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He stepped out of his car, a thick overcoat over his smart all black suit. Snow was early this year to New York. His Plum came out of the building, a roll of fabric in her hand and a large tote bag in another, she wore a thick chunky sweater with a stylish bright red duffel jacket, and her legs were clad in baby blue jeans and some boots. Her hair was covered with a beanie.

He took the tote from her hand and helped her get in the car. He couldn’t wait for her winter break to begin; he was planning a month long honeymoon to his private island near Philippines. She would love the pleasant weather there. He helped her remove her jacket.

“How were your classes?” he asked.

She nodded and removed her beanie. Arsenio’s eyes widened as he looked at her.

She had coloured her hair to a bright cotton candy pink and had chopped of her beautiful locks to a bob cut that reached just half an inch below her neck. She even had a fringe.

“Your hair…” Arsenio whispered.

Her nice full and round face with her full pouty lips looked all the more fuller with the haircut. She sweetly giggled at his expression but her smile dropped when his shock turned into a scowl. She ran her finger through her hair.

“What is the meaning of this?” he scowled.

He loved her long hair, he sometimes played with them during the night and he knew she liked that very much; she slept so easily when he did that.

“You look like a fifteen year old punk,” he snapped.

No she didn’t, she looked round and cute but he missed her old hair. She also looked way too younger with this kind of a hairstyle. There was already a thirteen year gap between them he didn’t want people to make it out to be a twenty year old gap.

She sniffed and pulled her wig. Her natural hair sat on top in a bun. She shoved the wig back in her tote and turned away from him. Arsenio sighed in relief; he completely forgot that she sometimes liked to experiment with wigs and hairstyles.

“I like this,” he muttered and opened her hair. They tumbled across her frame like a waterfall. She just swatted his hand away and made a face.

They reached their house and the driver opened the door for them. She huffed and walked inside; Arsenio pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. He did upset her and she had a very sweet way of showing that, her little huffs and puffs. He followed her into the elevator and stood beside her.

“I liked the punk… I mean pink hair,” he grunted.

She didn’t say anything.

The elevator stopped on their floor and the two walked out.

He followed her in the dressing room and sat in front of her. He took her leg and unzipped her boots and placed them aside. She was looking away but he turned her face towards him. He liked that she was upset; it meant that she showed emotion. But he also wanted her smiling.

She walked inside the bathroom.

He shouldn’t have said that, it was her hair, but he thanked the gods that it was a wig.


He stared at her from his office; Plum was in her workshop that was connected to his. She was so busy over the sewing machine that she didn’t even pay any regards to him. She was so cute when she was upset, he could just go and tickle her but he wanted her to have some time to be a little mad. He walked to his seat and began working on his files.

He looked over the project blueprint and made a few changes in it. He then went through the reports sent by Sawyer and frowned at the cases. He was so tired; he just wanted his ambitious project to start. He had inherited an island near Indonesia that he planned on turning into a new tourist spot. Everything on the island would be produced locally and run by the locals as well. Only renewable energy as well as a ban on the plastic, Arsenio wanted to maintain the ecology of the island that was previously his wife’s. He had prepared to give her back the rest of her inheritance but he realised that it was hardly ten million dollars; the island was her biggest investment. He sighed, this seemed unfair. He took his file out, a file of all of his holdings. He would gift her, another island.

Just then the lights went off. The blizzard outside was making a scary whooshing voice; the wind was screaming and screeching. Turning towards the window he found the entire city to be under a blackout. He heard some shuffling and then some whimpers and then felt her little body hug him. He pressed the flashlight button on her phone and turned it towards her. Her face was wet with tears and she looked afraid.

“Karen must have set up the fireplace area in the library, let’s go,” he said and picked her up.

He walked to the library and she held the flashlight. They walked inside the library and he heard a small sound of excitement from her and he smiled at her indulgently. She was so pure.

Karen was standing with a tall glass of warm milk and cookies.

“Thank you Karen,” Arsenio said and sat on a couch with Plum on his lap, she took the cookies and milk from Karen.

“Please tell Brian to drop you home Karen, or if the weather gets bad then take one of the guestrooms,” Arsenio instructed.

Karen nodded and walked out of the room. Arsenio caressed her cheek and wiped away her tears; she took a hearty gulp of her milk and gave him a shy flutter of lashes.

She was such an enchantress.

Just then his phone rang and he brought it to his ear.

“Sawyer,” he acknowledged his secretary.

He played with her long hair whilst talking to his secretary.

“Sir, there has been an issue, your brother’s parole request has moved up, he could be facing the hearing any moment now, I will try finding the date for the hearing,” Sawyer informed.

“Fuck” Arsenio snapped.

“Fuck” Plum whispered and dunked a cookie in the milk.

Arsenio’s eyes widened and he smacked her butt. She gasped and bashfully looked away.

What was that all about?

“We will talk about this tomorrow,” Arsenio said and kept his phone on the side.

“Plum,” he said sternly.

She bit her full lips and stared at the glass of milk.

“Those are not the words that I expect you to speak,” Arsenio chided.

Plum stood up and took a few steps back. She gave him a small smile.

“Fuck,” she whispered again.

Arsenio’s eyes widened again and he stood up. He stalked towards her but she simply walked away.

“Are we being naughty?” Arsenio said. He was enjoying this so much.

“Daddy,” she whispered, “fuck.”

He stood in his tracks, staring at her. There was an innocent yet challenging glint in her eyes; she was teasing him he could feel the mischief rolling off of her.

“You want Daddy to f**k you, little squirrel,” Arsenio stared at her.

She was being playful today, she was teasing his senses. She gasped and covered her face.

“But Daddy will first punish his naughty girl… she does not get to say bad words,” Arsenio stared. He kept his voice strict and cold yet his eyes spoke of the things he wanted to do to her.

Her back hit the piano and she stared at him, her eyes slightly lowered and her hair in two braids, one on each shoulder. She even had a milk moustache. He walked to her and turned her towards the piano. He slightly pulled her upwards so that her upper body lay flat on the piano while her legs dangled. He gently pushed her cotton night shirt away and stared at her full and smooth bubble butt. It was clad in bubble-gum pink lace panties. It was such a gorgeous sight.

She whimpered.

“Yes, baby girl, you are going to get a nice and sharp spanking for saying a bad word,” he whispered.

He brought his hand on her butt and a sharp sound echoes in the library.

“One down,” he whispered, “nine to go,”

She tried to move away but he maintained the pressure on her lower back to keep her still. He brought his hand back to her butt and she squealed at the impact.

“We don’t say those words Plum” he whispered in her ear as he spanked her again. If things would’ve been his way then he would’ve simply removed her panties and thrust himself in her beautiful depth.

He brought his hand on her panty and spanked her again. She turned up to him and there was the glorious blush on her face as she looked at him with her shyness.

“How many down?” he asked.

She showed him six through her fingers and he narrowed her eyes.

“Liar, it has been only three,” he said, “You will get two extra now.”

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