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Arsenio stood on the yacht, nursing a glass of whiskey in his hand. He looked at the glimmering dockyard and frowned, the girl was late by several minutes and he could feel his anger simmering. He was known for this, an explosive temper and he hoped to god that the girl would not get on his bad side. He had already started to draw a contract, he wanted to be with her for not more than three months, and it was sufficient time for the island to be in his name.

There was a part of him that didn’t like what he was doing; he had not come from money. He was born dirt poor to a mother addicted to drugs, the woman could do anything for even the smallest amount of it, probably even sell him and his brother.

He gulped back the bitter memories along with his whiskey.

He sensed some movement and he turned around to find his bodyguard Brian come atop the yacht, there was definitely someone behind him but he couldn’t make out whom.

“She is here,” Brian said and moved away, walking away from them.

It was like someone had knocked the air out of his lungs. The girl in front of him was an angel incarnation. He struggled to speak. She had her beautiful eyes lowered but he could see those beautiful and long lashes fanning over her full cheeks, she even had a little button nose and full lips that resembled rosebuds. He swallowed hard seeing her petite figure.

This was going to be difficult; he wanted her to be unappealing only she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He cleared his throat and she shyly looked up at him, her beautiful almond shaped eyes.

They walked to the dining area overlooking the beautiful sea. She was still adamant on keeping her face lowered.

“I hope you know why you are here?” he said. He didn’t know how to start a conversation, she was disarming, and she was just so enchanting and beautiful. Would he move past her face tonight?

He observed her nodding hesitantly.

“I am very much interested in accepting your Uncle’s condition. I intend on marrying you, Plum,” he said. Her breathing hitched and pearl like tear rolled down her cheek which she wiped away hastily. She nodded and refused to raise her head.

He took her dainty hand and he noticed her long fingers, they were an artist’s fingers, he pulled out the velvet box out and pulled out the ring. He put the ring on her finger and she immediately took her hand away and hid it under the table. He gritted his teeth and kept his anger under control. He poured the wine for them and passed the glass to her; she took it and kept staring at her lap.

“You don’t have to keep staring at your lap,” he drawled, “Your fiancé is a much pleasant sight.”

She raised her head and hesitantly stared at him. He took the liberty to memorise her face. Even though there wasn’t talking he was definitely enjoying her company. She looked fresh faced with bare minimum make-up and it was refreshing for once. Her short bob with bangs cupped her face nicely. She looked like little pixie.

“Please have the wine,” he said but she didn’t pick her glass.

He saw her eyeing the glass but she shook her head.

“You don’t want the wine?” he whispered, it came out way harsher than he intended to. It was a beautiful wine, perfect for an evening like so. When she didn’t pick the wine, he simply lost it. He had been initiating conversation but she was quiet.

“Plum, I expect you to participate in the conversation, is there nothing you would like to know about me?” he said.

She didn’t answer.

“I really don’t like that sort of attitude Plum; I will not tolerate it,” he said. He was getting agitated by her behaviour; she was behaving in a petulant manner by not answering him. Her expression was however panicked and he saw her fingers moving over her phone.

Just a few seconds later a bodyguard stepped on board, he looked very familiar.

“Mr Torres, I am afraid but I have to take Ms Park home,” the bodyguard said. Arsenio stared at his fiancée run up to her bodyguard. She saw them get off the yacht. The moment they stepped on the dockyard she was simply picked up by the bodyguard. She wrapped her legs around his waist and placed her face in the crook of his neck. They walked to her car and sat inside.

The car drove away and what was left was a hot burning jealousy. He didn’t understand this feeling, a girl who he had just met, someone who was just a condition to fulfil his larger ambition of owning the island, he gulped and pinched the bridge of his nose. He turned away and took his phone out.

“Sawyer,” he said.

“Damon Black, that’s the name of the bodyguard,” Sawyer said whilst staring at the iPad in his hand.

“Is he related to Roman?” Arsenio asked.

“Brother,” Sawyer replied.

Arsenio pursed his lip and brooded silently.

“Why is he her bodyguard?”

“He owns a security firm actually but for some reason took the job of bodyguard at the Parks household, a personal bodyguard to Plum Park actually,” Sawyer said, “even I find it strange Sir, the Blacks are too close to the Park family.”

Arsenio didn’t like it one bit. He did find it suspicious but he didn’t let Sawyer know of it, there were certain things that kept to his own.

“Is there anything else?”

Sawyer looked uncomfortable before nodding.

“What is it?”

“It is about Ms Park,” Sawyer said, “I have some medical reports.”

Arsenio stilled.

“It actually explains why she is very quiet,” Sawyer said.

“Spit it out Sawyer,” Arsenio said.

“She can’t speak,” Sawyer blurted out, “hasn’t spoken since her father’s death when she was five. It was traumatic to say the least,”

Arsenio’s eyes widened and he leaned back on his chair in a daze that did explain her unresponsiveness. He pinched the bridge of his nose and turned to look at the beautiful dockyard. He didn’t know how to react to this news; Dae Jung definitely tried to keep the truth out, trying to get rid of his niece as soon as he could.

The truth saddened him to no end but he cleared his throat and toughened up.

“Are there any reports? Have there been any treatments?”

“No,” Sawyer whispered.

“Get me on line with Dae Jung, I need to speak with him,” Arsenio said.

Sawyer dialled the number on the mobile and passed it to Arsenio, bringing the phone near his ear Arsenio waited for the man to pick up. This was a pressing issue that he had to discuss with the man. The fact that this was kept hidden was astounding! Did Dae Jung think he would marry Plum without any questions on her condition?

“Dae Jung” Arsenio greeted formally when the call was received.

“What is it Arsenio? This is not the time…”

“When were you planning on telling me about Plum’s condition? After the marriage!” Arsenio said.

There was silence on the other side of the line and Arsenio knew he had hit the right nerve.

“Don’t think that makes her damaged by any sorts…”

“One likes to be informed about such things Dae Jung! You are keeping me in dark! Is there anything else that you intend to keep hidden till the very last moment for me to reveal?” Arsenio cut Dae Jung’s sentence.

“Why does this bother you so much? Would it have changed anything? You would still be the same ruthless and merciless man that we all know! You should be luck that I have chosen you for my niece! You are vile, evil and disgusting…”

“If you think that ways then why did you agree for the union?” Arsenio drawled, he had reined on his temper. Anger was a flaw and it was his biggest drawback, but he tried to keep it under control.

“I have my reasons Arsenio, one that I will probably never tell you but the choice is yours, if you want the marriage or not!”

And with that Dae Jung hung up on Arsenio. Arsenio gritted his teeth and threw the phone on the table. Would he marry her? The island was important…. Yes he would marry her. She would be his wife, because now it was maybe not just about marriage, maybe it was more and he didn’t know what it was but he wanted her with him. He brought the whiskey glass to his lips and gulped its remnants.

“Sawyer, send a notice to Dae Jung, I want the marriage by the next week,”

The girl was his, whether she liked it or not.

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