Living in a maze of mirrors

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chapter 6

"What do you think of the dress Doc?" She twirled left to right and right to left to play with the tiered skirt on her dress.
Raphael quickly regained his composure when Jeanette opened the door in her sapphire gossamer dress and how it mirrored her silhouette with every move she made.
"It's beautiful on you. I noticed you prefer bold colors for your palate."
"Very good observation, Doc. But then that's why you get paid the big bucks to notice things."
Raphael smiled.
"How are you?"
"I'm fine and you?"
"I'm excited to learn anything you can tell me about Sophie"
"For starters the climate has definitely changed since we last talked."
Raphael nodded in agreement muttering silent prayer when the heat wasn't as merciless as the last time he'd talked to Jeanette.
"So what did you want to ask me?"
"I wanted to know about Kathleen Granger."
"Oh you shouldn't have said that Doc." She shook her head and waved her index finger at her.
"If she was around she'd let you have it if you mentioned his name."
"You think that's what she did to Sophie?"
"She never beat her but she might as well have, Kathleen could drive a knife to your heart with her words. That woman was nuts."
She said while lighting her cigarette and tucked her legs in as she sat in the sofa.
"Sophie was a kid she didn't understand what drove people to commit suicide, she loved Jonathan regardless but Kathleen threatened to leave her if Sophie brought up his name. She even went to the extent of changing their last name to Darlington. She had friends in the high places so she asked this judge who granted her request in exchange for sex."
Jeanette paused to take another puff.
"They moved from place to place and found a 2 bedroom apartment away from the city before step daddy number 2 came along."
"The Turkish guy?"
She grinned.
"And lots before that. Kathleen never had a job in her life, she did what she was good at. One time Sophie woke up and walked into them. She saw her mother and one of the nice friends she called them, in the kitchen..."
Jeanette laughed.
"Sophie was in shock seeing her mother sprawled on the floor with her naked ass and the guy with a big gut over her. The guy was pissed he took off without the money he said he'd give her. So Kathleen locked Sophie in her room every night. One day Kathleen passed out from partying she didn't hear her daughter banging the door from inside her room until Sophie peed on herself."

Raphael couldn't help the tug in his heart at the thought of a young child who had to go through tragedy and abuse that her mother had done to her, he wasn't surprised the strength that a child possessed to bury pain deep down that they forgot it ever existed.
"What did you think of Jonathan Granger?"
She shrugged,
"He was a coward, why didn't he kill himself someplace else instead. He didn't love Kathleen or Sophie he just cared about himself."
"I thought he cared about Sophie."
"It might've seemed that way but I thought he did that to spite Kathleen. She just couldn't accept people who loved anyone but her."
"When did she die?"
"A year or so Sophie knows the exact date."
"Do you think her mother's death anniversary caused Sophie to be where she is now."
"Kathleen lives in her mind, that bitch haunts her everywhere she goes."
Raphael froze, he wouldn't be surprised if he'd be meeting Kathleen in one of his sessions.
Listening to Jeanette's version of Sophie's life brought another discovery to Raphael's theory, the one that he sincerely hoped was wrong about. But he dismissed any type of emotion tampering his work and spent another pounding hour writing his notes on Sophie's file

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