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8 months later:

Plum smiled gratefully at her bodyguard and got out of her car, she was surrounded with an extremely tight security. Since the past few months at Damon and Roman’s behest Arsenio had tightened the security on all of them. According to Damon, Matteo was extremely heated and was desperate to start the drug production on the island that now Arsenio San owned. With the help of Roman’s father the cruel man had even entered the States and the Black brothers were working very hard to prosecute the man even if it meant that their father would get indicted.

Plum had seen her beautiful Arsenio San get so tired and stressed that it hurt her at a deeper level. If Matteo was in front of her she would strangle him, she was a savage, a fact not many were aware about. She walked in the restaurant, she had a lunch date scheduled with Arsenio San and he had said he would be reaching a few minutes after her. She walked inside the restaurant and the waiter led her to her chair. She whispered a small ‘thanks’ and he walked away.

She had been speaking a lot more now, all thanks to Mr O’Hara, he had rigorously been treating her and she knew her progress was the only thing that made Arsenio San happy and her kisses too. She picked up the menu card and began perusing through it before she saw someone walking towards another table, Plum could only see her back but she recognised her immediately. Hurt stabbed her heart and with a massive pout she stood from her table and followed the girl. She wore a pink dress and Plum tapped her on the shoulder.

The girl turned around and Plum saw Jessica.

She still looked as pretty before only her face was very round and she looked plump.

“Jessica,” Plum whispered her eyes moist. The betrayal still seemed very fresh and she was so miffed with Jessica, today she would talk to her about it.

“Plum,” Jessica whispered, “you are speaking…”

“I am but not to you… not after what you did,” Plum said.

Jessica looked around and pulled Plum towards the back of the restaurant, Plum knew her bodyguard was following her. Jessica pulled her out in the alley behind the restaurant.

“I am sorry Plum” Jessica said immediately.

“But why did you do that to me?” Plum asked, “What did I do to you Jessica?”

“I am s-sorry, you were nothing but good to me Plum! I don’t know…”

“You know why you did it!” Plum whispered, “Please just say the truth,”

“You will hate me,” Jessica sobbed, her face streaming with tears. Her eyes were remorseful and she looked so remorseful.

“Just say it,”

“I was a social climber and that’s why I slept with your brother-in-law, that is the reason why I befriended you,” Jessica admitted.

Plum stood in front of her, her legs shaking.

“Arsenio was right,” Plum said.

“Every word,” Jessica whispered and placed her hand on her tummy. Plum’s eyes widened seeing the large and full belly, realising what it was.

“Is that…”

“They are Hector’s kids; your husband didn’t believe me that I carried his children,”

“Children!” Plum gasped

“Yes, I am carrying twins and I am not lying when I say that they indeed belong to Hector!”

“So you have been struggling all along, without any help from Hector!” Plum cried. Yes, Jessica had made mistakes but what she was going through was not fair, the twin babies were Hector’s responsibilities too and he couldn’t shun them.

“I will talk to Hector,”

“No, you cannot!” Jessica cried, “I was specifically told not to talk to you or even be around you otherwise I would be thrown out of the city!”

Plum gasped; she couldn’t believe Arsenio San could be so cruel.

“He will not do anything!”

“Ok let us say that he accepts that I am carrying Hector’s children then what!”

Plum sputtered.

“He will take them away and kick me away from their lives! Your husband is good only to you, to others he is a cold mother**ker!” Jessica sobbed, “I am grateful that I had a neat saving to last me for

so long all through these months because no company wants to work me! I have no brand deals! I know what I did was wrong but why did he kick away my meal from the table, what about my children when the savings dwindle away!”

Plum cried with Jessica, Arsenio San was s wrong.

“You will never go hungry and nor will the kids, I promise y-you!” Plum hiccupped.

Jessica just sobbed, she looked so helpless.

“I will talk to Arsenio San and you see he will come around!” Plum cried, “ I promise!”

The bodyguard stepped into the alley and looked at Jessica with careful eyes.

“Mrs Torres, she is not supposed to interact with you, strict orders from Mr Torres,” he said in a strong voice.

Plum shook her head and took Jessica’s hand in hers. She wouldn’t let go of her. Just then a car came to a screeching halt outside of the alley and Plum turned to it. She saw masked men jump out and she let out a screech. The bodyguard quickly ran in front of them when one of the masked men shot him right in the chest.

The bodyguard fell to the ground; the next shot was aimed at Jessica, hitting her directly at her womb. She cried loudly and fell on the ground as well. With wide eyes Plum saw Jessica clutch her belly as she groaned loudly; the bodyguard struggled to take his gun out.

Plum dropped to the ground and started to help the bodyguard, her face had tears streaming down her face. Her voice was stuck in her throat; she didn’t know what to do or what to say. She turned to

Jessica and saw her loose her consciousness. What if something happened to her baby nieces or nephews?

A hand caught hold of her and she looked the man who had a mask across his face, his blue eyes were glaring at her harshly and she whimpered. The strength in the man’s hand was indomitable as she tried to pull her arm out of his grip.

She turned around and saw her bodyguard pull the gun out of his pocket as he weakly pointed it towards the masked man. The man threw her in the car when she heard the gunshot go off but at that very moment another pair of arms wrapped itself around her and blocked her face with a cloth that had her slipping into unconsciousness.


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