Living in a maze of mirrors

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chapter 8

"I want you to listen to my voice" Raphael said as he sat facing the 2 armed sofa where Sophie laid in with eyes closed.
As she went deeper, Raphael could hear her breathing slowed down almost to a point of soundless.

Sophie was in trance, her arms on both sides against the plush cover on the sofa. Her eyes grew heavy while her head fell against the soft cloud she'd laid against. There was only the sound of Dr Hart's voice leading her and telling her she wasn't alone in this journey. She felt the gnawing darkness of the sphere that she was in, her hands like steel bands around her chest, her legs stirred like waves in a tide.
"Sophie do you remember Jonathan?"
Sophie saw a pool of red that boiled and hissed as they came towards her. She heard a gunshot noise, she covered both ears yet Kathleen's voice rang like an alarm in her brain.
"Sophie, it's Dr Hart, you're not in any danger. Listen to me"
Suddenly Sophie opened her eyes, sat abruptly before scanning the room.
"Hi Doc," her lips curved into a smile.
Her eyes lit up like a pair dancing jade, as if the clouds that were there when she arrived had left.
"Don't tell me you've forgotten about our date when I'm starting to get fond of our meetings."
"Never, you're not someone that one could easily forget."
She smiled
"What's up Doc?"
"I wanted some help in Sophie's case. How did she manage to forget about Jonathan's suicide?"
She scoffed,"just like every time they had a problem they swept it under the rug."
"You mean Kathleen's?"
She shook her head,
"No, it was both of them. Kathleen was crazy in the head, she only cared about herself. She never wanted to be a mother in the first place."
"Was it her parents who cared for Sophie. Did she decide to keep her baby for them?
"No, she kept the pregnancy thinking she could use it against the baby's father to hold him with responsibilities but he never came back. That guy probably fathered every child in their town."
"She never loved Sophie"
"She claimed that she did, I think she used Sophie because she was an exact replica of her biological father. I'm telling you that woman is not right, and why are you always talking about her? She's not exactly a fun topic to be discussed on a date" she grinned.
"Sophie needs help, she's not doing well and I'm trying to get through her memory but she'd put up a wall so thick she can't even get through"
"Doc, we both know she doesn't have the guts to stand up to Kathleen. That's her fate."
"No, She deserves to be free don't you think?"
"I think it's a little too late. She's beyond saving."
"That's why you can help"
"Look Doc, it's been real fun and all but we both know she's going to end up the way she's supposed to"
Raphael was stunned, he shook his head refusing to believe the theory that he'd predicted and written in his notes.
"She's going to end it soon"
That was the last thing he'd heard from Jeanette. No amount of coaxing from Raphael could get her to open up let alone be interested in carrying conversation. Raphael told her that he had to leave and he'd see her again soon. He led her back into her chair despite the screams in his mind wishing he had the power to reach to Sophie telepathically instead he spoke with the magical voice the way he did in the beginning and counted to 10.
Sophie groaned, she opened up her eyes, another abrupt rising before Raphael. She blinked, looked around and stared at Raphael half glaring half curious
"Who are you?"
"I'm Dr Hart, who are you?"
"I'm Billie Davidson"
"How are you related to Sophie?"
"Sophie?" What do you want from me?"
"I'm her therapist, I'm trying to help her"
"What does that have to do with me?"
Raphael thought for a moment before he pointed at the mirror hanging on the wall behind him.
"Describe what you look like"
"I'm 6'5, brown hair, olive skinned, half white half Cherokee" she rose and walked to the mirror as if she didn't see anything other than what she saw in it.
"You're here because you're part of this case that I'm working on. I have a patient named Sophie Darlington who has blackouts and ends up forgetting everything that happened when she wakes up the next day.
I thought you could help seeing maybe you've experienced something like that"
She paused,
"There was a girl named Sophie that I was friends with when I was young but she moved away after someone in her family passed away. Is she why I'm here? Is she okay?"
"She's under my care, Im trying to put pieces of the puzzle together to help her before it's too late." Raphael pleaded.
"How would a person remember if they couldn't in the first place"
"Well, hypnotism is one way to dig into the person's deepest memory"
"I don't know how I can help you.
"Can you tell me what you can remember of her?"
She paused,
"The only thing I know best is writing."

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