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He carried her to the bedroom and laid her down; he brought some lotion and rubbed on her backside. She whimpered and tried to move.

“Don’t move,” he said sharply.

She stilled as he rubbed the lotion, she made a small voice of protest from the back of her throat but a grunt of his own had her shutting up.

“Baby girl, I don’t want you saying that word or any other profanity ever again,” he instructed, “am I clear?”

She nodded and whimpered again. He covered her butt with the t-shirt and turned her to him, her cheeks were flushed and lashes wet. He got on the bed and hovered above her, he nuzzled her nose and she bit her lip and looked at him in a coy manner. He captured her lips in a kiss, her lips were soft and plush and the taste of her was so addictive. He groaned and his primal urges took over his mind. What started sweet and slow was now rough and obsessive, she was like ambrosia and he was drunk on her. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, it was obvious that she was inexperienced but that didn’t bother him, it meant he was the only one in her life.

The mere thought of there being someone else angered him, it had only been a few days and he was completely under her spell. He had never felt so strongly about anyone else in his life. A thought constantly gnawed in his mind, what if she leaves me? The ache in his heart was a trailer to what would happen if she ever left him.

He moved away and looked at her.

“You belong to me,” he whispered harshly. He had never felt anything like this before; he had won a lot many times in his life, every underground fight, a scholarship to an Ivy League school, an amazing business that had taken over the finance world. He was known as the ruthless businessmen but he had never faced this strong urge of having something, until today. He wanted Plum. He wanted her heart, soul, mind and body. He wanted to be the centre of her universe, he wanted to be her everything and he wanted her day to start with him and her day to end with him.

She gulped and made a small voice at the back of her throat. It was the sweetest thing he had ever heard. He had plans to be ruthless and merciless with her, she was just a way to attain a piece of land but now she seemed so precious, priceless even. He couldn’t imagine being ruthless and cold with her. She deserved warmth, cuddles and love. She placed her tiny hand on his thick and built biceps; her hand looked so pale and small against his tanned Spanish skin.

“Sleep,” he whispered and tucked her under him.


“Name your price, I just need that island,” Roman tried to negotiate with Arsenio.

“Why the hell do you think I would sell this island to you Roman?” Arsenio said.

Roman sat back, his lips pursed.

“I guess I should leave,” Roman said.

“You can, I heard you gave the security contract of your entire company to your brother,”

“I did, Damon has built a very efficient system that we will be trying on our company, and he is outside in the lobby. His company s doing really well, keeping him busy,” Roman said.

“Good to know,” he said and frowned when his phone rang. It was Sawyer; he cancelled his call and kept the phone back.

“How is the… married life treating you?” Roman asked.

Arsenio frowned and looked at him.

“Damon told me,” Roman explained.

Arsenio nodded, he had not made any announcements regarding his marriage, yet.

“I think you should release a statement soon, better yet, do an entire feature with a magazine… the photo shoot and everything,” Roman suggested.

Arsenio scowled and a grin broke on Roman’s face. He couldn’t imagine doing a photo shoot for the magazine. They would dive into their personal lives and invade his wife’s personal space. He didn’t want anything of that sort for her. His phone rang again and he cancelled it.

“I will leave then, but you should think of that photo shoot, it will give a lot of rumours in the market a rest,” Roman said and walked out.

Arsenio followed him.

He walked in the lobby and saw a very worried looking Sawyer.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I think you forgot that Mrs Torres was coming to the office straight from her classes,” Sawyer said, “and also the fact that Damon is now talking to her.”

Arsenio saw red. He was suspicious that Plum might have had feelings for her bodyguard and that affected him.

“Where are they?” he seethed.

Sawyer pointed behind him and Arsenio turned around to find his sweet squirrel talking to Damon. Red hot jealousy burned his veins when he saw her giggling and Damon talking to her. Arsenio walked to her and pulled her away from him.

“What are you doing?” Arsenio snarled.

Plum gasped and tried to release her hand from his strong hold but he kept it tight.

“Mr Torres, I was just talking to Ms Park…”

“Mrs Torres,” Arsenio snarled.

“Right, sorry, Mrs Torres, we were just having a chat,”

“Chat!” Arsenio seethed and looked at her. The only words he heard from her lips were daddy and fuck.

“I mean, she barely speaks a few words,”

Few words were good.

“Damon,” Roman called from behind, “I have been looking for you.”

“I will leave Mr Torres,” Damon said and walked away.

Damon stared at his squirrel. She had her lip between her teeth, her eyes shining with innocence. So she did speak but only to the people she trusted enough.

“Don’t act so cute Plum,” Arsenio said, “Sawyer we are leaving, you can tell the janitor to clean my floor and also prepare the conference room for tomorrow’s meeting.”

There was an important meeting where he would be giving the layout and the blueprint about his island project. It was a very important meeting one that he had to give his best at.

He took her hand and walked towards the elevator.

A car waited for them and he quickly helped her sit inside.

“I don’t like it when you talk to Damon,” he said and closed the door after him.

She stared at her hands with a nice big pout on her face.

“And what is your ‘chat’ about?” he questioned.

She just stayed silent.

“Do you speak a lot with Damon?” he asked and she shook her head.

“Do you call him Daddy as well?” he snapped.

Her cheeks bloomed with colour and she shook her head.

He closed his eyes and thanked the gods.

They reached their home and he helped her out. They were immediately bombarded by a slew of reporters and paparazzi. They flashed cameras at them. His squirrel made a distressed noise and he picked her up and buried her face in his neck.

Arsenio was murderous. Where did the media come from?

“Mr Torres we heard you got married!”

“Mr Torres, why Ms Park? What is the story?”

His bodyguard, Brian, immediately rushed out and pushed a few away. One of the reporters grabbed her hair and pulled it hard. Plum cried out loud, it was a soft and pained cry. Arsenio lashed out at the reporter and attacked him, his bodyguard pulled him back. The doors to his mansion opened and his entire security team came outside. They pushed back the reporters and helped the couple inside.

The door closed behind them and Arsenio quickly rushed to the elevator, she sniffed on his shoulder.

“My sweet Plummy,” he whispered in her ear and kissed her forehead.

She looked up at him and her terrified expression was a punch in his gut. How could they attack his squirrel like so? His innocent and pure wife, she was so scared.

They sat on the bed and he helped her out of her coat.

“Baby girl,” he whispered and caressed her cheeks.

“Daddy,” she sobbed.

And his lips smashed against hers.

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