Living in a maze of mirrors

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chapter 10

Sophie read all the letters that Billie had written in the past sessions before she did the releasing ceremony at the beach. She decided to write a memoir about her childhood, her mother who was born as Kathleen Stigwood, an English debutante who married Jonathan Granger,
her stepfather that she'd grown to love.
The memoir caught a lot of attention from people who were friends of her stepfather and her mother's. With enough money in her pocket and another check from an old portrait of Kathleen that was auctioned last month, Sophie used her free time to appreciate life even as little as being able to step out of her house and dancing on stage. Whenever her phobia started she just set her mind back to the beach with the memory of love to chase the dark clouds from her thoughts.

She traveled on 2 wheels these days taking a different route and exploring new parts of town that she never passed. She arrived at the cafe that Billie mentioned fondly in one of her letters and nodded at the cashier who seemed to know what her favorite drinks were.
"One latte and one espresso coming up" she said. They chatted about the weather and traffic before she rang her up and bid her a good day.

Moments later Sophie sipped her latte at a wooden table in an apartment overlooking the city. The man in front of her was reading the words on the book jacket. He hadn't touched his espresso since she arrived at his door.
He read the inscriptions that said,
"To Billie who showed me the light in writing and in Ben the one I hope to meet"
He smiled and reached for his espresso.
There were times when the voices came and fought for a spot in her thoughts. Sometimes they all agreed on something but when they sensed something was afoot they fought until Sophie told them to stop.
Dr Hart was still seeing her for sessions except that she went to her office and thought of him as more than just a therapist, he became her best friend and family.
Sophie got all her dreams in a tow, from performing for royalties to a broadcasted award shows and a job teaching kids at a well known ballet academy in the city. On her first day teaching, Ben came with a forest of red roses in his business suit.
When they made love for the first time, the three voices crowded her thoughts especially Jeanette who was bent on getting racy on Ben
Sometimes Ben asked her how she'd coped with 3 voices and she said she just told them to take time out.
Sophie held his hand as they walked quietly through the block of his apartment building and knew that she was home.

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