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“What the fuck was that about?” Hector bellowed.

Arsenio simply stared at his withering cigarette. They were seated in his office while his Plummy was in the other room.

“Are you fucking listening to me? That shit you pulled today, that was borderline abusive Neo; I really thought you were going to hurt Plum,”

Arsenio snarled and looked up, his eyes simmering with anger and his blood boiling at the fact that Hector even thought he could be abusive.

“I was not going to hurt her,” he roared.

“Really? Then why was your wife sitting inside, looking distraught and why the fuck were you banging on the door like a mad caveman,” hector shot back.

Arsenio simply seethed and Hector raised his brow, expecting an answer.

“I didn’t like the dress she was wearing, it revealed everything. Also you should have seen her make-up, she had this smoked black eye shit with major mascara and those really sharp contour and a bold red lip… she looked like some sex siren,” Arsenio muttered.

“I still don’t understand how that is a point for getting so mad,”

“Everyman was staring at her in the party, staring at my Plummy, imagining her naked and writhing in pleasure,” Arsenio snarled and threw the cigarette in the ashtray.

“Are you crazy? Why the fuck were you so possessive about it? She wore a dress, she looked appealing… end of story,”

“You don’t fucking understand! I love her! You don’t know how it feels when some other man looks at your girl like the way they did and on top of that Damon kissed her on the lips, fucking beat him to pulp,”


“I love her okay!”

“I know you do Neo but did that warrant the cruelty you showed to your wife, the one you love,”

“You don’t understand! Okay! What I was going through!”

“Then make me, you fucker,” Hector seethed.

“I don’t want her to leave me and for that I wanted to make sure that she fucking knows her place, I know I fucked up by doing what I did…”

“Why the fuck will she leave you?”

“Because… you should have seen the other men today, my Plum could have a pick of her men, she is so beautiful and so… ripe and delicious looking, she could have any one of them and I fucking got jealous and went all cavemen!”

“Why would she choose them when she chose you?”

“She didn’t choose me!”

Hector frowned and looked at Neo.

“I don’t understand,”

“Plum and I, we didn’t have a conventional marriage, it was arranged like a contract…”

“No shit,”

“I wanted the island that Dae Jung had, it was in Plum’s name and for that island to be mine I had to marry her. Her mother made a will that said anyone marrying Plum would get all her property including the island and I wanted that island and so I married, but then I fell in love and I cannot imagine my life without her… but today I realised how vulnerable I am,” he said, “realised that I didn’t win her heart fair and square and I got possessive thinking that someone else would have her and so I behaved the way I did.”

Hector looked shocked but he let the news sink in.

“Why do you think that she could be with anyone else?”

“Because she was very much in love and smitten and shit with Damon before we got married, I got them to break up, she didn’t like me initially as well and I was very shitty in our meetings previous to our marriage… I kind of have always forced myself on her, made sure that I surround every inch of her life so that she sees no one but me, I have made sure that I am the only one in her life…”

“It’s not like that Neo,”

“It is, I am obsessed and it dawned on me today when she looked like a ripe and juicy apricot and every man stared at her and she is growing up as well, experiencing the world and shit and soon she is going to be mature and leave me alone and drive into the sunset with some other man,” Arsenio said anxiously.

“I don’t think that will happen, I have seen her Neo, she is smitten with you but today you scared her. You said that she spoke for you, don’t you see how positively you have affected her life? Plum is a good girl, now go see her,” Hector said.

Arsenio dejectedly nodded and walked out of the room. On his way to his room he texted Karen to get a plate of cookies and milk ready for his little Plummy. He entered the room and found his girl sitting on the mattress in her silk night shirt. Guilt gnawed at his heart when he noticed the tear marks on her face, he remembered the fear on her face and he gulped.

“Plummy,” he whispered and her head snapped in his direction. He observed her eyes widen as she backed, her back touching the headboard of the bed. “Baby, I’ll not hurt you.”

Tears spilled out of her eyes and he walked to her and cupped her face. He kissed her forehead and then her nose.

“I am sorry, I will not yell at you nor will I hurt you… I was just being stupid at the party,” he said.

“Promise,” she whispered.

“Yeah,” he replied and sat beside her and pulled her to him.

Her wet lashes blinked at him and he laid her on the bed and softly kissed her neck when a knock on the door interrupted them. He cursed and opened the door, he found Karen standing with a tray of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.

“Thank you Karen, please retire for the night, tell Brian to drop you home,”

“Thank you Sir,” she said and walked away.

Arsenio turned back and found Plum standing, she took the ray from him and walked to the couch and began having her dinner. He sighed and sat beside her. He touched her arm but she c=shrugged him away.


“I am upset,” she whispered, “please sleep in some other room, get out.”

His eyes widened.

“Are you serious?”

“Did I tutter?”

“You mean stutter?

“Potato potahto,” she said. Her lips were in her classic pout and her eyes serious.

“Okay, I can’t believe this,”

“Please do,”

“Won’t you get scared sleeping alone?”

“No, I am planning a movie marathon tonight; I’ll sleep to watching movies,”

Arsenio gulped and nodded, he took a deep breath and slowly walked out of the room. He walked down and found Hector wearing his coat.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yes, I think I have handled this situation of yours,”

“You can stay here if you want to? I mean we could catch up… old times’ sake,” Arsenio said.

Hector narrowed his eyes and folded his arms.

“What are you getting at?”

“Nothing! I mean have we sat down and chatted really? It has just been business and stuff”

“I don’t believe you,”

“Okay! Plum kicked me out of the room!”

A full blown grin came on Hector’s face.

“Sorry brother, I got to go, Chantal does not like to sleep alone,”

Arsenio nodded and walked with him to the main door of their house. He saw an envelope laying on the floor near the main door. Arsenio picked it up and pulled out a small car and opened it. in the card in a beautiful calligraphy were the following words written:

Papai está em casa, filho [Daddy is home, son]

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