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"Mummy I want no hero in my life." the little girl said to her mother who chuckled in return. "Why sweetie? Every girl wishes for a hero in her life." her mother replied with an amused smile. "That's why mommy, every girl wants the hero." "So whom my girl wants?!" The little girl gave a huge smile " A villain!" "Villain? " her mother asked with frowning eyebrows thinking why would her little princess wants a villain in her life. "Yup! I need a villain mommy who is a hero to me and villain to others and no girl wants him. So he is all mine." the little girl said bouncing on her feet. Her mother let out a heart full laugh, "villain it is then! " "But momma where do I find my villain? " the little girl asked with pouting lips. "When you will grow up this tall and complete your studies." her momma said kissing her forehead.

Romance / Erotica
Varsha Chindam
4.8 17 reviews
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Before getting into the chapter; Thank you for choosing this book but I am really sorry because the book is unedited! if you find errors I am sorry but please don’t judge it as it is an unedited version.

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“Life is the childhood of our immortality.”

Have you ever thought of going back to change something which happened in your past that still haunt you or make you question once in a while that what happened or what went wrong that you are unhappy with that part of life?

Ever felt so sad that you don’t want to talk with anyone and just can’t express the way you are feeling or what is making you unhappy or sad at that moment?

Even though you are sad you just put that aside and pretend that; you are okay. Even though you are not willing to go anywhere but you go just to not make your mom or any close one sad when your loved one’s day is bad you ask them what is wrong and make them feel good and try to bring there mood happy by talking to them to bring that happy smile.

“Let me tell you, you are a beautiful soul, you are strong because no matter what; you brought a simple smile on someone’s face, you made someone happy, you helped someone out without you knowing, you are great!”

I just wanna say that no matter what happens with your life, just don’t react but respond. and there is so much difference between reacting and responding, stressing out about what happened and thinking you are useless is reacting. knowing what went wrong, where you did a mistake and making it correct by working on it is responding.

Life is all about the up’s an down’s, you just have to put up with it. someone’s childhood is not as good as yours, someone’s life is on line not knowing how many days they are left with, somebody doesn’t have food to fill their stomachs whereas you have three meals on your plate.

The point is, be happy with whatever you have and work for the things you need; they are earned not begged. work for them rather than crying and sulking about what you don’t have.

“Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Elora Chindam and this is my story which you are going to read. I live with my mumma and my younger sister. my childhood was not the best one but it made me what I am today, made me learn and understand things at a tender age.”

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