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“My minx, we’ll let your boys freshen up and then they’ll join us for dinner,” Roman Sr. said and pulled her to him. She softly smiled and nodded.

“Show them the room,” Roman Sr. instructed Damon.

Damon gulped and was about to say something when the glare from his father had him nod begrudgingly. He started walking upstairs and they started to follow him, Plum was feeling a certain type of way and she didn’t like it at all. She didn’t like Roman as well, he had very clearly over-stepped a line, she would definitely have her revenge on him.

She squeezed her Arsenio San’s hand; the mother he didn’t like was back in their lives, poor Arsenio San and Hector! They didn’t deserve this, now was the time to be Arsenio San’s wife, he was trapped in an emotional turmoil and needed all of her help and support, she had to be the pillar he could lean on, the shoulder he could cry on and the pillow he could comfortable rest on. She had to be comforting and strong. She wouldn’t let a wretched woman destroy his perfect life. Plum was resolute about this; no one would trouble her Arsenio San.

They entered a guest room and Damon left them there. Arsenio San sat on the bed and covered his face with his hands and sighed. He looked so tired, like he had aged a few years in the last couple of minutes. She walked to him and removed his hands; he looked at her and gently wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her between his legs and rested his head on her bosom.

She cupped his cheek and he looked up, she placed a small kiss on his lips.

“You don’t worry my Arsenio San, Plum will take care of everything,” she said, her eyes and voice reflecting the seriousness she felt about the situation. He smiled softly at her.

“My squirrel, when did you become such a warrior?” he asked softly.

“When Roman punched your face, I didn’t like what he did, he shouldn’t have done that,” she pouted. She wanted to tell him about his revenge but she kept that part to herself.

“I don’t know what she is doing here, after so many years I didn’t expect her to meet, I didn’t want her to meet ever!” he said, “what she did with her lives, destroyed our childhood, Hector’s youth… I can’t forgive her for that, I hate that bitch.”

“Maybe… you need a c-closure, you never had a closure… you never accepted that part of your life…”

“No Plummy, you don’t get to say that, there is no fucking closure, she is back in my life and you see, you mark my words, she has a grand scheme in her head. Something that’ll fuck us all up,” he whispered harshly.

“I understand my San, but… is she that powerful? I didn’t know you would feel so… defeated, your mother is a low-life, she has used cheating to get ahead in life, such people… they don’t deserve your anguish, she is just Roman Sr.’s wife, she has no association with you,” Plum tried to make him understand.

“You are right… I will not let her destroy my happiness, I will not let her hold that power over me,” he said and nodded to himself.

“Now, let’s get ready, we have to down for dinner…”

Arsenio nodded.


Arsenio placed a nice warm dinner roll on her plate and served her some vegetable pot pie.

Arsenio’s mom giggled.

“I am sure she can take it herself, son,” she whispered.

“Camilla is right Arsenio,” Roman Sr. mused.

Plum bit her lip and looked down, Arsenio San would always serve her food; it was a small undisputed ritual between them. Then they would hold their hand and eat with the other, sometimes they would even feed each other off their plates. It was an intimate moment between them, it was not about Arsenio being a man or superior it was about expressing his way of love and affection.

Roman Sr. and Camilla just didn’t understand.

“It’s how they have their dinner Mrs Black,” Hector said, his voice was cold and cutting.

Camilla gave a fake smile and nodded.

Arsenio held her hand under the table and resumed eating. Plum knew the comments had affected him; he would always feed her the first bite. She blinked back the tears and started to eat her food. Arsenio San would always have dinner with her, even when they fought.

The pot pie was bad, there was too much salt and the filling was too dry but she didn’t say anything and continued eating.

“You make shit food,” Roman Jr. said.

Plum’s eyes widened and she turned to the senior couple on the table.

“I know… I am sorry honey, it’s just that I don’t know how to make food but I wanted to do something for the family…”

“You could have not married Dad or broken a very perfect marriage…”

“That’s enough Roman,” Roman Sr. said and glared at him. The Black heir got to his food.

“I am leaving, I can’t eat this,” Hector scowled.

“Where?” Plum softly whispered to him.

His eyes softened and he kissed her cheek.

“I will eat somewhere out,” he said to her, “and I will get you a pizza.”

Her eyes brightened and she nodded.

“I am coming too,” Damon muttered.

The two left the house and Plum turned to look at Camilla, she looked very upset, her lips were turned upside down and her eyes looked very sorrowful, her expression tugged at Plum’s heartstrings. She felt sorry for Camilla. She looked up again and found Arsenio glaring at her, he understood how she was feeling, he gave her hand a harsh squeeze and she quickly looked away.

She quickly ate the food and gulped it down with water.

“I don’t know about the others Camilla but I really appreciate your efforts to bring the family together,” Roman Sr. said. Camilla sniffed and nodded.

“I am full,” Plum whispered to Arsenio and he nodded.

“We are retiring for the night,” Arsenio said and was about to get up when Roman Jr. got up, Plum gulped and put her leg out slightly, Roman tripped over her leg and fell flat on the floor. There was total silence and no one said anything.

She had, had her revenge.

“Watch how you walk,” Plum said sassily and got up. She walked over him and turned to Arsenio who looked at her with wide eyes.

She blushed and fluttered her eyes at him. He narrowed his eyes and got up from the chair.


Hector gulped down a peg of whiskey and turned to the dance floor, today had been hectic and tiring to say the least. There bitch of a mother was back in their lives and he didn’t know what to do.

He looked at Damon, he was in his own thoughts, he was about to approach him when he felt a hand on his arm. He turned to a beautiful girl giving him flirtatious looks.

She was the perfect American blonde girl.

“I saw you sitting alone,” she purred.

“You did huh,” he growled. Her eyes flashed with desire and she took a step closer.

“I did and I wondered why a man like you must be alone…” she trailed and eyes his sexy suit.

“I don’t know maybe I just want to be alone tonight…” he whispered and his eyes dropped to her luscious pale pink lips.

“Well I will leave you alone, on one condition,” she whispered and pulled a key card out of her little purse and placed it in his pocket.

Hector’s eyes darkened and he slowly ran his eyes across her perky and toned body, the lords in the heaven knew he needed this night.

“And what’s the name of this very beautiful condition?” he whispered in her ear.



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