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She sat beside him, wearing a beautiful and simple wedding dress. Dae Jung had said that she had designed it herself for her upcoming collection; she was a fashion design student. It had long bishop sleeves, embellished bodice and a cross strap back with a beautiful sweep train. It was simple yet so beautiful, she looked alluring and ethereal. Her hair were open, only this time she had left them in her long natural curls that tumbled down her beautiful back, she had worn a wig to the yacht. He liked the longer hair more than the short wig.

She was finally his.

His eyes moved to her flushed face looking down at her hands and he saw her staring at that extremely heavy and big diamond ring that he had purchased. He wanted only the best for her, she was such a sweetheart. He couldn’t believe that he had a wife and that too someone who was so beguiling and bewitching. It made his insides churn. How could someone be so enchanting? Sure, now his plans of shifting her into a separate apartment were out of the window… he wanted to make effort in making this marriage work now.

He picked the black box beside him and moved closer to her, her breathing hitched and he saw her biting her plump lips. He gently stroked her cheek and hissed. He had to kiss her on the cheek at the chapel, he should’ve taken the chance to kiss her luscious lips instead but he had decided to be a gentleman at that moment. He should’ve known chivalry was only an act for him; he was beast in the true sense. He placed the black box in her lap and she hesitantly looked up at him. Her big hazel eyes blinked, a mix of fear and curiosity swirling in them. She needed his permission to open the box, he beast smiled.

“Open it,” he commanded.

She quietly opened the box and he swore he heard a beautiful breathy gasp leave her lips. There was a beautiful tiara that he had purchased for her, he gently took the tiara out and placed it on her head and then gently fixed her hair. Dae Jung had said that Plum loved tiaras and headbands and had quite a collection of it; it was an obsession she had inherited from her mother.

Speaking of inheritance he had just received a cool five hundred million dollars. He didn’t intend on keeping it, he just needed that island for his project and he then planned on naming the rest to his little wife. He had a lot of money and he was not interested in an inheritance per se.

The car stopped in front of the mansion that he had purchased last year, it was a gilded age mansion on Fifth Avenue, New York City and cost quite some money but it was all worth it. He had wanted to refurbish the entire place and make space for his office etc. but now head decided to keep the mansion. It was suitable for him and his wife. It was a six-story Beaux arts building with two elevators, ten bedrooms and all facing the central park along with a wine cellar and five wood burning fireplaces, the town house was everyone’s envy. There was also a large space for his office interconnected with his wife’s workshop. He wanted her close to him.

The kitchen was gorgeous and so was the living room.

There was also a secluded space for his security team to function.

He opened the door for the town house and she stepped inside, he observed her looking around the house, committing it to her memory. He too stepped inside and let his bodyguards close the room after him. The housekeeper, Karen stepped in front of them. She had a bright and welcoming smile on her face, her face possibly brightened even more when she saw his wife.

“Mr and Mrs Torres would you like to have anything?” Karen asked.

“No, thank you, Karen, you may retire for the night,” Arsenio said and the housekeeper left. Karen was paid well and had a comfortable accommodation in the Queens; the last few days had been a chore for her too, moving her workplace from his minimalistic condominium to this townhouse.

He stared down at Plum and gently took her hand. She frowned and made a small pout and looked down, she tried to pull her hand away but he pulled her towards the elevator and pressed the button for the top most floors where only one bedroom resided along with a ginormous terrace with a view of the central park. The terrace was green and leafy with a nice cosy environment.

The elevator stopped and they walked out.

They stepped into their bedroom. It was slightly modernised in comparison to the other bedrooms. The room had dark walls contrasted by pristine white furniture. There was nice fireplace as well which was lit up and was keeping the room warm and toasted, it was perfect for his little wife, and she looked like she was cold. He turned to the doors of the terrace and frowned when he found them open. He closed the door and pulled the curtains over them. Only the amber flames of the fireplace kept the room illuminated.

“Your clothes and other stuff has been moved in the dressing room, the bathroom too is en suite,” he said in his husky voice. He was hungry for her, it was their wedding night and he wanted to peel of that dress off her body but damn he had to be patient, he couldn’t do that, he was making an effort here; he wanted to, the gods knew he wanted to but she wasn’t ready. There wasn’t an ounce of familiarity between the two of them; there was still a lot of working that was left to be done.

All of this was making him frustrated.

“Go inside and change,” he snapped. He was angry and annoyed. Like a frantic kitten she ran inside the dressing room. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, he shouldn’t have yelled at her. She was so soft and scared and mute. He had to be patient. He removed his shirt and blazer until he was only in his boxers. He threw the clothes on the ground and sat on the bed. Massaging his head he got under the comforter.

He checked his phone, a few moments passed away and he felt a pair of eyes on him. He turned to the dressing room entrance and found her peeping and gently coaxing through her eyes to look and respond to her.

“Plum,” he acknowledged her and got off the bed. She immediately looked away from his almost naked form and walked inside the dressing room.

“What do you want my kitten?” he asked.

She blushed and turned around hesitantly. She brought her hand and tugged at the strings that secured her gown. She wanted him to open it for her, the knot was tight. He nodded and started to undo the knots, he was after all getting her out of the dress.

The dress came undone and immediately slipped down her body and pulled at the feet. She gasped and brought her hands to cover her body. She wore a beautiful lace teddy underneath. Arsenio cocked his head to one side and let his appreciative gaze travel across her body.

His heart and dick now controlled his mind, his lust for taking her body clouding his sensible vision but he was aware of that small nagging voice inside his head that warned him.

He took her hand and pulled her to him, her soft body collided with his strong and muscular one and he looked down at her. She barely reached his chest. He gently picked her up and brought her legs to wrap around his waist. He stared at her. She was trembling and her cheeks were red, she blushed so easily, her cheeks resembled beautiful red apples and just like everything else, this blush of hers was also enticing to his senses.

He walked into the bedroom and gently placed her on the bed and wrapped her with the comforter.

“Sleep,” he said. She closed her eyes, her long lashes fanning over her cheeks.

A small hand on his arm woke him up with a start and he turned around. He saw Plum’s teary eyes and he immediately sat up and switched on the lamp. He cupped her cheeks.

“My sweet kitten, what happened?” he asked.

She just gasped or maybe it was a sob, he couldn’t decipher and then he realised that she needed to write or type to convey her message.

“Type it for me,” he instructed.

With trembling hands she typed her message and passed the phone to him.

I can’t sleep. I think I heard the house making noises.

Houses did make noise, especially when you had just shifted to a new one; senses were always at a high alert due to the unfamiliar surroundings. He understood his beautiful Plum’s fear.

“It is a new atmosphere for you sweets, don’t get scared,” he tried to ease her but the tears just glided down her cheeks. She shouldn’t waste her precious tears on such futile fears.

He wiped them away and helped her sleep. After a while he felt her coming close to her, a smirk came on his lips and he pulled her to him completely and wrapped his hands around her body.

She struggled a little but went calm after a while. His eyes began drooping and he was about to slip into a deep sleep when he heard a melodious whisper.


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