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How badly do you think it hurts when the love of your life loves your best friend???? It feels horrible. I'll explain how i felt. I left to America to get away from my first ever crush. He was in love with my best friend and i couldn't hurt her by telling him i was in love with him. I wanted the two of them to have a future and be happy. To have a family, to have a house and live happily. So i left so she could have that type of life.I wasn't happy but she was and that's all i needed............ To stay away from them. I should have guessed she would call me back to Korea for her wedding. Now for a whole month I have to pretend to be fine....... Why does life hate me so much? It's been so long since and i don't know it i will be able to act like i don't still love him.

Romance / Adventure
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Welcome home

You stepped out if the airplane and stretched. You just had one of the longest flights of your life. Once you were done cracking your neck and back you started to look for a sign with your name on it. Then you spotted one with your name and you immediately started to walk towards it. As you got closer and closer to the sign you could clearly see the person holding it.

You were so excited to be home after so long. You hadn't seen your brothers in four years. You went to America to get away from the person you wanted so much but couldn't have. He was in love with your best friend. That's what hurt you the most.... No matter how close you were to him you felt so far away.
You left so they could be together happily. The only reason you came back is for there wedding. You wanted to support them from afar but she wanted you to be her maid of honor. You just couldn't tell her no. As soon as the wedding is over you have a plane flight. You knew you would want to leave as quickly as possible.
You were awoken from your deep thought when the guy who came to pick you up said " Ma'am the limo is waiting for you." You just nod and follow him. When you got in the car you sat close to the window so you could see everything. You missed the beautiful lights and thousand of buildings that were towering over you. As you started to go through the woods you saw beautiful trees. The sun light was shining through the trees. It hurt your eyes a little but it was to beautiful to look away from.
It was a hypnotizing site. It made you wander was it worth leaving again because of you feelings for your friends fiance. You started to remember his smile and the way he would run his fingers through his hair. Then you remembered the way he and Mina were smiling when the said they loved each other. It was one of the hardest days of your life.
Knowing you could never have him was something that made you cry your self to sleep every night. That was the second time your heart had been ripped to shreds. It was the second time you ever hurt your self. No one knows what you've been through. It hurt you that no one cared about you.
The limo came to a stop so you looked out of the window and saw the house you grew up in. The memories of your life when the world was much more simple started flowing back. All you did was play , cry and laugh. When you had your parents. When you had friends and they loved you. Now you hide your feelings deep down in you because you don't want to hurt anyone else.
The door opened and the driver said " We are here ma'am." Almost as if asking why you did not get out and run in to see your brothers. You nod and get out slowly. He started to get your bags and you said " Let me help you." You came over to him and started to help him. He bowed and thanked you. When you got to the door you rang the bell with all the bags in your hands. You heard foot steps swiftly coming to the front door. Then it started to open and you saw..........
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