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Plum opened the door, her eyes brightening when she saw Hector standing with his wife Lily. A small boy of three years was in Hector’s arms, his tiny legs tightly wrapped around Hector.

“Come inside,” Plum said. It was dinner night today.

The family entered followed by the mischievous twins, Grayson and Rome, they were the flirtiest and the naughtiest boys she had ever seen. Grayson winked at her and Plum smacked his shoulder. She followed them to the living area.

“Neo,” Hector said and placed the little boy down and hugged his brother.

Plum smiled at them and walked to Lily.

“How was the trip to Spain?” she asked her sister-in-law.

“It was the best, Hector and I needed that time, but it was so difficult for the two of us! Cameron would constantly want to talk to us and sometimes I heard him crying through the phone, it broke my heart,” Lily said.

Plum turned to the little Cameron was getting picked up by Grayson.

“I wanted to cancel the trip and return home but Hector was very firm with Cameron on the phone, poor boy,”

Lily had met Hector ten years ago, it was a whirlwind romance, they dated for a month and married the next. Everything was perfect, she was Grayson and Rome’s kindergarten teacher and both the boys loved her very much, they addressed her as mom. Three years ago little Cameron came in their lives. The boy was very shy and admittedly his father’s favourite and Grayson and Rome never minded that. They both spoiled their brother so much.

A soft cry broke her out of her reverie and she gasped. She walked to the little cradle in the room but Arsenio reached there before she could. Her heart sighed at seeing her man pick up their one year old daughter.


His thick arms carried her delicately and he turned to her. Arsenio was now fifty but just as handsome as before, there was a couple of grey hair and slight wrinkles around his eyes but he looked just as handsome as always.

To say he was smitten with Rosie was an understatement. Rosie was a little surprise that arrived last year and she was the girl who carried her father’s heart in her little palms. Rosie was a small baby but nice and chubby. Her full cheeks and lips that were forever pouted stole the hearts of anyone who saw her.

She was everyone’s joy.

Everyone from her cousins to her own brother adored her to pieces.

Speaking of her brother, she looked at Arsenio with a frown.

“Where is Christian?” she asked.

“There is your boy, Arsenio,” Hector called out and everyone turned to the thirteen year old Christian entering the room with a small smile on his face. He shared a fist bump with his cousins Grayson and Rome and ruffled Cameron’s hair

Christian quickly walked to his little sister who was cooing sweetly, she wanted to be in her big brother’s arms. Plum’s memories took her to the last year when Rosie was born, her big boy had cried so much when he saw his little sister. Christian was smitten with his sister Rosie, he would take her everywhere and sometimes he would take her to sleep with him in his room, whenever she had nightmares.

Her boy was thirteen years old but so mature and understanding. He was already nearing his father’s height. Christian took Rosie in his arms and walked to Grayson, Rome and Cameron. The boys immediately peered over their little sister and Rome even tickled her.

Rosie’s gleeful giggles filled the room and Plum’s heart sighed at her happy family.

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