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“I want you to stay quiet baby girl, absolutely no speaking till Momma and I come, right?”

Plum nodded and laid down under the bed, suckling her thumb as she waited for her father to come back and speak to her. She saw her father’s feet and saw the door to the room open up, it was two pairs of feet that entered this time.

“Hello, my friend,” she heard one of them say, it had an accent, different from the way she spoke.

“Wish I could say the same Matteo,”

“Ah, you upset my friend, I understand but you must realise what you have done,”

“I did what was necessary Matteo, you needed to be thrown out of this country before you could inflict anymore damage,”

“See this is the problem, I was mistaken, didn’t take you to be a Good Samaritan,” Matteo said, “you are supposed to be my friends, let me work on the island Broseph!”

“Don’t talk to me like that; I was never your friend”

“Really? Then why rent me your island…”

“Desperate times test us Matteo and I obviously failed, I wanted money and you were the only source of income I could see. Getting into a drug selling business was not my plan at all,”

“See this is where you are wrong… again, I helped you during desperate times, now It’s time to return the favour, you should help me in my desperate times, start the production on the island again man!”

“Never, and you are right, these are desperate times and that’s why the FBI will be here any moment, that’s right Matteo, I have taken that immunity deal they offered me and now I am clean, I think you better get the fuck outta here unless of course you want to get caught,”

“You bastard,” Matteo seethed.

Plum heard a gunshot as her father fell on the floor and the two pairs of feet ran out of the room. No voice came out of Plum’s throat as she saw her father writhing on the floor, the blood oozed out of his body and soon he was motionless.

She wanted to move out of the body and go to him but he had specifically told her to not get out and stay quiet.

So she never got out and always stayed quiet.


“It is trauma,” Mr O’Hara said, he took his specs off and rubbed his eyes. Plum wiped her tears away and sniffed, it was difficult coming face to face with that ugly memory and confronting it.

We are finally in a certain direction, we know what to tackle with right now Plum,” the therapist said.

Plum nodded and walked out of his room; she sat on the couch outside and covered her face before starting to cry again. She was very attached to her father when she was a little girl, he would take her almost everywhere and she was always in his arms, she was such a spoilt baby. He would take her to the park and then he would take her to toy store and bought her whatever she wanted, she was his twinkling star and then he was going and this man Matteo was responsible for it.

She quickly got up and walked towards the exit of the therapist’s office. She sat in the car and even though Bryan looked concerned at her expression she didn’t elaborate. She just wanted to go home and cry into a pillow. The memories were not supposed to resurface but the more she talked with Mr O’Hara the more it happened. The more it came out and the more it hurt.

It was supposed to hurt, after all her father was killed before her eyes.

She saw the car stop in front of her house and she ran inside, she crossed the dining area and found Arsenio San and Hector sitting, they looked very sombre. Involuntarily a sob escaped her lips and Arsenio turned to her immediately. His eyes widened seeing her tears and he got up and rushed to her. Picking her up in his arms and gently walked back into the dining area.

“What happened little squirrel,” he crooned softly and nuzzled his nose against her cheeks.

“T-The t-therapy was bad,” she hiccupped.

His eyes softened and he sat on the chair. She felt Hector’s eyes on her and he too stared at her with a soft expression. He nodded at Arsenio and was walking out of the house.

“Thank you Hector, for last night,” she mumbled. Hector placed a kiss on her cheek and walked out of the house. Arsenio ran his fingers through her hair.

“Want to talk about it?”

“No,” she whimpered, “it make me cry.”

“Ok, we will sit just like this, you and I, comfortable, is that alright?” he asked.

“I like it very much,” she sniffed and nodded.

She let her thoughts flow, that island, that bad island was responsible for all of it. It took everything away from her, it took her father away and when it was in her mother’s name it took away her mother as well, they both died and now it was in Arsenio San’s name, what if something happened to him as well. No, she could never be able to bear the pain that came with losing her Arsenio, she had finally found love in her life and she loved him so much! He couldn’t keep this with her. He had to let go of it.

“No,” she mumbled.

“What happened?”

“You can’t,”


“You cannot keep that island San, you have to throw it away,” she cried.

“Plummy, sweetheart, what are you talking about,”

“You have to throw the island away,” she cried. Her heart rate started to speed away and sweat appeared on her forehead and she began trembling in his arms.

“Throw, throw,” she began chanting, her little form shaking.

Arsenio’s eyes widened and he brought a glass of water to her lips. she threw it away and continued chanting.

“Throw it away San, it kills people,” she mumbled.

“Plum, I am getting worried now; tell me what is happening,”

“Throw, throw, throw,” she began to wheeze and tremble. Her vision began to go dim and black spots started to appear in front of her as she fainted.

“Plum,” she heard him call out her name.


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