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“I want you home by four in the evening, I am taking you out somewhere, be ready,” he grunted.

“I am busy,” she mumbled. She was not busy really; she would be free from her designing with Jessica by one in the afternoon and with her therapy by two thirty. She had ample of time to get ready but she didn’t want to go out.

“I don’t care how busy you, I will drag you with me Plum. Don’t test my patience,” he snapped and she gasped and looked away from him.

She picked her stuff for the day and walked out of the room and he followed her.

“You don’t have to take an Uber, I will drop you at your friend’s place,” he said with finality.

She gulped back the retorts that stood on her tongue. He was in a very snappy mood since the morning and she wasn’t the one to test it.

They sat in the car and she told him the dress, he conveyed the message to the driver. They sat in silence and she stared out of the window. She was still very upset with him and was asserting the fact effectively. She felt his hand on her thigh and turned to him, he had a tender expression on his face.

“What can I do to get a smile on your face?” he asked. His voice was tender but she was too upset to talk. It saddened her that he didn’t realise his folly. She sniffed and turned away.

“Baby girl…” he whispered, “talk to me.”

“I am sorry but I only talk to people close to my heart,” she sniffed, “and you are a thousand miles away from it.”

“Okay, what route will get me closer to your precious heart?” he asked.

“Pondering and interrogation,” she said, “maybe you will realise it yourself.”

“I think you meant introspection,”

“Ok shookspeare…”

“Shakespeare,” he corrected again

She gave him a mean glare and he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You need to stopping insulting me…”

“I was simply correction your words, I don’t want you to make this mistake in front of the others,” he explained.

“Sir, we have arrived,” the driver informed.

She turned to open the door when he pulled her to him and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you,” he said.

She didn’t reply back.


“I think you are giving him a hard time Gummy Plummy Bear, it is clear that he is trying,” Jessica remarked, “he is taking you out for dinner. He is trying to communicate with you.”

How can you be so sure?

“Because you explained it to me via your texts,” Jessica said.

Plum frowned and typed on her phone.

Arsenio San scolded me for going out for party.

“It is a very legit and expected reaction from a man who loves you so much and I reckon you didn’t inform him of your decision to go to the club. Imagine his plight when he wanted to surprise you only to find the house devoid of his love!” Jessica said.

Plum bared her teeth and screeched lightly, Jessica simply snorted at her expression. Plum was getting frustrated.

But her spanked me and said I was not as gullible and innocent as he thought I was. He even questioned my integrity!

Jessica’s eyes widened as she read Plum’s text.

“I didn’t know you guys are kinky! Damn, but I agree with you. He shouldn’t have questioned your integrity. You know it think you should really use this dinner tonight to make up with him. Arsenio is an older man and he is very mature which is why he understands that your reactions are very immature and childish. He is taking a very civil way of making things up. He has experience of life,” Jessica commented.

Plum’s eyes watered, she wasn’t being immature and childish, she was just indignant.

As my husband he should know what I feel….

Jessica sighed when she read her text.

“You cannot expect him to know your feelings if you don’t open up to him, if you cannot speak then maybe you should leave a text or write a letter….” Jessica said, “You have to find a way to express your feeling, because Arsenio is being very understanding as far as I can tell.”

Plum just looked down at her hand and sighed, Jessica was right. She had to make up with her Arsenio San, she was as it is getting tired of the distance between them since the past two days, and she missed his indulging affections and his loving. She didn’t even cuddle with him in the night, she had a bad sleep.

“Just communicate more, it would make a world of a difference,” Jessica said, “and it is the time for your therapy, I think you should get going, best of luck.”


Plum waited for Arsenio San to come, her mood was extremely bleak and dimmed. The therapy was horrid to say the least. The therapist, Mr Simon O’Hara, was an amazing psychologist but the therapy was not. He had begun by asking a few questions bust she didn’t say a word, she probably didn’t even breath. Their entire session of an hour was spent in complete silence. Mr O’Hara had asked three questions and slipped into silence himself. He even started reading a book in the meanwhile.

It was humiliating and embarrassing to say the least. She had not spoken a word; she was feeling like a coward. Mr O’Hara seemed like a no bullshit kind of man.

She had left his clinic in tears and now she was waiting for him to come.

She had decided upon a simple blush pink floral midi dress from Alexander McQueen, it was very 1940s inspired; she was wearing simple kitten heels under them. They made her look two inches taller than her five feet one inch. Do distract her mind she had laid clothes out for him, read an English novel and watched some telly.

She heard him enter the room. He nodded at her and she took his coat as he began removing his clothes.

“You look gorgeous my little squirrel,” he said, “I will take a quick shower.”

He was ready in ten minutes and was helping her in her Burberry Cherbrooke blanket coat. He helped her in the car and sat after her. The car started to drive and he pulled her to him.

She didn’t engage in any conversation. Her mind was still at the session of the therapist, the man had not reacted at all to her condition, it was like he had no sympathy, like he didn’t care for her. It was an unsettling session to say the least and somehow felt humiliating. She blinked away her tears.

“So Mrs Torres, how was your day?’ he asked the third question.

Mr O’Hara was an old man, he had white hair and was dressed impeccably. She wanted to say it was fine but the words didn’t come out, he was a stranger, how could she trust him with her words.

He continued to stare at her for an answer for five minutes before picking up the book on the table beside him. He removed the bookmark, adjusted his glasses and got back to his reading.

And he didn’t look at her even once throughout the session, she was left ignored. He was brutal and Plum’s heart was hurt.

“Plummy we are here,” he whispered and she stared at a tall tower outside.

She frowned and looked at him, this didn’t look like a restaurant, she should have understood, it was too early for dinner.

“We will check a few condos before going for the dinner,” he informed her.

“What?” she whispered.

“Well, if the mistress of the house does not like the house then we have to let her take the reins of choosing one herself,” he said.

She looked at him, stunned. She felt guilty for making that comment last night. He was being so patient and understanding with her.

They walked inside and took the elevator to the penthouse. They were greeted by a real estate agent.

She stared at the penthouse and her jaw dropped in owe. It was very beautiful and gorgeous. The penthouse was so sleek and contemporary; she would have so much fun designing it.

“Sir, we have six bedrooms and six baths along, three rooms have inbuilt fireplace systems. We have a space for library, a large office area that can converted to a study. We have special seating area with the view of the central park. If the condominium is purchased with the apartment below it then you can have enough space to house your security without a hindrance in the privacy.” The estate agent said.

She tuned him out and began exploring the rooms. She was already in love with the master bedroom and it was so spacious and beautiful.

She turned to Arsenio and he was looking at her with a small smile on his face, his eyes were soft and she felt bad. She had missed him so much. Jessica was right, communication was important.

They went through three more condominiums but her mind was stuck on the first one. They had brought the necessary literature along with them and Arsenio had instructed her to give everything a good thinking.

They entered the restaurant; Arsenio had booked the entire rooftop for them. He wanted complete privacy.

He pulled her on his lap and she sat comfortably. The roof top was beautiful, since it were the winters the entire roof was covered with wall to ceiling glass. She stared at the beautiful snow sprinkling on the streets of New York.

“Baby girl…” he whispered.

She looked at him and her eyes watered.

“Hush, now no crying, we have had enough of that in the last two days,” he whispered and kissed her forehead.

“Now tell me how the day was,” he asked.

“Day was good,” she hiccupped softly and wiped the remnants of her tear.

“I don’t think so; your mood seems very dark,”

“The therapy was not good,” she whispered.

His gaze softened.

“I couldn’t utter a word,” she sniffed, “I felt humiliated and embarrassed.”

“It is a start, my squirrel. It will all be fine, just be brave,” he cooed gently.

“I missed you,” she whispered, “and I am sorry for acting like a brat.”

“Don’t be baby girl,” he whispered, “I yelled at you too; I said some very bad things.”

“You did, I was so hurt. I didn’t go to club because I wanted to, I went because I didn’t want to be at home without you, “she confessed, “the house is scary without you.”

His eyes widened and he kissed her on the lip softly, she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him. It had been so long since she was in his embrace. She felt safe and protected and at home here.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“Because I didn’t think I did something wrong. I thought clubbing was normal in my age group,” she confessed, “and I really wanted to go with my friend as well.”

“Well, you could have given me a text, I wouldn’t have been as angry…”

“You wouldn’t have let me go,” she complained by cutting him mid-sentence.

He just narrowed his eyes at her and shook her head.

“How was your clubbing experience?” he asked.

She brightened up and clasped her hand in delight.

“San, it was so amazing,” she gushed, “I danced and had fruity drinks that were so amazing.”

He grinned and caressed her cheeks.

“You will come with me next time,” she said and placed a loving kiss on his cheek.

“I will definitely come with you and if I can’t then please inform me baby girl, you should know how I worry about you,” he said, “and please take either Hector or Brian along with you, if you can.”

She bit her lip and nodded.

“I wanted to surprise you but when you weren’t there I was so worried and angry, we saw a few footages of the CCTV ,” he said.

Now she felt bad for not telling him about it.

“I am sorry,” she apologised again.

He smiled at her.

“Now tell me about this new friend of yours,”

And so Plum did, from the start till the end; Arsenio’s eyes became suspicious by each passing second but he masked it behind his smiling face. It clearly felt like Jessica was taking the advantage of his sweet and loving wife. He had to do some background hunting himself.

“Why don’t you call her for dinner tomorrow?” Arsenio suggested.

His pretty wife’s face brightened up and she gleefully texted Jessica for an invitation to dinner.

This Jessica better be genuine otherwise he would destroy her life; you don’t get to cheat on Plum Torres with him around. He wouldn’t let anyone take advantage of his innocent wife. He caressed Plum’s face as she giggled.

“Jessica will be there tomorrow,” she chirped happily.

Oh the things he would do to Jessica if she disturbed the happiness on his wife’s face. He would have to see for himself what House of Plum and Jessica was about and why the sudden interest in his wife.


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