Living in a maze of mirrors

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chapter 4

The encounter with Jeanette Beauchamp was unexpected let alone an interesting game that she had led on.
Raphael wrote," she's manipulative, smart and uses sex to lure and get attention, she knows Sophie the longest."
As he recalled their last conversation before Jeanette took off was about a woman named Kathleen, the name that he drew a circle and a big question mark in it.
Raphael was exhausted from the heat and the uneventful day but he wouldn't rest until he met with the woman who pleaded her case in her messages, the one who couldn't leave her home for weeks from the loud sounds the outside world makes she thought her ears would bleed and she'd be found on the streets dead.
Raphael placed the file back into his file cabinet and labeled it as the case of Sophie Darlington.

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