Twice Bitten

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Chapter 14


Could things get any more boring around here? I was currently lying upside down on the couch watching a ‘Pretty little liars’ marathon. And while I admit that I love Ashley Benson to bits; I’m pretty sure I watched this episode over four times, and there was only so much I could take in a day. I sighed. I wish Dylan were here. Dylan’s family had called for some quality family time; so I didn’t complain too much. It would be a good idea to spend some time with mom and dad. Buzz. Buzz. I blindly search for my phone until my fingers grasp it. Finally! Someone to relieve me of my boredom!

From: 8096567236

To: Vanessa

Message: Hey, princess! Want me to be your knight in shining armor and save you from your boredom?

Perfect timing, but I definitely don’t recognize this number.

From: Vanessa

To: 8096567236

Message: Well, first I’d have to make sure that my’Knight in Shining Armor,′ isn’t actually a ‘Crazy Stalker Dude.’ Who is this?

From: 8096567236

To: Vanessa

Message: Ouch. If I’ve been giving off ‘Crazy Stalker Dude’ vibes; I seriouslyneed to up my game. It’s Kayden, Princess.

Kayden is such a mess. I went to my options and added him to my contacts. How did he even get my number?

From: Vanessa

To: Kayden

Message: Lmao how did u get my #?

From: Kayden

To: Vanessa

Message: Leila.

Of course. I should have known she had something to do with it.

From: Vanessa

To: Kayden

Message: You still wanna hang out?

The reply was almost instant.

From: Kayden

To: Vanessa

Message: Yea

I sent him my address and slipped some converse on.



To say I was happy was an understatement. I jumped off my bed when Vanessa sent me her address and got ready. Being able to see her and spend time with her meant everything to me. Sure, our meeting wasn’t exactly ideal, but I could always make up for that. I just hoped she had even the smallest bit of feelings for me. That wolf was way too close to her for my comfort, and she obviously had some feelings for him, but that sure as hell wasn’t gonna keep me from my mate.


I laughed as I watched my family interacting with one another. I loved the feeling it gave me to see everyone together and happy. The only thing missing was Vanessa. I could see her sitting next to me laughing, tossing her own jokes into the conversation, and flashing me her radiant smile. Whenever I thought about it, I always saw us in our own home and her smiling and laughing with our cubs. I smiled at the image, and Sage nudged me. I glanced down at her questioningly, and she gave me a knowing look.

“You’ll be able to spend the whole day with your mate in two days.” She smiled

And I couldn’t wait.


I opened the door to see Kayden’s toned body leaning against the door frame. His sapphire eyes seemed to be sparkling. Kayden escorted me to his car and opened my door for me. I slid into the car, excite to be doing something.

“So, what’s on the agenda today?” I asked

Kayden rubbed the back of his neck and smiled sheepishly.

“I actually didn’t think that far ahead. I was just excited you agreed to hang out.”

I giggled at his cuteness. For some reason, him wanting to spend time with me warmed my heart.

I pondered on what we could do for a while.

“Have you been to the new mall, yet? I heard their arcade is pretty sweet.”

“No, but it sounds cool. I’m down.”

Kayden and I were doubled over in laughter; this was my fourth time getting brutally shot down even with Kayden trying to protect me. I squeaked out a ‘sorry’ and pouted as our team lost again. This seemed to fuel his laughter. While Kayden was wiping tears from his eyes, I restarted the game. He calmed down a bit and cocked his gun; firmly locking onto the target. Before he could shoot, I swiftly aimed my gun and shot. The bullet lodged itself right in the middle of Kayden’s head. Ouch. In my defense, I wasn’t aiming to kill him. Well, that’s what he gets for laughing at my inability to actually shoot the target. I shrugged my shoulders and started randomly shooting his now lifeless body. When I was satisfied with my work, I smiled and glanced up at him innocently. Kayden gaped at me; his eyes narrowed.

“I can’t believe you just shot me on purpose!”

“Who said it was on purpose?” I asked sweetly

“You shot me at least ten times!; there is no way that was an accident! How come your aim is almost perfect when I’m the one you’re shooting at?!”

I burst into a fit of giggles earning me a glare from Kayden. Once Kayden grew tired of getting shot at, we decided to play air hockey.

Kayden smirked “Ready to get your butt beat?”

I smirked back at him. What he didn’t know was my mom, and I were extremely competitive; we played air hockey whenever we wanted to settle the score.

“Woohoo!” I cheered

I had won twelve to zero.

“You cheated!” Kayden pointed a finger at me accusingly

I laughed.

“It’s called skill, Kayden,” I said smugly.

Kayden pouted, and I laughed again. My laughter faded as the urge to kiss him struck me. I shook my head. Down girl. You just got out of a relationship, and you already have something going with Dylan. No need to get into anything messy. Kayden pulled up into my driveway.

“Thanks for being my knight in shining armor. I had fun tonight.” I smiled and thanked Kayden.

He chuckled.

“If you ever need me to save you from the perils of boredom I’ll come running to your rescue.”

I kissed Kayden’s cheek and headed to my door, waving as he backed out. I flopped onto my bed and thought about tonight. I didn’t understand. Being with Kayden felt so right, but something was missing. It was Dylan. I felt the exact same way with Dylan and even though Kayden just walked into my life recently; I felt like I needed them both in my life, no matter what. I gave up on thinking about what that could possibly mean for the boys and me and drifted off into sleep.

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