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Plum opened her eyes , she felt a strange weakness in her body like all her energy was drained, she felt sad too. She looked around to find that she was in her room and that comforted her, the sheets smelled of Arsenio’s heady scent and she knew she was home. She moaned softly at the comfort.

“After giving everyone so much of tension and having a panic attack yourself, you seem to be enjoying yourself in that warm comforter,” she heard Arsenio San drawl. Plum sat up straight quickly and turned to him, he was standing at the entrance of the room, she stared at her hands and pouted. She had never had a panic attack before.

“Care to share what troubles you, Mr O’Hara was here as well and he said it was a pretty intensive session today,” he said, “is that true?”

She nodded, Arsenio sighed and sat beside her. He took her hand in his.

“What was it?”

“I confronted some very bad memories,”

“What were they?”

“Dad’s death,” she whispered.

“Care to share those with me? Maybe it will make you feel less sad,”

“We were in a room, my house I think and he told me to hide under the bed and stay their till either him or Momma come and tell me to be out, I hid under the bed and some men came inside. I remember that only one of them did the talking, he had a South American accent and he wanted that island,”

“Which island?”

“The island that is in your name after we got married,”


“Yes, so he wanted that island from my father, some drug business and when my father refused then he shot him,” Plum whimpered.

“I am sorry sweetheart; do you remember anything else about that man? His name or anything else for that matter…”

“It was Matteo,”

She felt Arsenio San still behind her and she turned to him. There was a very angry look on his face and she brought her hand to his face. He looked down at her and just placed a kiss on her lips.

“Do you know this man?” Plum asked carefully.

“I do,” he said, “he happens to be my father.”


“Was this a ploy Dae Jung, to be rid of that island?” Arsenio snarled.

They were all currently seated in the living area with Hector sitting beside a distraught Plum. She was not pleased that her uncle was here but she didn’t say that. It had just been revealed to her that Arsenio’s father had killed her own. It was all so scary. Arsenio had then called Dae Jung home, even Roman and Damon were on their way. It all seemed so important but in reality it was just frightening.

“When Baby’s mother passed away she had told me that this island needs to be in your name, so that Baby didn’t have the world’s scariest mob leader after her,”

Her cheeks flamed, her pet name was Baby, everyone in the family called her only that, it was a very affectionate name. she was the youngest in the family and hence the Baby. She discreetly looked at Hector who too seemed to be trying to keep his smile at bay.

“Don’t Hector,” she pouted, “it is embarrassing as is.”

“Ok… Baby,” he snickered quietly.

“But if you wanted Plum to not have the island and stay away from this entire drama, then why did you plan her to get married to me!”

“Because that’s what my sister, Baby’s mother, wanted. She knew everything before you knew things! Baby was four when her father passed away; you were already in your sophomore year at Dartmouth then!” Dae Jung said, “Eun Ae had cancer and she knew to secure her daughter’s future she had to make an elaborate plan.”

Arsenio simply stared.

“She was the one who paid for the four years of you in college; she was the one who gave the two of you the money in the form of a scholarship. You had excellent grades, mind you, but somehow every college in the USA knew you were the kids of a mob leader and didn’t want you to enter their institutes. She went to the Dean of Dartmouth and pleaded him to accept your admissions, with great reluctance he did but didn’t offer you the scholarship that you guys qualified for, so she paid it for you,”

Everyone listened to him in complete silence. She turned to Arsenio San and he had an unreadable expression in his eyes. He sat down on the couch and turned to Dae Jung.

“She knew she had to make sure you were worthy of Plum, you were smart, intelligent and you were essentially very good. She didn’t see the malice that your father possessed and she knew that when Matteo would come looking for Plum, you would be standing in front of her… protecting her,” Dae Jung said, “and that’s how she laid this elaborate plan. She got you the scholarship and over the coming eight years that she was alive, she saw you become a businessman, she made sure that you were successful,”

“All so that Plum could be safe,” Arsenio said and turned to her. He had a soft smile on his face.

“There is another thing… well I don’t think you would like it very much Arsenio,” Dae Jung said.

“What is it?”

“Eun Ae wanted Hector to be Plum’s husband and not you but then he went to jail so she had to compromise,” Dae Jung.

Arsenio’s smile dropped and he turned to Hector who was sporting a smug smile, Hector draped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him.

“I know we were meant to be, Babe,” Hector whispered in her ear and Plum giggled at his antics. The two of them stopped when they saw Arsenio’s harsh glare.

“What was wrong with me?”

“She was not really a fan of your orange skin and your reputation with girls,”

“It is tanned skin something that people really strive for, I have that naturally,” he said, “and my reputation with girls wasn’t that bad.”


Plum giggled and ran to him; he kissed her softly and pulled her on his lap.

“Orange is my favourite colour,” she said, trying to soothe him.

Just then Roman and Damon entered the room, they looked stressed to say the least.

“What happened to the two of you?”

“Matteo is in the States,” Roman muttered, “and your mother and my father have started to become all the more secretive, he sometimes disappears from his office for hours and returns looking tensed. I don’t know what the hell is happening.”

Arsenio glared at Damon but also acknowledged what Roman was saying. He knew he had to take an action against Matteo, he was interfering in their lives and Arsenio didn’t like it one bit. What did he want? Did he want the island?

“If he wants the island then we will give it to him,” Bambi said.

Arsenio nodded; frankly he would do anything to get rid of him.

“I do not think that is it, he wants you to fund his illicit activities as well, he needs finance for running his business and he knows how well your shipping business is doing,” Damon said.

“Why does he think we will do what he wants us to do?” Hector asked.

“If we do not cooperate with him, there is a chance that he will use some sort of leverage on us,” Roman said.

“What sort of leverage?” Arsenio asked.

Roman and Damon’s eyes fell on Plum and Arsenio tightened her hold on her. now he was most definitely worried, what would that man do to her?

“You don’t have to worry about it, just do as you are told,” Roman said, “Damon works with the FBI, we have a plan and you must stick to it.”

Arsenio nodded.

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