Twice Bitten

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Chapter 22

After a moment of incredibly awkward silence, I looked around and found everybody staring at me.


“Well... you are the hybrid. It kind of makes sense for you to be the one to lead us.” Dylan said with a shrug.

The faith that everyone had in me left me feeling warm and nervous. It also had me ready to kick some ass.

“Let’s move out!”

“Wait!” my mom called out before she and Leila took turns hugging my dad and me.

“You guys better come back safe!”

My dad and I chuckled. Like we’d let tonight end any other way. I was already planning a bubble bath for later tonight.

“Yes, mama.”

Ten minutes into our “journey” Mason stopped us.

“Uh, guys?”


“Couldn’t we have taken the cars to get there? I mean, this is feeling a little too twilight for me.”

“No!” Avery blurted out.

“Why the hell not?”

Avery huffed “because it’s more badass this way! It’s like a movie. One girl with impeccable power leading three races to victory, during her quest for revenge. Don’t ruin this moment for me, bitch!”

Everyone looked at Avery like he had lost his mind. Hell, he probably did. Levi blinked twice before smacking his brother.

“Stop being stupid.”

Avery pouted and began walking ahead of us. This, of course, emitted chuckles from the rest of us.

“Does everyone know what to do?”

“Yeah, but how will we know when you’re ready for us to move in?” Levi asked

I smirked, “Don’t worry, you’ll know.”

Dylan shook his head “I still can’t believe you’re going to let him capture you. You’re crazy.”

I giggled and then shrugged my shoulders ” Maybe. Okay, this is where we go our separate ways. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Be careful,” Kayden warned

I nodded

Kai was able to pinpoint the general area that Zion would be in so all I had to do was walk aimlessly. He would pick up my scent soon enough.

“How lucky am I? It seems you walked yourself right into the lion’s den.”

I jumped as if startled.

“Oh, Zion. What are you doing out here?”

Zion stalked around me with a smirk on his face.

“Poor thing. You don’t even know what’s going on.”

Zion grabbed my arm and began dragging me behind him.

“What are you doing!”

“You, my dear, are coming with me.”

I yanked my hand out of his grasp.

“And if I do? What happens to me?”

“Well, first I’ll play with you a bit and then, I’ll kill you.”

Gross. What a pervert.

“Why?” I whispered

“So I can have every last bit of power that beautiful body of yours contains.”

“What will you do once you steal my magic?”

Zion chuckled “Isn’t it obvious? I’ll do whatever the hell I want!”

Zion took hold of my arm again and proceeded with dragging me along with him. This was going way smoother than I had expected it to.

I put up a struggle as Zion continued to drag me through the doors of Astrazia’s headquarters. Once we were in the center of the room Zion threw me to the floor

“Fuck! If you haven’t noticed, I’m a girl!” I said glaring at him.

“If you haven’t noticed, I don’t give a damn.”

Damn bastard! He’s dying first! I picked myself up off the ground and took a look at my surroundings. I was surprised to see how many people were actually in Astrazia. One man stood out though. He had an intense presence that couldn’t be overlooked. I figured from the way that everyone was watching him, that he was their leader. The man gave an unnatural smile.

“It looks like our guest has arrived. My name is Ailes.”

“Do you know why you are here?”

“I know the gist of it. You think you’re going to take my magic.”

Ailes belted out a laugh. “I believe you phrased that wrong, my dear. I know I am going to take your magic.”

“I made no mistake. There’s no way in hell that I’m letting you take my magic.”

“While the spirit you have is commendable and even a little cute; your resistance is futile.”

Ailes turned his back towards me and I muttered under my breath

“Veňa ata min.”


I tried to stay patient as we waited for Vanessa’s orders, but that was damn near impossible. My bloodlust was starting to set in. All I wanted to do was kill those who even thought about inflicting pain on my mate. Just as I was about to lose my patience I heard my babies voice in my head.

“Veňa ata min.”

The same phrase began to whisper inside my head.

“What does that mean?”

“So I wasn’t the only one that heard it? I thought I was losing my mind.” Dylan’s dad asked.

Everyone who wasn’t a witch sighed in relief. We all thought we were going crazy. Kai smirked and began walking ahead of us.

“It means come to me.”

Kai’s dad clapped Aiden on the back.

“You taught her well. That’s a pretty advanced spell.”

Aiden smiled big and proud. “Well, she is my daughter.”

We wasted no time barging into Astrazia’s HQ. I scoffed at how easy it was to get in. Weren’t they suppose to be some badass agency? Where the hell is their security? Were they that cocky? Or did they truly think they could steal the Aiden Brandt’s daughter and not feel his wrath? Not only was he one of the most powerful witches alive, but his name literally translates into fiery one or land cleared by fire and if you met him then you’d know how fitting that name was. Aiden’s control over his temper is near non-existent when it comes to his family and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have any qualms about destroying an entire nation if it meant he could protect those he cared about.


I grinned in satisfaction when the doors burst open. There was a silent paused as everyone strode in confidently to my side. My dad grasped my shoulders as he took the space to my right. Dylan and Kayden stood to my left, tense. Ailes’ eerie laugh broke the silence.

“You thought because your little gang of witches outnumbered us, that you could win?”

I smirked “Correction. Because my little gang of witches, vampires, and were-wolves outnumber you, I know we will win.”

Ailes’ eyes showed a flicker of shock before they narrowed.

“Impossible. Like they would ever come together for the likes of you. This isn’t some movie.”

“I told you guys this was way too twilight!” Mason muttered

“Dude, shut up!” Noah said glaring.

I raised my hand and everyone got into a fighting stance. The werewolves shifted, while the vampires all bared their fangs. And with a war cry, everyone ran into battle. My dad stepped forward.

“Ailes is mine.”

I nodded “I call dibs on Zion.” I shouted

Zion smirked “Even with the things I’ve done. I just don’t feel right hitting a girl, especially not one as hot as you. How about you be a good girl and sit down somewhere.”

Irritation shot through me. I’m going to make this asshole beg!

I held my hand out, aiming for Zion’s chest. Zion chuckled.

“If you wanted me to hold you all you had to do was ask,” Zion said, foolishly walking towards me. Zion continued to walk toward me until his arms were wrapped securely around waist, my palms placed firmly against his chest. I smile up at him and directed a significant amount of power into my palm.

“Choque electrica.”

“Arrgh. Fuck!” Zion staggered back and gripping his chest.

“Shit. I guess I let my guard down too much. Screw trying to be nice!”

Zion’s body slowly began to morph. Zion shifted into a grey wolf. He was slightly bigger than your average wolf, but he was smaller than a werewolf. There goes one disadvantage that he has, let’s see how many more I can find and manipulate. Zion launched himself at me effectively knocking me down.

“Get off!”

I put up a struggle. If I wanted to I could have easily flung him across the room. Zion began to push me around with his muzzle.

“Zion! Stop playing games and kill her already!” I eyed the redhead with disdain. Zion huffed in annoyance before he went back to nudging me.

“Damn, you’re sexy.”

I looked up in the confusion. Talking telepathically was one thing, but to actually be able to form a somewhat decent sentence in wolf form was strange. I didn’t even think it was possible. Zion’s wolf seemed to smirk as he let out a garbled sentence.

“I’m going to devour you, all of you.”

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. He will die today and he will die by my hand. I shuddered in disgust as Zion drew his nose down my body. I sighed in relief when he stopped above my waistline. It took me a while to realize that I no longer felt his presence looming over me. The redhead gave me a scathing glance as she stalked towards me. I smirked. This should be fun.


Haha! This was too easy. I was going to devour this girl’s magic and her body!

“Zion! Stop playing games and kill her already!” Scarlet’s voice rung through my ears.

I growled low in my throat. Scarlet was hot, but it seems like I have found myself a new plaything. I ignored her as I gave my full attention to Vanessa. Only a second passed before I felt a sharp pain in my side and I was sent soaring through the air. Shit! I felt my ribs cracking. I whipped my head to the side and saw Scarlet heading towards Vanessa. That fucking bitch! Vanessa was my prey! I made a move to get up and grimaced. I had to wait a minute or two until they healed. I was going to kill her.

“Scarlet!” I yelled out in fury.


The redhead bared her teeth at me as she stalked around me.

“Ailes wants her? She doesn’t look like much to me.”

I smirked. This was more than amusing considering I could probably kick her sorry ass in less than ten minutes. Toying with her would be more than fun.

Scarlet’s Pov.

Zion was nothing more than a pig! I wasn’t just disgusted by his actions, I was ashamed that I still had a place for him in my heart. Unfortunately for him, the place he held in my heart was minuscule compared to the plans that were at stake. I rushed towards Zion and gave him a swift kick; probably breaking his ribs. I turned and lunged at Vanessa only to fall to my knees. My eyes widened in confusion. How was it possible for me to miss her?! A shudder shot through my spine at the presence I felt behind me.

“Are you looking for me?”

I whirled around to swing at her but she had already moved several steps back. I narrowed my eyes. Even with her magic, her speed shouldn’t be equivalent to mine, and it seemed like she was nearly surpassing mine! I shook my head out of my thoughts and smirked. She could be as quick as she wanted to, but there was no way she could match my strength.


Everyone seemed to be handling their own. I was more than confident that we would come out of this victorious. Aiden’s fight with Ailes was more than intense. The power they both had was unimaginable.

“Zion! Stop playing around and kill her already.”

Dylan and I immediately stopped what we were doing to take a look at the situation. That bastard was hovering over her Vanessa. Dylan and I instinctively took a step towards her before Kai stopped us.

“Stop! She’ll be pissed if you interfere. I know it’s hard for you guys, but she’s a lot stronger than she used to be, let her fight.”

“You guys must be really cocky to take you eyes off of your opponent.”

I cursed as a shifter charged towards us. I shook my head. Vanessa could handle this. The best thing I could do to help her was to get rid of these assholes.


I watched in awe as Vanessa kept up with Scarlet’s speed. It truly was a shame that she would be dying soon. I sat up and waited for the rest of my bones to mend themselves. I was going to make sure that Scarlet pays for the stunt she just pulled. My eyes widened as Vanessa deflected each and every one of Scarlet’s attacks with little to no effort. Even with her bloodline, she was way too powerful. It was obvious that her power went beyond ordinary witches capabilities.

A scream sounded from across the room. Two werewolves were hovering over one of Vanessa’s girls. Vanessa wasted no time as she jumped away from Scarlet and prepared a spell. She raised her hands in their direction.

“Dor Divina.”

As soon as those words left her mouth an explosion of bright white light appeared above them and struck down the wolves. Their howls of pain were frightening, even to me. Scarlet used this distraction to find and opening. Scarlet lunged at Vanessa, but with her newfound speed, she was too fast. Vanessa whirled around and in an instant, she was gone. A pure white wolf lay in her stead, it’s muzzle firmly clamped around Scarlet’s neck. Scarlet struggled before going limp. My eyes widened in disbelief. This isn’t possible- shouldn’t be possible. No magic could recreate a wolf that perfectly, even if it were an illusion.

The wolf seemed to leer at me and took several steps toward me until it’s muzzle knocked into the side of my cheek. My breath faltered as I struggled to scramble away.


Vanessa shifted back into a human and smirked at me.

“I’ve transformed in more ways than one. Breathe in my scent.”

I hesitated.

“Come on, take a big whiff. you want your questions answered, don’t you?”

I gave in and inhaled deeply only to gasp. What the hell is going on?! Everything that she is showing me; it should be impossible!


I raced to help Sage, but Vanessa was faster. I stopped in my tracks and watched as she began her spell. My eyes widened as the energy formed above Sage and the wolves. Was she out of her mind?! She could kill Sage too! I gasped when I saw that the spell only affected the werewolves. How much stronger did she really get? Divine Power was an advanced spell, that few could actually master and Vanessa had somehow managed to direct exactly who it hits in such a precise way. I shook my head and chuckled. She truly was, Aiden Brandt’s daughter. There was no doubt about it. I knew in my heart she was nowhere near done showing us what she could do. She would continue to amaze us.

Zion’s Pov.

I shook my head in denial. Vanessa nodded her head.

“And what did that special nose of yours tell you?”

I scooted back farther, but she merely followed me.

“I don’t understand. I smell Vampire and Werewolf on you. It’s intermingled with other scents, so you don’t notice it at first. How is this possible?”

“Is this why you didn’t die?”

Vanessa’s eyes changed and the look in her eyes shot chills down my spine. Where was she getting this massive presence from? The amount of bloodlust she had was terrifying. How powerful was she?! Vanessa closed the distance between us and squatted down to my level.

“Oh no, I died alright. Technically you got what you wanted. it was excruciatingly painful.”

She suddenly leaned forward to whisper in my ear ” I was thinking that I’d let you get a taste of that same pain.”

I was frozen in place. I could hardly breathe. No one had struck fear into me like this one girl, not even Ailes. A movement behind me had me sighing in relief. Scarlet slowly rose to her feet and stalked towards Vanessa. With a fierce cry, she gripped Vanessa and yanked her to the floor. I cringed with every punch she landed on her. As annoying as Scarlet was, she was crazy strong.

“Did you really think I’d die that easily?”

“Get the fuck off me! You crazy bitch!”

Vanessa gave Scarlett a sharp kick to the stomach that sent her flying. Scarlett let out a shriek of pain before crawling her way next to me.

“How is she so strong?!” Scarlet managed in between short breaths

I shrugged my shoulders tiredly and swiped my hand across my face. I just wanted this to be over. How did I manage to mess things up this badly? I spent years training, fighting, kissing peoples ass, just so I could finish what my parents started, and here I was terrified of a girl. Scarlet gave me a look and I nodded. We both struggled to get to our feet. Vanessa’s eyes seemed to flash.

“Are you ready to taste pain?”


I smirked. It was truly my pleasure to give Zion a taste of this pain.

“Almas Maculadas.”

A black mist appeared swirling and whirling around until a black abyss hovered above them. Black tendrils dropped down latching on to them.

“What is this?! It hurts!” Scarlett screamed

Zion became hysterical, scratching at the black tendrils.

“They won’t come off! Vanessa, please! Make it stop!”

“Stop? It’s just begun.”

Without another word, I walked away. Maybe now the dreams will stop. I sure as hell hope so.

Kai’s Pov.

I winced as the dark tendril sucked Zion and Scarlet into the darkness. You could hear the moaning and groaning of the souls as they devoured them. I ran to Vanessa as she collapsed.

“What’s wrong?”

Vanessa gasped “I should have used a different spell.”

“Why do you think that?”

“It reminded me of an immensely unpleasant memory. ”

" Like? ” I prodded

“Death,” Vanessa answered in a somber tone.

“Wait, you actually remember dying?”

" Vividly. Now that I think about, I had about a dream about me dying. The dark tendrils consuming even in its path, trying to drag me into an eternal sleep and the fire that licked over my entire body until I was writhing in agony.”

“Fire? What fire?”

“Not a physical fire. The scorching sensation that flowed through my veins as the venom took it course.”

“Christ. I’m so so sorry that you had to go through something like that.” I said wrapping my arms firmly around Vanessa.

Vanessa suddenly stood up and I copied her. She had a new look on his face one that said that she wasn’t backing down. I smirked.

“What do you have up your sleeve?” I asked.

Vanessa gave me a crooked smile.

“Plenty to keep you entertained, brother. I think I’ll go assist Dad with Ailes.”


I turned to Kai and raised an eyebrow.

“Shouldn’t you be fighting?”

Kai shrugged. “The majority of them are either dead already or ran away.”

“Seriously? so much for loyalty.”

I approached Ailes and my dad cautiously as I surveyed the fight. They were both breathing heavily and they seemed to have taken an equal amount of damage. I flitted to my dad’s side

“Need a hand?”

My dad narrowed his eyes and glanced at me.

“I can take him.”

I chuckled knowing this would be his response

“I know you can, daddy but think of it this way; the quicker we kill this guy the quicker we get to eat mama’s yummy cooking. Me helping, it’s quicker.”

“I suppose this is true. What do you say to a little father-daughter bonding?”

“There’s nothing I’d love more, papa.”

Ailes chortled. “Touching, very touching. I see your daughter gets her naiveté from you, Aiden. How foolish are you to think that you will beat me?”

“Watch us,” we said in unison.


Vanessa and Aiden Black- no, Brandt were truly a fearsome duo. Spells were being thrown back and forth faster than than the eye could really see. It was like they didn’t even need to stop to think or breathe; the words just flowed out effortlessly. They had been going at it for a while now, but it seemed as if the fight had just begun. Things were beginning to get serious.


I let out a low chuckle. This was truly exciting. It was so rare to actually be able to even see a Brandt up close in person and I happened to be fighting two! I had only planned on killing the daughter and stealing her magic, but now it looks like I’ll have the father as well. I’ll be twice as powerful! I will admit that I didn’t expect them to last this long. The fact that they could keep up with me was impressive.


We had one chance to completely take Ailes out. We would do this with ” Soul Ripper”. The name says it all. I made sure to plan ahead with the spell. Even if Ailes had prepared to die and had someone who was prepared to implant his essence into another body it would be useless. His soul would be nothing more than fragments. I was going to make sure that I shattered his soul to the very core.


It was about time to end this.

“We’ve played long enough, don’t you think? Shall we cut our game short?”

Aiden smiled and nodded “I think you’ll just love this games particular ending.”

“A morte, o Empalador.”

A looming figure appeared behind Aiden. It was dark and threatening. It closely resembled the Grim Reaper. How amusing.

“Did you think that your illusions could phase me?”

“Let’s see!”

Aiden smirked and the figure enlarged, nearly reaching the ceiling. It took four great steps toward me. The “Reaper” looked down at me and smiled with its sharp jagged teeth. It was something sinister. The “Reaper” tilted its head and raised its scythe. Then with lightning speed, it brought its scythe down. I smiled. Like this would work.

“Burbulla de proteccion.”

My force field was impenetrable. That scythe wouldn’t get anywhere near me. My eyes widened in shock when the scythe went effortlessly through my field and panic started to set in. In the corner of my eye, I saw a pure white wolf rushing at me. Damn! Either way, I would have to take a hit. I took a deep breath and decided to take my chances with the wolf. I braced myself and landed with a huge thud. What startled me was that when I opened my eyes there was no wolf, only Vanessa.

“You should have chosen the scythe,” Vanessa said before thrusting her hand into my chest.

I smiled as I coughed up blood. I wouldn’t die here. Not like this.

“What is a shattered soul?” Vanessa asked suddenly

I managed an incredulous laugh “Nothing, absolutely nothing.”

“Good answer.”

“Alma Estripador.”

She was truly amazing! Who would have thought she could plan so far ahead. So this would be my end. Quite pitiful. Although I suppose a Brandt killing me was probably the best way to go. My vision was getting blurry and the world around me was fading.

“This is not the end.”

She had won her battle with me, but there were many more to come.


You could almost hear his soul shatter if you listened hard enough. It was like glass cracking and splintering into a thousand little pieces. I sighed in relief when life vanished from his eyes. His last words bothered me though. Even so, I couldn’t feel anything but relief. It was over.


“Yeah! We kicked ass!”

The boys all cheered and chanted. The girls giggled and joined in.

I stood up abruptly and everyone gathered around.

“I can’t tell you all how much it means that you fought for and beside me. I’m eternally grateful. I need two groups to be formed! One group will transport the injured back to the house, while the other will begin cleaning up! You did well....”

And then everything became dark.


I caught Vanessa before she could hit the ground and cradled her in my arms. I smiled down at my baby girl. Of course, she would worry about the safety of the others before her own. I know today took a lot out of her. I was so proud of her. I hoisted her up and carried her ‘princess style’. I was getting hungry. I was going to tuck my baby into bed, get some food, and make love to my amazing wife.

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