Living in a maze of mirrors

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chapter 7

Sophie woke up to find her room in disarray and clothes cluttered everywhere. A thought struck in her senses, she feared that someone had broken in and they were still in the house.
Her hand reached over to the night stand and slowly pulled the top drawer where she kept a flashlight in, as the only thing she could use as a weapon. She climbed out of bed as gingerly as she could hoping the carpet would swallow any move she made.
Relieved that there was no sign of a break in, Sophie went to pick up the clothes on the floor when her answering machine beeped.
She pressed play to hear loud music and people chattering incessantly in the background.
"Hi Sophie, it's Jason Wood. It was good seeing you again. I didn't get a chance to ask if maybe you wanted to swing by at my place next time and maybe hang out for old time sake."
Sophie deleted the message and ran to the bathroom when she saw a tore up package of a condom in her that she jumped into the shower with her clothes on hoping it would wash away any traces of forgotten memories.

Moments later, Sophie cradled the phone in her hand, she had Dr Hart's number on speed dial her mental thought was weighing if this could count as an emergency session. She gazed at the traces of glitter and feathers still visible on the floor as if she was in a changing room for a show in Vegas.
Jason Wood's image came to mind as he appeared 5 years ago, they met through a mutual friend at her party. He was sullen in need for a drink sitting next to Sophie, a dance major who watched the party in her corner. They were friends by default, as the only two people left at the party. Jason ranted about his break up non stop, Sophie needed a distraction from the random nightmare she'd been haunted with. They went to see an action packed show where the sounds of bullets discharged out of a gun were right in her ear, Sophie thought she saw blood splattered on the screen. It was so vivid she had to get out of her seat and waited until Jason came out from the theater.
She was distracted when Jason massaged her shoulders with hands that brought the waves of passion out of her. She didn't even mind when Jason said his ex's name when he was inside of her.
Sophie was glad to leave his place and never saw him again not until last night that she had no recollection of.
The connection sound on the other line brought her attention back when it sent her to voice mail,
"Dr. Hart, this is Sophie Darlington, I'm sorry to call on a Saturday but I, uh, I was wondering if I could have a session today? I understand that this is a short notice but something happened last night and I... I'm really scared I might wake up and end up someplace or in someone's bed. If you can't I totally understand, I'll wait until our next session next week." Sophie hung up and sat by the phone until she couldn't read the time on her clock.

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