Twice Bitten

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Chapter 16

The next day when lunch came around I was shocked to see another table joined to our original one. I caught up to Leila in the lunch line and tapped her on her arm.

“Hey, whats up with the extra table?” I asked

“It looks like Kayden and his gang are going to be sitting with us from now on”


“Yupp, I was just as shocked as you were,” Leila said moving up in the line.

Hmmm.... sloppy joe or alfredo? Yeah, I was definitely going for alfredo; I really wasn’t for trying my luck with whatever mystery meat they put in that. When we got back to the table I took a seat between Dylan and Kayden. At first, everything was awkward and tense.

“So, did anyone see this coming?” Tony asked

Sadie and Chloe giggled “Not in a million years!”

Everyone laughed even though I had a feeling there was another meaning behind their words. I shook my head and dug into my food before I could dwell on it any longer. It didn’t make since for me to be so paranoid over something so small. I sat back and smiled as everyone started making small conversation and the tension dissolved. The rest of the day flew by fast and I had to tell the guys that I wasn’t able to hang out today; the looks they gave me almost made me cancel all my previous plans...almost. Today was all about magic.

Dad gave me a key to the compartment our grimore was in. The key was in the shape of a butterfly and had an intricate design that wrapped around the entire key; with red gems that seemed to be placed carefully. But he made me promise not to do any big spells without him. I was perfectly fine with waiting for him, plus I wasn’t ready for any big spells. I walked upstairs to my parents’ bedroom and walked toward the bed until I reach the top of the headboard. It had an intricate design that twisted and twirled, in the middle was a golden keyhole; a perfect size for the key. I placed the key in the hole and turned gently. At first, nothing happened and I thought I didn’t turn it firmly enough, but there was a series of soft clicks and the headboard began to rise slowly.

To be honest the whole thing kind of startled me. There were so many things that I had to get used to and so many secrets that I would now have to keep. Sitting in the compartment was the grimore; seemingly lonely. I had expected an ancient, raggedy book, but it was only slightly aged. I assumed there was a preservation spell cast on it. I splayed my hands across the deep red cover of the grimoire and proceeded to open the book. I was giddy with excitement as I thought about the entire different spells I could try out.

I scanned the spells until I saw a spell to change your eye color. I so wanted to try this!

Eye Colour

"Un , dous, tres , ollosmudanpara min,

Un, dous, tresverde- oliva o ouroqueeuvexo . ”

" Polo poderdetres, queasísexa"

I took a nervous breath and repeated the incantation three times as told to. I suddenly felt a surge of energy course through my entire body. Even with such a small spell, there was so much power behind it and it left me on a magical high. I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom and gasped. It worked! I now had golden eyes and they didn’t look half bad. I let out a squeal and searched for another simple spell. Oooh, a spell to change your hair color. Now, this should be fun! Hmm, apparently I needed a colored candle. I’m pretty sure mom has a bunch of those lying around somewhere. I walked into my parent’s bathroom and looked in the cabinets until I came across the candles.

After debating on it for a while I decided I wanted to try red for a bit and snatched the candle and some matches up before heading back to the room. I carefully placed the candle onto the dresser and lit it with a match; I cupped my right hand over the flame and envisioned my hair turning a fiery red and I ran my left hand through my hair. I peeked my eyes open and busted in giddy laughter. This was so cool!

A knock at the door broke me out of my thoughts and I raced downstairs. I prayed it was my dad so I wouldn’t have to explain my sudden change in appearance and slowly opened the door. I sighed in relief when I heard my dad’s deep laughter.

“Well, you look like you had some fun today.”

“Dad! You scared me, what are you doing home early?” I whined

“Geez, I feel the love.” My dad said pouting

“Daddy, you know that’s not what I meant!”

“I know,” Dad said tugging on my hair as he put his jacket up.

“I finished work a bit earlier than expected, so I came home to see my baby girl.” Dad said casually sitting on the couch.

“Does mom know your home?”

" No, I was actually thinking about surprising her. How about me and you whip up some lasagna?” my dad asked heading into the kitchen.

“Sounds good to me,” I said joining him.

By the time mom came home, everything was set on the table and dad was placing glasses for wine on the table.

“Whoa, is there some special occasion I’m forgetting?”

“Nope, we just thought we make the most beautiful woman in our life dinner,” I said ushering her to her seat.

“Aww, that’s sweet of you honey.” Mom said wrapping me in a hug and kissing me on the forehead.

" I can’t take full credit, this was actually dad’s idea,” I said motioning to my father.

I smiled and watched as mom and dad had their little moment. They had an extremely beautiful relationship that anyone would be jealous of. I hope to one day have a love as long and radiant as theirs.

" So, you’ve been dabbling in magic, huh.” My mom said gesturing to me.

I laughed. I almost forgot about my new appearance.

“Yeah! Mom, it’s so cool! I can’t believe I’m just finding out about magic!” I said bouncing in my seat

Mom and dad laughed at my silly behavior, but I couldn’t help it, I was seriously excited about everything magic had to offer.

“I’m glad you’re having fun, sweetie.” Mom giggled.

Later that night while I laid in bed I received two good night texts from Dylan and Kayden. Soon after I drifted off with a smile on my face.

I woke and started my usual routine, well that was until I looked in the mirror and gasped I jump back startled. I hadn’t learned how to reverse the spell!

“Dad!” I called out, trying to keep the panic out of my voice.

“Downstairs!” My dad called up to me.

I slid down the banister and jump off and right into my dad’s arms.

“Whoa, what’s the rush?” Dad said as helped balance me.

“I can’t go to school like this!”

“Why not?”

“Dad!” I said attacking him with a decorative pillow.

“Hey, hey, will you stop abusing me?” my dad chuckled snatching the pillow.

“Relax, close your eyes and breathe; just imagine yourself before you invoked the spell.”

I did as I was told and imagined my black hair and olive green eyes. I gasp as I feel the rush of power flowing through my veins. I sighed in relief when I glanced at the mirror behind us and everything was back to normal. My dad smiled at me softly and ruffled my hair.

“Now go get ready for school.”

I smiled up at him and ran upstairs to get ready. As soon as I slid my jacket on I head Dylan honk twice. I opened the door -

“Oh Vanessa,...” my dad called out.

“Yea, dad?”

" I want to meet him.”

I blushed knowing he was talking about Dylan and rushed to the car. I just hope dad decides to play nice.

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