Love By Chance **Under Heavy Editing**

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Love is a beautiful and dangerous thing. For Caroline and Theo, it's unwanted. Until a belated honeymoon to Egypt fixes everything. Love is tricky. It comes up and sneaks by you. It can tear you and rip you apart. But it's a beautiful and dangerous thing nonetheless. For Caroline and Theo, it is something they don't want. When they are forced to marry, they resist and disagree. They hate each so much that they don't want any of this and are considering running away from it all. But they don't, because their parents need the alliance. So they suffer through the marriage and spend it with someone they don't love. When they take a trip to Egypt for a belated honeymoon, they find the tables have turned. Maybe falling in love is a good idea.

Romance / Humor
Raven Graham
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Before The Prologue



"Honey, this is for the benefit of the company! You have to do this!" my father yelled. "For the last time, Father, I am not marrying this Theodore guy. I don't know him and I won't do it. It is your fault that we are in this much debt!" I spat.

My father was a gambler and he gambled our company, Collins Tech, into some serious debt. White Law Firm was a company that had promised to pay our debts if I married their son, Theodore White.

I hadn't met him, but his ex-girlfriend, Amanda LaBlanc, was my best friend. She had told me that he was a sweet and charming guy, but I saw right through that crap of a lie.

He was an arrogant, despicable, evil, horrible, guy that I had no choice but to marry. Lucky me, right?!




"I haven't even met her yet, Father! I would like to meet her before I throw away my dignity and marry her." I said to my Father, as I paced his study

"Theodore, we have been over this. The deal that we have made with Collins Tech is that you are both to not meet each other before you are married. The press can not know about this, until after the wedding." My father explained calmly.

"Can I see a picture of her at least?" I asked, hopefully. "Not a chance, son," he said as he smirked. I was walking into this marriage blindly and stupidly all because this woman's father gambled their company into debt. This was all their fault that I was throwing away my dignity and marrying this gold digger of a woman.

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