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Plum found herself in the hospital, everything was blurry around her, and there was a constant beep that kept her conscious. She turned around, confusion filling her brain. Her mind was muddled; she didn’t know what she was doing here. Where was everyone? Where was Arsenio San? Suddenly her mind went to Jessica and that’s when everything came crashing down to her.

Plum cried, tears streaming down her face as she found herself staring at the bearded man in front of her. His hair was completely silver and there was an evil glint in his eyes. Plum stared down at her hands and feet, both tied to the chair with ropes digging into her skin.

“Hello, daughter-in-law,” he said. Plum gasped and another sob escaped her lips. This had to be Matteo, not just because he called her his daughter-in-law but because he looked so much like Arsenio San, his eyes to his facial structure, everything was so similar to him. But there was a difference between the father and son, a stark difference, there was benevolence in Arsenio’s eyes.

Just the thought of him brought more tears in her eyes.

“You have every reason to cry,” Matteo said.

She bit her lip; she didn’t want to cry in front of this evil man.

“You see, I thought bringing you here would do me good, give me that Island that I’ve always wanted. But my son is a smart guy; he has put a tracker in your wedding ring.” Matteo said, pointing to the beautiful ring on her finger.

“I realised that very late of course, I had called up Arsenio, warned him what would happen should he approach the authorities and the

man not once told me that they had a tracker on you,” Matteo snarled, “now I am in danger and it is all because of that bastard. He thinks he can outsmart me but he is wrong.”

“I killed your father and now I will kill you, not because I have anything against you, it is just that you are an accessory. You are nothing but an item that is either being used as leverage or a toy to keep my son safe, but I think you have run out your purpose. You are useless to me,”

With that Matteo pulled out his gun and the last thing she heard was a gun shot.

Her own gasp brought her out of the ugly memories. Did the gun hit her? Of course it did, that was the reason why she was in the hospital. On its own accord she brought her hand to her forehead, she was bandaged there; a choked sob left her lips. She heard the door open.

“Plummy,” a whisper that sounded music to her ears, “baby I will just bring the doctors.”

She slurred something; she couldn’t understand what she said.

Soon she felt her hospital bed inclining to a comfortable angle, she now saw Arsenio San, a doctor and a nurse. Arsenio San had a thick unkempt beard now, his hair were longer too. He walked to her and sat beside. He brought his hand to her face and gently cupped her cheek.

“Baby,” he whispered.

She brought her hand on top of his, she felt so weak.

“Welcome back, Mrs Torres,”

Her eyes went to the doctor.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Good,” she slurred, she couldn’t understand what she was saying but the doctor understood.

“And can you see me clearly?”

“Not clearly,”

The doctor nodded, he was about to say something but decided against it.

“I will come back later and do all the check-ups,” he said and left the room.

Arsenio San sighed and buried his head in the crook of his neck. He was breathing her scent.

“How difficult these past two weeks have been for me,” he said, “I thought I would lose you.”

His voice was thick with emotion, like he was about to break down.

“That fucker shot you in the head,” he suddenly snarled.

She closed her eyes and gulped back the painful memories.

“Ars-enio,” she mumbled out. Her speech seemed so slow and slurred and unclear.


“Tell m-me everyt…” she couldn’t complete her sentence. His face contorted into pain and he nodded.

“We found you seconds after he shot you, Damon and I brought you to the hospital immediately. The FBI took care of him; he is now in

the prison and is facing a death row. The case was extremely fast paced,” Arsenio said.


“The doctor said that we are all fortunate, the survival rate for those with gunshot wounds to the head is so low,” he said.

She nodded but she wanted to know something else.

“Jess,” she whispered, “an gar?”

She meant Jessica and the bodyguard.

Arsenio sat silenced, he turned away from her. She just whimpered, he had to tell her, she wanted to know. She saw them getting shot, and the babies too!

“The bodyguard is perfectly alright but Jessica didn’t survive,” Arsenio bit out. He now faced her again, she saw the tears in his eyes, a cry left her lips as tears streamed down her face.

“The baby boys belonged to Hector, Jessica was not lying about their paternity,” he said, “the boys are thankfully healthy; they are still under observation because they are a month premature.”

“Wanna see,”

“Baby, you need to rest,”

“Please,” she pleaded.


The doctor had allowed her to go to the neonatal ward. She was on a wheelchair; she was still weak to walk on her own. Arsenio strolled the wheelchair to the neonatal ward. She saw the little babies in different rooms, their parents seeing them through the glass.

“The boys are very healthy thankfully but Hector insisted them to stay in the NICU,” Arsenio warned her.

She nodded and the wheelchair stopped, she then saw Hector standing and staring through the glass inside the room. She observed the tenderness in his eyes.

“Hector,” Arsenio softly called out to his brother. Hector turned to them and his eyes widened seeing Plum in the wheelchair.

Relief flitted across his face and he closed his eyes.

“It is so good to see you awake,” he said and softly kissed her cheek, “I missed you so much.”

“Boys,” she whispered.

“They are strong and kicking, I will be taking them home tomorrow,” he said.

“Nusery?” she slurred.

“I was waiting for you to design it for them, you can plan everything out,” he said and she happily nodded.


“Grayson and Rome,”

She liked the names, it suited Torres boys.

Arsenio brought the wheelchair closer to the glass window and her heart sighed at seeing them. Today Jessica was not here and that pained her heart. But she was grateful that her nephews were alive and healthy, she turned to Hector and she knew that he would be a good father, he seemed so smitten with them. She also knew that she and Arsenio would help the man out as much as possible.

She closed her eyes and squeezed Arsenio’s hand, she was grateful to be alive and live with her man. She was so grateful for another chance at life, now she seemed to cherish everything, her speech, her husband and now her little baby nephews.

She let a bittersweet smile come on her face.

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