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“What do I want for Christmas?” he asked.

She nodded and propped on her elbows and looked at him.

He seemed to be in a deep thought when suddenly he grinned and looked at her. Uh oh, she didn’t like that grin. What if he asked something like the… sex? Her cheeks bloomed with colour at the thought.

“If you really want to give me something for Christmas,” he whispered in her ear, “then I would like you to say something other than Daddy.”

She turned to Arsenio San and blinked her eyes. Their trip had gotten delayed because he had some work in Chicago. They were now going to reach Seville on the Christmas Eve. She bit her lip and turned away from him. He had asked for a lot, how would she draw enough courage to speak to him?

But she knew, there were fuzzy feelings inside her that came only in the presence of Arsenio San. He had been a true gentleman; this was the least she could do.

It was decided, she would give him her words and something else on Christmas Eve as a present to Arsenio San.

She stared at the beautiful city outside; it was night time and Christmas Eve. She walked to the full length mirror and stared at her appearance. She bit her lip and blushed. She turned away from the mirror and covered her face in embarrassment. How could she go in front of Arsenio San like this? He was very confident and smart man who knew what he was doing, as his wife she had to be at least a little bit like that.

She had to use the tips she had read in a magazine to feel sexy!

She sprang in front of the mirror again and looked at her appearance again; the first step was to embrace you. She wrapped her hands around her body and gave a big smile. Her smile dropped immediately and she sighed and placed her hands on her hips and tapped her foot on the floor. Arsenio San would be so disappointed, he was a respectful man and he must not like low self-esteem. She shook her head and puffed her chest and stood in front of the mirror like a superman, it was a power posture that intended to fill you up with confidence almost instantly, and this was also written in the magazine.

She looked funny.

She was wearing a mint green satin robe that covered her lavender lingerie, the lingerie she had bought specially for Arsenio San, it would please him and today she was feeling a bit mischievous. She released her hair from the elastic and let them tumble down her body. She walked to her heels and slipped her feet in them. It was already nine in the evening and she didn’t want to keep Arsenio San waiting.

They were in a gorgeous hotel that had the best balcony, Arsenio San had organised a gorgeous dinner for just the two of them and she didn’t want to spoil that. She smiled gleefully, how beautiful would it be to sit in the balcony and have dinner while staring at the beautiful Seville! So romantic!

She squealed to herself and walked out of the room.

She walked into the living room, the lights were switched off and in their place small lamps were lit that gave the room a golden hue, it gave her a very romantic feel, she was in awe of Arsenio San’s preparation. She giggled and walked towards the balcony, the air was chilly but she knew Arsenio San would warm her up. She stood at the entrance of the balcony and stared at him, his back was turned to her and he looked at the mesmerising Seville.

She wanted to call him, say his name but the words didn’t come out. She was very nervous tonight, she was wearing a very sexy and risky outfit, and she was also going to say something to him. It was all so much! Why did Arsenio San have to ask her to speak? She shouldn’t have given him the luxury to choose his own gift.

“Daddy,” she whispered, letting her mischievous and confident self take over her. She didn’t want the shyness to ruin the fun.

He turned around and a tingling sensation erupted in her lower abdomen. He was wearing an emerald green shirt and dark jeans, his hair was also unkempt and his dark and black curls touched the nape of his neck, he ran his fingers through them and with his dark eyes stared at her. He was such a handsome man!

She immediately lowered her eyes; no one had ever looked at her with so much of intensity. She had learnt of this, what happened between man and his wife, reading romance books and watching romantic movies had given her enough education. It was called the sex; her cheeks bloomed with colour at the word. Would they do it, tonight?

He sauntered like a panther and sat on the dining chair.

“Come here, Plum,” he ordered her.

She hesitantly walked to him, her ears and cheeks were burning. He would expect her to speak, would she be able to say anything except Daddy?

He gently pulled her on his lap and she immediately placed her hands on his shoulders. He gently caressed her cheeks, she like this, it felt so nice. She looked in his eyes and opened her mouth but no words came. She had to be confident.

“Uh…” she whispered.

He looked at her expectantly, his eyes were encouraging and he massaged her thigh reassuringly.

“You look very sensual, Plum. But this is a dinner, why didn’t you wear a dress,” he whispered in her ear. His eyes were burning with seduction and she felt her panties getting wet, she squirmed on his lap and gulped softly.

She had to do this.

She gently took his hands and brought it to the knot of her robe.

“Uh… Chris…Christ…gift,” she whispered, “Chris gift.”

“Christmas,” he said and she nodded.

“Chris…chris…Christmas gipht.”

“Gift,” he corrected her.

“Gift,” she whispered, “Christmas gift,”

He smiled at her indulgingly and tears blurred her view. She bit her lip and placed her head on his shoulder, she felt so surreal and for some reason exhausted, her heart was beating loudly against her chest, she could almost hear it. It was so daunting to speak to him, to speak to anyone. She didn’t want to, she was scared, she was afraid and she was frightened. Her body quivered and a few tears escaped her eyes.

He turned her face to him and wiped her tears away.

“Christmas gift,” he whispered.

“Chris… gipht, for San, Ar..senio San,” she hiccupped.

“Oh,” he whispered and covered her lips in a toe curling kiss. His kiss felt so happy and emotional, she was the reason behind this.

She liked kisses; he was so dominating and skilled.

He parted and kissed her forehead.

“My brave kitten,” he said, his eyes were so tender and loving that her heart soared with delight.

He looked so happy that she spoke; he cared so much for her. Arsenio San was such a good man, he deserved all her love. She loved him so much.

“,” she whispered and placed her hand on his chest, “you.”

His eyes instantly turned serious. He looked at her with his guarded expression, she on the other hand was raw and open, like a fresh wound. She bit her lip when he didn’t reply back; she lowered her eyes in embarrassment. She had let him in too easily….

“I love you too,” he said.

Her eyes lit up and she clasped her hands and hugged him tight.

“Phew,” she whispered.

He laughed loudly and shook his head.

This honeymoon was going to be so amazing.

“Now let me open my Christmas gift,” he said, his eyes darkening.

Plum gasped; they were going to do the sex.

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