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Arsenio sat in his office going through some of the case files but his mind was distracted. He was still thinking about what Roman had told him a few weeks ago and Arsenio too had got some checking of his own done. Roman was right, his father was a sick mafia, a man who had been running from Interpol, the Scotland Yard and FBI for his entire life and now he wanted back in the USA. His mother was a spy planted for the past so many years and she had slowly done everything, all the reporting, probably even following him all the while somehow raising his brother and him.

And now they wanted the island, which he had received after marrying his Plummy.

A knock came on the door.

“Come in,” Arsenio said and Hector entered. His eyes too were very tired and sunken.

“What is it?”

“I was wondering if you would like to take the Jacobs project, not really feeling up for building a resort for them,” Hector drawled.

Arsenio grinned, tension slowly slipping away.

“Get lost; I am not taking that project!”

“Come on, there is an assured profit of a 100 million dollars and maybe more, completely renewable project, a range of resorts across Papua New Guinea!” Hector said.

“Lucrative but I am already swamped with the range of condominiums I am building in Seattle, in fact I am going with Plummy to Seattle next week,”

“What is the starting selling price?”

“Four million each condo, there is twenty five per cent profit on each unit but bookings have already started and we sold two of our units for six million each that is a total profit of…”

“Three million, gotcha, don’t show off, I too landed the deal for making condos in Paris, that’ll be three million euros each, so come back on the Earth, will ya?” Hector said, his eyes dancing with mirth.

“Hector Sir, there is girl waiting for you in her office?” Sawyer said, peeping inside Arsenio’s office.

“Who is it? I don’t reckon making an appointment,” Hector frowned.

“A girl by the name Jessica,” Sawyer said. Arsenio frowned, could it be his wife’s friend? No, Jessica was very common name, it must be someone else.

“Oh okay, you can send her here,” Hector said and Sawyer nodded.

“Who is it?”

“Nothing, just this girl that I met when we were at Roman’s, at a club, why do ask?”

“Nothing, Plum too has a friend called Jessica, don’t trust her yet but just asked,”

“I don’t think it is her, why would she follow me to Hamptons otherwise, that would be weird and freaky really,”

A knock echoed in the room and the girl entered. Hector’s friend entered, Arsenio’s gaze grew grave when he recognised exactly which Jessica was it. He clenched his teeth tightly and let his deadly gaze settle on her witchy form.

“I heard you had a brother Mr Torres,”

“I still do Ms Smalls,” Arsenio drawled, “he is in Chicago for a business meeting.”

“Hey, Jessica,” Hector whispered, “come on in,”

Jessica smiled but she gulped when she saw Arsenio, her eyes looked frightened and she look like a shrivelled raisin.

“What are you doing here?” Hector asked.

“I was wondering if we could talk privately,” she whispered.

“No, actually I prefer you guys talk right here,”

Hector turned to Arsenio and glared at him.

“Apparently your Jessica and Plum’s Jessica happens to be the same person and I don’t think the two of you meeting each other was a coincidence,”

Jessica looked scared and shivered like a trembling leaf, her ugly face was now exposed. She had befriended his wife to gain an access into the family, to be closer than a friend, she had used his Plum to get closer to his very single brother and have a share of the Torres Pie.

“What?” Hector bellowed and turned to Jessica, “was meeting me in the club a part of your grand scheme?”

“No… please believe me…”

“Did you know who I was?”

“Please just let…”

“Answer my question!”

“Yes,” she whispered meekly and folded her arms across her body, she looked so weak, it was all an act.

“Then why did you come to me, it didn’t seem like an unplanned one night stand,”

“I wasn’t sure you would be there but Plum had told me you guys are all going to the Hamptons and I took my chances,”

“What is your reasoning behind even getting comfortable with me?”

Jessica looked embarrassed; she turned away with her eyes shamefully lowered.

“You are a gold digger, aren’t you?” Hector asked, disbelief shining on his face, “you thought I would want to continue something after that night, you left your number and address on my phone as well. And maybe when I didn’t call you, you decided to come by my office… is this the reason, tell me you have a better reason?”

“I have to tell you something…” she sobbed softly.

“Oh, for god’s sake, don’t shed those tears,”

“Please, I have to tell this to you,” she cried, her eyes holding desperation.

“I don’t f***ing care…”

“I am pregnant,” she screamed.

Arsenio’s eyes widened and he looked at Hector, his eyes too looked wide.

“What?” Hector whispered harshly, “are you seriously doing this?”

“It’s the truth!”

“I don’t believe you!”

“I haven’t been with anyone else after you…”

“Get out!” Hector said, his eyes were red with anger and the vein on his forehead looked like it would burst any moment. Jessica too looked scared. Arsenio decided to enter the conversation.

“You heard him Jessica, get lost and never return, you’ve broken my Plum’s trust as well, she thought you were genuine but I guess you are not, please leave and never return and stay away from my wife, if I find that you are trying to contact her then I will make it my life’s mission to destroy whatever little career that you’ve built for yourself!” he snarled.

Jessica whimpered pathetically and walked out, her head bowed in shame.

Hector stared at the door for a few minutes and then turned to Arsenio.

“I need a drink,” he whispered and Arsenio walked to his bar and poured some scotch in a glass.

He gave it Hector.


A while later Hector seemed cooled down, he looked calm when Plum entered the office. Arsenio’s eyes lit up when he saw her. She giggled softly and ran to Arsenio and placed a kiss on his cheek. She then rubbed her nose against his.

“Eskimo kisses,” she chirped.

“How was your day?”

“It was amazing. We went to a worksoap and we met the seamstresses and junior designers, we also have a big project coming up where we have to design a collection and then explain our inspiration behind it, I am so nervous Arsenio San!” she exclaimed.

“I am sure you will do well!”

“Yes, I think so, Jessica and I are collabing,” she said. He wanted to say that it was collaborating and not collabing but Jessica’s name on her tongue made him frown.

“Sweets, I have to tell you something,”


“I don’t think Jessica can be your friend,” he whispered.

Plum’s eyes immediately filled themselves up with tears and her lips were wobbling, even Hector was looking at her now albeit carefully.


“Because she is not a good girl,”

“No, she good, Kanojo wa watashi no shin’yūdesu (she is my best friend)”

“No she is not your best friend,” Hector said, “she is a snake.”

“No,” Plum sniffed, her lips wobbled all the more dangerously.

“She is, do you know she is a gold digger, she just wanted to get comfortable with Hector so that she could have access do the money, she said so herself,” Arsenio explained to her but Plum shook her head.

“No, you lie,”

“I don’t Plummy, she said so herself, she followed us to the Hamptons! She planned the entire meeting, she slept with Hector!”

Plum covered her ears and shook her head.

“No,” she said, “she is the good friend,”

“No she isn’t, she cheated on you, she betrayed you.”

Plum broke down and hugged Arsenio, she kept her head in the crook of his neck and sobbed. Arsenio’s heart ached for his sweet and trusting Plum, he was so angry at Jessica. What a conniving little bitch.

Hector stared at Plum with concern in his eyes and then walked out of Arsenio’s office.


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