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“Welcome to my humble abode,” Hector drawled.

Arsenio glared at Hector, his angel wife wanted to see Hector’s house and was very upset when he had not invited her. No one hurt his wife’s feeling.

Hector smirked at him and followed his little girl.

“How do you like the house Plum?” Hector asked. Arsenio saw his little girl give him a beautiful smile; he kept his jealousy at bay. Hector had got over his feelings for Plum and it was a relief for Arsenio, he didn’t want to fight with his brother, it would’ve turned ugly.

“We got the tiles especially from a local manufacturer in India, he is an expert with blue pottery tiles,” Hector explained as he showed her the kitchen tiles. Arsenio saw his wife look in awe and quickly type something on her phone. She didn’t like the house they were living in, it was an ‘old man’ house. He kept his thoughts to himself on that, it was a perfect house for a powerful man like him who was interested in a family home but what Her Highness wanted her highness got.

“This is so beautiful,” she whispered, “now we will have so much fun decorating it.”

“Of course,” Arsenio bit out.

She frowned at him and dragged him to the nearest bedroom, they entered the bathroom and his wife gasped.

“You got me a boring white tub,” she complained.

“That boring white tub is classy,” Arsenio argued.

“It is boring, we need a stone tub,” she declared. Arsenio pinched the bridge of his nose and turned to Hector who had his eyes wide open.

“What?” Arsenio asked.

“She spoke,” Hector muttered, “in front of me.”

Arsenio’s eyes widened as he saw Plum checking the counters and taps.

“Let’s not make her conscious about it,” Arsenio said, “we will go about normally.”

Hector nodded and explained the other fixtures in the bathroom. His girl was getting confident, he smiled and his heart felt light. He placed his arm over her shoulder and placed a small kiss on her forehead. They walked out of the bathroom and towards the living area where the housekeeper had arranged an assortment of snacks and drinks for them.

“Plum, please have something,” Hector offered.

Plum giggled and picked a small berry. Arsenio saw Hector trying to bite back his smile, Arsenio frowned.

“I have surprise for you Plum,” Hector said. Plum looked at him, her small mouth in an ‘o’, but her eyes shone with excitement.

“Do you want it?” Hector asked. Her full cheeks filled with a rosy hue and she bit her plush lip and nodded shyly, she fumbled with her eyes. His little girl wanted the surprise.

“Well you have to ask for it,” Hector said.

Arsenio sat up and glared at hector. What the fuck was wrong with him? He turned to Plum and she looked uneasy but it seemed she was trying. She was looking down at her hands and opened her mouth a few times. They had made her conscious.

“Can I get surprise?” she asked finally. A breath of relief left Arsenio’s body and he leaned his body against the sofa cushion. He caressed her cheek and smiled with adoration filled eyes, she smiled back at him.

Hector nodded and stood up. His housekeeper passed him a basket and he gave it to Plum. Plum looked at the blanket covered basket and then at Hector with eyes filled with questions.

With shaking hands she removed the basket and gasped, a little furry puppy slept in the basket, his body breathing slowly, another little puppy slept beside him. They looked of identical breed. Arsenio looked at Hector and raised his brow.

Plum slowly caressed their fur, her body was thrumming with love and adoration. With teary eyes she looked at Hector, gratitude shining in her eye.

“We rescued a litter of five puppies,” Hector said, “I was on my way to farm house and we encountered their mother in the shed. She died giving birth.”

Plum’s expressions became pained and she brought her hand to her heart and sighed.

Arsenio rolled his eyes amongst the drama on both sides.

“Three puppies were adopted by my driver and secretary; he has three kids, one for each. I took the rest thinking that maybe you would love to have them in your home,” Hector whispered softly.

“Of course,” she whispered.

“It is girl and a boy, the brown one is the boy and the blonde is a girl, they are poodle mix, malti-poo to be exact. A cross breed of maltese and poodle, I think a family abandoned the dog,” Hector said. His face reflected the sadness.

“Why didn’t you keep them?” Plum asked.

Hector smiled.

“I am a cat guy and my lady gets jealous if I shower my love on someone else,” Hector said. Just then a majestic fluffy black walked in the room, oh she didn’t walk, the lady sauntered inside. Her walk would have put Cindy Crawford to shame. She bounced on Hector’s lap and with her sharp green eyes demanded a belly rub which Hector very happily gave.

Now Arsenio understood why his brother had gotten over his wife so easily.

“What is her name?”

“She is a majestic nebelung cat and her name is Lady Chantal,” Hector announced.

“What in the absolute fuckery,” Arsenio muttered. How did this cat get in the hands of his brother he didn’t know? He looked at Chantal and she raised her head with all her regal attitude and purred softly, it was that flirty purr of rich women when they tried to their paw on you.

He shook his head and looked at Plum.

“What are you planning on naming them?” he asked her.

She smiled at him and looked at them.

“For boy I name, Hamburger and for girl I name, Velvet,” she announced.

Arsenio’s eyes widened and he turned to Hector who was engrossed with Lady Chantal.

“We are not naming them hamburger and Velvet, where did you even get the names form?” he asked.

Plum’s eyes widened and she covered their ears.

“Don’t worry, Daddy will calm down soon,” she whispered and gave him a stern stare, “don’t yell at them.”

“Not naming them Hamburger and Velvet,” he said.

The puppies woke up and looked at Plum, she caressed them and they were immediately putty in her arms, they were licking her hands and jumping in the basket.

“Hamburger,” she whispered and the dog yelped gleefully.

“Velvet,” she whispered and the baby bitch yelped too.

What the fuck was he doing here, Arsenio sighed and looked at his phone.

There were four missed calls from Roman.


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