

He then turned to her, his eyes lit with rage. He walked to the small bar in the room and picked out two glasses. He poured some alcohol in one glass and some on another. He gulped back one of the drink and took the other glass to the breakfast trey that was kept on the coffee table, she hadn’t noticed that.

Arsenio San mixed the alcohol with the orange juice.

He walked to her pushed the glass in her hand.

“This is no ‘MY FAIR LADY’ but it will do, c’mon Plummy have a drink and dance with me,” he mocked, “don’t act so coy.”

And then he started to dance and pulled her to him, he twirled her around and she just sniffed. He put the glass on her lip and forced it when the glass fell from her hands. Her entire body quivered and she looked at him with a very teary and crying face. She didn’t know clubbing with friends was prohibited, wasn’t that normal amongst students her age?

He pushed her on the bed and pulled her dress to reveal her bum, she struggled but a sharp smack had her going still. Another sharp smack had her whimpering.

“This is for fooling Daddy that his little squirrel was missing him and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. The reason why Daddy returned early,” he snarled and smacked her butt.

Tears spilled out of her eyes but she bit her lip from crying out loud.

“This is for making Daddy feel bad about not spending his New Year’s Eve with his baby girl but instead going to a club an drinking,” he smacked her again.

Her butt was bright red and her sobs were uncontrollable.

“This for acting so innocent and conservative when you clearly are not,”

“This is for getting Daddy worried about you,”

“This is for not being considerate about him.”

“And this final one, for making him feel a fool of himself.”

He smacked her one last time and walked out of the room.


She wiped her running nose clean and buried her head in her knees; she was sitting outside in the balcony, her sketch book beside her. She had taken a bath and had dressed in a sweater and simple lounge pants. It was two in the afternoon but there was no sun and the sky looked gloomy just like her mood.

She sniffed and began sobbing.

She didn’t want to talk to him. She had done nothing wrong; he had no right to be so livid. How dare he claim that he knew her when their marriage wasn’t even two weeks old?

She certainly saw a new Arsenio today.

There was a knock on the door and she turned around to find Karen standing with a trey of food in her hand. She had not had her breakfast and as much as her stomach was rumbling she wouldn’t eat anything from Arsenio’s house. She was a fashion designer and had her own label.

House of Plum and Jessica.

She picked her phone and messaged Jessica.

PLUM: I would love to create my label with you. HOP&J!

JESSICA: Oh MY GOD! Thank you so much Plum! I really love this so much! We are going to be so great! We can start preparing our line tomorrow!!!

Plum squealed, she was now going to be stronger and better and she was going to go clubbing every Friday. This was the New Year and this was the new Plum.

She quickly opened the Dominoes application and ordered herself a large Philly Steak Pizza and some cold drink.

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