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“You are not doing anything of this kind,” Arsenio said.

He stared at the lengthy letter she had typed out for him and placed on his desk.

Dear Arsenio San,

Thank you for protecting me from evil media man but I think everyone makes mistakes. Mister Smith is a family man who will be on roads if you don’t take back the lawsuit. Imagine the faces of his hungry children! Do you want to be the reason for their stomachs making painful noises?

What the evil media man did to me was not Mister Smith’s fault. We should believe in second chances. But I am sure that you wouldn’t listen to me because so said I shouldn’t comment on your business decisions. But this is not business and this involves me, Mrs Plum Arsenio Torres. And Plum wants to give Mister Smith her collection of tiaras.

Those Tiaras will save his company from tanking; they are made of real jewels and diamonds.

Since I don’t have a car, I would be grateful if you could send Mister Brian along with me to the offices of Smith Media and Entertainment. I would like to give my tiaras to Mister Smith.

Thank You,


She stood in front of him; a small suitcase in her hand filled with all her expensive tiaras and embellished hairbands. Her lip was wobbling and her eyes were watering. His wife was too naïve for her own good. Smith was a shark, his company was not tanking, and he had checked it himself. Yes, the man would face a blow but nothing he couldn’t recuperate from. Also, what made Plummy think that he was married? His third wife just divorced him. And he has no kids. Looking at the letter and the suitcase in her hand he realised just how gullible she was.

“Keep that suitcase back,” he said.

When she didn’t budge in front of him he narrowed his eyes.

“Plum, keep that suitcase and come to me… I have to tell you something about Mister Smith,” he said. She had a way a addressing people, it was very respectful, and especially the fact that she called him Arsenio San. She saw him as an authoritative figure, clearly. She placed her suitcase on the floor and walked to him.

He was in his gym outfit, all sweaty. She on the other hand looked completely ready with her plaid skirt, a pink turtle neck sweater and some ballerina flats. Her hair was in a high ponytail. His squirrel was completely in her business mode. He gently picked her up and placed her on his lap. He looked at her flushed cheeks and her full lips and placed a small kiss on her lips, she too kissed him softly.

“Now let me tell you that Mister Smith is not a married man, quite the opposite actually. He marries girls almost half his age…”

She giggled and he raised her brow at her.

“What’s so funny?”

She shook her head and bit her lip.

“Daddy,” she whispered and placed a finger on him.

“No, I didn’t get anything from what you said,” he mused and passed her his phone.

She quickly typed and passed the phone back.

I am also half your age.

“No you are not,” he roared. He narrowed his eyes at her and pinched her tummy; she yelped and pouted at him. “You are getting vey naughty, Plummy,” he said.

She just gave him a mischievous smile and his heart sighed at her enchanting and ethereal beauty. He caressed her cheeks and placed a kiss on her lips.

“You have your classes today?” he asked and she shook her head.

“Your semester is closing four days later right?” he hummed.

She nodded.

“Well then I guess you should start packing,” he said, “because we are going for a month long honeymoon.”

Her eyes brightened like shining stars and she clasped her hands and sighed.

“Our trip starts on twentieth and we will first go to Seville in Spain where we will stay for two days, then on twenty third we will be on an island and celebrate our Christmas and New Year, just the two of us,” he murmured and nuzzled his nose against hers.

She gave him a shy smile and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

“Go for shopping today, buy clothes and anything else that you need,” he said, “and buy some lingerie as well. I like lavender on you, so satin lavender set with a pretty lace trim would make me very happy.”

She gasped and covered her face, she was burning with mortification.

He grinned at her coyness.

“And don’t worry about Smith, everything will be fine,” he muttered and she hesitantly nodded.


“Sir, I seriously suggest that you release a notice in the media requesting privacy, the paparazzi follow Mrs Torres everywhere,” Sawyer said and placed a file in front of him.

Sawyer was right, the news of the lawsuit had spread like a wildfire and most media companies had already written various nasty things about his squirrel. He opened the file and pursed his lips in anger. They were following her and his bodyguard Brian as she shopped.

There were two pictures, one of her entering the lingerie store at twelve and then coming out of the store forty five minutes later with a very big shopping bag. Brian looked uncomfortable. However it was the news report below that bothered him.

Looks like New York’s favourite mogul is getting some tonight!

The newest missus on the block, Mrs Plum Torres, spent a whopping forty five minutes in the La Perla showroom. She seemed to have been carrying a large shopping bag and we wonder what she must have bought?

“She purchased a lot of very sexy and flirty lingerie,” the salesperson said.

Hmmm, we would like to know what happening at the Torres residence tonight. Stay tuned for more.

Arsenio pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed; he picked up the paper weight and started to play with it. He started to hum a tune whilst trying to rein his anger and suddenly threw the paper weight at the wall, it dropped on the ground and Arsenio started to massage his forehead.

How dare they try to invade his wife’s privacy?

He seethed, what if she read the tabloid news? His Plummy would be mortified and embarrassed. The media was just not stopping, he turned to another news piece and almost snapped when they saw his wife’s terrified expression as a very angry Brian led her to the car, he was holding her shopping bags and pretzel.

Mrs Torres drop that pretzel!

Looks like Mrs Torres was in a fight with her hubby! She seems to be shopping and eating comfort food. Well maximising your husband’s credit card does seem the apt way of getting back at him but we suggest the pretzel to be dropped, no man likes a fatty!

“Take me home Sawyer,” Arsenio said.

The cheapness of the news was definitely bothering him at least they could maintain a decency about it.

He entered his house; Brian opened the door and nodded.

“I heard the news today,” Arsenio

“They were following us everywhere, Mrs Torres was definitely mortified,” he said.

Arsenio pursed his lips and walked towards the living area where Plum sat, mindlessly pressing through the channels. He took a seat beside her and took her hand in his.

“By the bleak mood you are in, I reckon you’ve seen the news items,” he whispered and wrapped his arms around her shoulder. She nodded and buried her face in his chest.

“If I tell you that they’ll stop, then I would be lying to you,” he whispered.

That was the only thing he could say to her.

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