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Almost eleven years ago, June 10, 2007.

A freshman student moaned on top of him and he grinned, it was his last day frat house, a dignified member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Arsenio was enjoying his last party before leaving tomorrow with his brother.

He pulled out the rubber from his back pocket and passed it on to the freshman girl, he didn’t know her name, but she liked it when he called her ‘babe’. She ripped the packet open and pulled the rubber out and put it over his manhood. His brothers were roaring loudly in the living area while he was in his bedroom.

Damn he would miss this; the girl sat over his dick and began riding him.

“Fu** yeah, babe,” he groaned. She giggled and picked his graduation hat and put it on.

He was now a Dartmouth graduate majoring in both economics and mathematics. He was the star student, a quarterback with the Dartmouth Big Green football team along with his brother Hector who was doing his engineering at Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth.

They had started their own business and things looked very promising. The door opened and his friend looked at him with a grin on his face.

“Get out of the room Roman,” Arsenio growled. His friend, Roman Black was a rich asshole and the biggest douchebag on the planet. But the f**ker was good with his studies and Arsenio was damn sure he would take Black industries to a multi-billionaire status.

“Well you might want to give Christy to me cause your brother is asking for you,” Roman grinned and winked at Christy aka babe. Christy pouted an ugly and failed attempt to look cute and got of his dick. Arsenio groaned and got of the bed; he zipped his pants and walked out. The party was in full swing with his brothers roaring loudly. He grinned, damn he would miss this. He walked out of the frat house and saw Hector standing. His face looked white as a sheet.

Arsenio ran to him.

“Bro is everything alright,” Arsenio asked.

“I f**ked up Neo, I f**ked up everything!” Hector cried, his eyes were wild and he looked panicked.

“You need to tell me what happened,” Arsenio said.

Hector gulped and looked at him.

“Mom came,” hector gulped.

Arsenio simmered with anger, his hands clenched into fists and he gritted his teeth.

“What was she doing here?”

“She needed money,” Hector said, “she came with the new boyfriend.”

Their mother was a crackwhore, always hanging on the arm of any dealer who could get her thugs. Their childhood was ruined by the bitch.

“And what did you do,” Arsenio said.

“I will tell you the truth Neo, you must believe me and nothing else, promise me,” Hector whispered.

“I will believe you,” Arsenio said without hesitation. He trusted his brother more than anything in the world.

“She came asking for money with her new dealer boyfriend and I refused, of course. Her boyfriend got physical with me saying she owed him couple of grands and that her pussy was not doing it for him anymore,” Hector spat in disgust, “I threw him out of the house of course. Mom got volatile, she wanted the f**ker, I told her to calm down. I gave her some water and popped a few sleeping pills so that she could sleep… but she started to foam and shit.”

“What the fuck Hector,” Arsenio whispered harshly and brought Hector to a side.

“Well the boyfriend returned and called the 911, f**k, and he made a police complaint against me. The f**ker even stole all my money from the last few fights, it was a total of thirty grand. I cannot even report it cause it is illegal,” Hector snarled, “and now the f**king police is behind me.”

Just then the loud blaring of sirens started echoing around the frat area. A slew of underage kids started running out of the frat house thinking they were coming for them. But Arsenio knew it was for his brother.

“I will get you a lawyer,” Arsenio spat, “don’t you dare give any statement before a lawyer.”

Hector nodded, the police cars stopped in front of them and the officers came out, they walked over to Hector and pushed him to the ground. Arsenio knew he wouldn’t be able to get the best lawyer, he and Hector had invested all of their money on their company. They were penniless.

“If I don’t get out then you have to build the company and keep my part ready for me. You better be successful Arsenio, I want to be living in a plush condominium after I get outta jail. You better make my forty per cent worth more than a billion,” hector whispered.

The police came to him and they pushed hector on the ground and handcuffed him. Arsenio’s eyes were burning with tears.


They didn’t get a good lawyer and his brother was given a sentence of ten years, their mother had lived but testified against Hector. She was a bitch; Arsenio didn’t share even a penny of her money with them. She was a pathetic mother and a despicable person.

Plum looked at him with teary eyes.

“Poor Hector San,” she whispered.

“Yeah, but now he is back and he is already creating waves, we have signed two multimillion deals with his help,” Arsenio said, “he is happy and healthy and living the life he deserves. He is in fact moving into a new condo tomorrow.”

“Oh…” Plummy pouted, “now I feel bad for not talking to him.”

“Don’t worry,” Arsenio said, “Hector really likes you, you are his little sister.”

Plum blushed and smiled softly.

“We can call him for dinner sometimes,” she mumbled.

“I am sure he would like that,” Arsenio said.

“Who has designed his house? Did he buy furniture?” she rambled.

“We got a designer who furnished and designed the condo according to his taste,” Arsenio said. He noticed the frown on her face.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I want to say some sentence,” she whispered, “if I may dare?”

He narrowed his eyes at her dramatic antics and nodded.

“I think your brother not good boy,” she whispered and raised her hands in surrender.

“Why do you think that?” he asked and took her hands in his.

“Because he didn’t invite for house warming celebration,” she said, “I wanted to see his house.”

“I will pass on the message to him,” Arsenio said and bit back his smile.

“I would like that,” she said and smiled softly.


“Wooo,” Plum squealed as she skated on the ice rink at central park.

It was the next day and Arsenio had decided to not stay at the house, he would spend some quality time with his Plum. At the moment she was skating around the iced water body like a fairy. He stood stoic and alert, he didn’t want her falling down. She skated to him and took his hand.

“Skate,” she squealed and he skated along with her.

“Carefully,” he scolded and she nodded.

“This is fun!” she said gleefully and he smiled at her indulgently. She was enjoying so much. Her outfit was cute with her short plaid skirt and stocking and a large puffa jacket on top with a beany covering her head.

The day would be beautiful, he smiled.


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