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Plum sniffed and wiped her tears and looked outside of the window, today she was without friends. She leaned against Arsenio and after a few seconds buried her face in his chest and began to sob. He softly ran his fingers through her hair and soothed her.

“It will be alright,” he whispered to her, “now you know what betrayal feels like, you’ve grown.”

She nodded.

“Now, you can focus on you, you can start your own fashion house and you can regularly start visiting your therapist as well,” he said.

She nodded but kept her head buried.

They reach home and her too little puppies came scrambling to her. She scooped them in her arms and they began licking her face.

“Burger and Velvet, don’t trouble her!” Arsenio said sternly and the little pups whined but snuggled in her hold.

“It’s ok, I want them with me, they are my truest friends,” she said sadly.

Arsenio’s eyes dimmed.

“I think I have something that can cheer you up,” he said to her.

“What is it?”

“We have a yacht party today, would you like to come,” he asked her.

“Party… oh okay? What’s the dress code?” she asked.

“Cocktail,” he said and she walked to their room.

She walked through the array of dresses she had and decided on a short pearl white dress and white pumps to match, she was not in the mood to dress up today and hoped that the party would uplift her mood. She quickly went to the bathroom and filled the bathtub and sat in the warm water, Hamburger and Velvet sat by the tub when Arsenio too entered, Plum saw the emotion in his eyes and blushed and turned away.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked.

“You don’t need the permission,” she said softly. She heard some movements, probably the doggies running out of the bathroom. A few moments later she felt him sit in the tub and pull her to him. She turned to him and he wiped the tear away.

“No more tears now,” he ordered and she nodded weakly.

“You was right,” she sobbed.

“You were right, and I know that, I warned you before,” he said, “but it is alright, you are young, you will make your mistakes but don’t let that be an excuse for dressing up badly,”


“I saw the dress, it was old and you are not wearing that, I picked out another outfit for you,”

“Okay,” she whispered.

She saw his tender look and she almost sobbed but she didn’t cry anymore. He brought her lips to her and kissed her softly she sighed and gently kissed him back. Her Arsenio San would never betray her, she trusted him with more than anything. He gently cupped her cheek and deepened the kiss, she wrapped her arms around her neck and played with his hair that curled.

“Your hair is long,” she whispered to him.

“You want me to cut them?” he whispered, “how about I shave all of them?”


His eyes shot up and laughed pulling her all the more closer to him.

“We cannot do the s** right now,” she mumbled, “we have to party.”

“Okay my little lady,”

“I am not little,” she sniffed, “you’re just too tall.”



She stared at the satin gown that Arsenio San had chosen for her, it tightened till her waist and then loosened after that, the satin material hugged her body making her look very delicious, the neckline was very plunging and Arsenio was very vocal about it.

Arsenio San had frowned when he saw her breasts pop out like ripe nectarines, his words not hers, and had then attempted to make her change but was not going to do it, they were late as it is. Her neck had a beautiful diamond choker and she looked very beautiful, she could feel it. Today she had even gone a bit bold with her make-up, she had done a smoky eye and bold red lips. She wore four inch sandals as well. She wanted to look a bit mature in front of his important business people.

He tightened her hold on her waist and pulled her to him, she looked at him and saw the frown etched on his face, he looked angry and frustrated. She gulped and turned away.

“You are not carrying a shawl?” he asked.

“No,” she mumbled, she had honestly forgotten.

She swore his eyes went darker than they already were. He was so mad.

“Everyone is looking at you,” he seethed, “why did you have to wear this?”

“Y-You chose i-it,” she whimpered and looked around. She was really getting scared of this supressed temper of his that was leaking slowly.

He just pressed his lips together and turned away. She just placed her shaking arm on his bicep.

“P-Please calm d-down, you are scaring me,” his jealousy and protectiveness was not at all cute. It was the first time she was seeing and experiencing it, how much was there of him? She thought she knew him.

Just then a man in a black suit came to them.

“Mr Maxwell,” Arsenio greeted him with a nod.

“Arsenio,” he whispered and then turned to her. His eyes gleamed like a predator’s when he turned to her. He gave her a lethal smile and Plum just stood still, Maxwell’s eyes travelled across her body.

“You look very tempting Mrs Torres, too bad you are married and Arsenio is an excellent business partner,” he purred and went in the other direction.

Arsenio turned to her; if it were possible then he looked even madder than before. Why did he have to be so angry, it was just a dress and couldn’t she wear what she felt like?

“The dress was one thing but you had to wear this make-up…”

“I were just trying to looking o-old,” she said, carefully using were instead of was, like Arsenio San had corrected her before.

“Did I tell you to apply a lipstick so bold?” he asked. Plum looked around and found people staring at them; she blinked back her tears and looked down. “Don’t you dear spill a tear here, get it?” he seethed. She nodded and stood close to him. This party was no fun at all, Arsenio San was mad at her.

He kept his possessive hand on her derriere and his steel cold eyes focussed on people.

They stood together and Arsenio interacted with a few people, his voice was cut and cold and he oozed an aura that was thoroughly intimidating, he was the Arsenio from before marriage. She saw that the temperature had dipped slightly and she saw the other ladies cover themselves with matching wraps; she didn’t even bring a wrap.

Just then Roman and Damon came to them, they too were dressed in sharp suits.

“Plum,” Damon whispered and kissed her cheek, Roman did the same. She smiled at them politely and her form relaxed at seeing familiar people but she saw Damon’s eyes wander across her body and she was on alert again.

“Washroom,” she whispered to Arsenio, standing on her toes and speaking in his ear.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, I will be back,” Arsenio said and turned to take her to the washroom.

“I c-can go alone,” she whispered and looked around them to see if anyone was looking at them.

He just pulled her in the other direction and took her to the washroom. They walked down the flight of stairs and turned left before reaching the washroom for the ladies. He entered along with her, it was completely empty. He closed the door behind him and turned to her.

She looked at him with apprehension and backed away till her back hit the wall. Her heart was racing and she could feel the heat rising to her face. He was so angry today and it seemed her outfit was the chief contributor to this mood. He stared down at her, his eyes blazing and his lips set straight. His palms were balled into a fist and he looked rigid and cold.

He came closer to her and she hiccupped and shook her head. He brought his thumb to her lips and started to erase the lipstick away, tears streamed down her face at his calloused behaviour. What was wrong with him today? He snatched her diamond choker away and put it in his pocket. He pulled a tissue and ran it under the water before cleaning her lips thoroughly till they were raw and devoid of the red taint.

He removed his suit jacket and covered her body with it. He then pulled her out of the washroom; Plum had tears running down her face. She was confused and afraid.

She noticed that he was pulling her away from the party.

“W-Where are we g-going?”

She noticed that they were at the tail end of the yacht.

“You stay here, I don’t want you attending the rest of the party, I will wrap it up and get back to you,” he said and walked away. She stared at him as he walked away from her.

“Arsenio San…” she whispered weakly but he just walked away.

A sob escaped her lips and she walked towards a railing and stared at the sea.

A few moments later she heard someone, maybe it was Arsenio. She turned around only to find Damon. He was fishing with a lighter with a cigarette between his lips. Feeling her eyes on him he turned to her and eyes lit up.

“What are you doing here?” she asked him.

“Cigarette,” he said as he put the lighter back in his pocket, “what about you?”

“F-Fresh air…” she whispered.

He nodded and stood beside her. The two stared at the ocean in complete silence.

“How is the married life treating you?”

Plum’s eyes widened as Arsenio’s temper came running back, but that was just today, before this he was a true gentleman. Maybe it was just one of those days where you get angry.

“He is so good, he takes good care of me,” she said truthfully.

“Good,” he said, “I heard that you started going to the therapist again… that’s very brave.”

“Yes, Arsenio urged me to, it wouldn’t have been possible without him,”

“Do you miss us?” Damon asked.

Plum just stared at him, her throat dried up and she was unable to form an answer.

“Oh, because I miss you every day Plum,” he said truthfully.

Soon she felt his lips on hers, he body froze and she stood still not even moving her lips. He continued to kiss her but her mind was muddled and her limbs seemed to stop working.

Her heart and brain seemed to be in the same state a well; Damon’s kisses grew more fervent.

Soon she felt him pull away. She looked, as if in daze, as an angry Arsenio punched Damon. The cracking of jaw was barf-inducing and Plum covered her mouth and stared in horror the scene in front of her. Roman tried to pull him away but an uncontrollable and explosive Arsenio kept on punching Damon. She felt faint and turned away and kept staring at the see.

It was getting difficult to breath, her chest felt tight and her palms were sweaty. She was then dragged away by him. Arsenio pulled her away off the deck and she fought to keep her sobs within. She was grateful that the party was over, otherwise what a scene this would’ve been, Arsenio had brought his marital issues out in front of everybody.

He pushed her inside the car and Brian started to drive, the drive home was tense, she just looked outside of the window.


They entered their room and Plum ran to the dressing room, she removed his suit jacket and picked her purse when she turned around to find him standing at the entrance of the dressing room. She sat on an ottoman and removed her sandals and felt him moving to his section of the dressing area. She looked up and found him sitting on an ottoman as well. His eyes were still livid and his stance was predatory as well.

He stared at her dress with such brutal emotions that she gasped.

“Come to me,” he said, his voice was cold and flinching.

She shook her head and moved to the entrance.

“I said come here Plum,” he roared.

Plum ran out of the room and she felt him following her, his steps were fast and sure-footed. She ran down the stairs and towards the library. She ran inside and closed the door after her, latching it properly. His fist hit the door.

“Open this door right now Plum,” he roared on the other side.

Plum kept her mouth covered and fished out her phone. With trembling hands she dialled Hector’s number and brought the phone to her ear. The banging on the door grew incessant.

The phone was picked up.

“Plum,” Hector said.

“P-please…” she broke down on the phone.

“Fuck, Plum what happened?”

“P-Please… come home,” she cried.

“I will but you need to tell me what has happened,”

“He is so a-angry, h-he will hurt me,” she wailed.


“A-Arsenio S-San,” she cried.

“Shit, Plum what are you saying?”

“P-Please…” she pleaded and the banging on the door increased.

“I will be there, just hang in there,” he said and hung up.

Plum ran and hid behind the couch, her little form trembling. What had happened to her Arsenio San?

A few minutes later the banging ceased.

“Plum, open the door,” Hector said.

Plum ran to the door and opened to find a livid Arsenio standing behind Hector. Hector looked tensed.

“Come to me Plum,” Arsenio snapped. She shook her head and looked at Hector.

“Don’t look at him, just come to me,” he said and tried to come forward but Hector pushed him behind.

“I just want to talk to her,” Arsenio roared.

“It looks like you want to murder the poor girl,” Hector snarled, “get inside the room Plum, this is going to be a long night.”

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