Challenging Fate

By Sue All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


A lake full of pain and loneliness is all Adelaide has ever known. The only thing that keeps her from drowning in this lake is Axel Knight, her best friend and lover. But, Axel is hiding something. And before Adelaide could figure out what, something bad happens. He leaves her life. The boat that kept her on the surface of the water had sunk. And not just this, her very ordinary and boring life opens up lots of secrets. Now, Adelaide must learn how to swim to stop herself from drowning. A story where Adelaide challenges fate and fights her doom. A place where she can never be weak.


17 years and 11 months ago,

“They somehow got the news of the birth of the princess, your majesty,” said the king’s second-in-command.

It was past midnight. The moon shone brightly with billions of stars lighting up the sky. A very bad day to have a beautiful sky.

The king sat on the bed, right beside his human beloved who was holding their beautiful, half human daughter. Hearing this dreadful news, the king’s whole body tensed.

“What?” his loud voice boomed across the castle’s hallways.

“Exactly what I said. The princess is human now and won’t be able to unleash her powers until her 18th birthday. Her life is in danger, your majesty,” the man replied without a hint of fear in his voice. He was used to the king’s destructive rage.

“What are we going to do? My baby. We need to protect her” the queen whimpered, tightening her hold on her newborn baby.

“Yes we need to and we will, my love. But, everything comes with a cost. Are you ready to pay that?” the king questioned his queen, placing his hand on her cheek. His own eyes moistened with tears.

The second-in-command stood near the bed, watching this sad event silently. His own heart filled with grief. He knew that the cost of keeping the princess safe will be very high.

“I’d do anything for my daughter” answered the queen. Her voice still held the fear but ringed with determination.

“Then w-” the king was cut off as the bedroom door swung open. A guard came running inside.

“We are under attack, your majesty. What should we do?” the panic and fear were evident in both his face and his voice.

“Get all the warriors ready. We protect our kingdom and people. I am coming. Go” the king’s voice was filled with authority. That’s one of the many traits he had that made him so loved by his people.

With a nod, the guard raced out.

“They’re here for the princess, your majesty. They have a huge army and we are not prepared for this battle. We have very less chances of winning” the man stated the fact.

The king already knows this. “Take the child and flee into Raven’s fury territory. Leave her on the doorsteps of a human couple. Make sure that they take her in. Nobody will ever doubt that she is anything but human. And she will also have enough protection in that forbidden territory. We will go and bring her back at her 18th birthday. Go and return as soon as you can. Don’t let me down. I trust you, James” the king said in an emotionless voice, not once wavering his gaze from his second-in-command.

“I won’t, your majesty” the man replied, his tone matching the king's. He never breaks his promise and would be damned before he broke one made to his king.

The queen heard everything and knew that it’s for the best. She kissed her daughter’s pale forehead as a sign of goodbye and handed her over to the waiting hands of the king.

The beautiful daughter stared at her father, unknown to what the cruel world has in store for her.

The king kissed his daughter’s cheek and said “listen here and listen well, my daughter. You will come back for what is yours and you will them your worth. Your journey just began, my dear. A journey that challenges fate."

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