Living in a maze of mirrors

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chapter 9

"Sophie, I'd like you to read something that might bring some light in this dark tunnel that you've been wandering in and we might find answers that we both desperately need to have"
She unfolded the letter that he handed her and paused before she looked up to him.
"Dr Hart, this is someone's letter"
Sophie stared at the handwriting on the page and read,
"I knew a girl named Sophie a long time ago, my family and I just moved from up north to a town just a few blocks from the nice neighborhood with tall gates with initials embossed on the iron and manicured lawns. I lost my cat Shadows until Sophie found him playing under the tree at the park nearby. We became friends and played with Shadows almost everyday. Sophie lived in that nice complex with fancy cars in her parents garage.
She preferred to play outside or at my house, her mother wasn't too friendly with people she didn't know or maybe because my family lived in a smaller house than theirs. Sophie was sweet, she loved to dance and read to her stepdad. He would buy her presents and snuck a slice of chocolate cake so her mom wouldn't see. One time her stepdad took her on a picnic and Sophie couldn't stop talking about it even after he didn't come home for days. The paramedics said he put a gun into his mouth, and had the walls and floor splattered with blood. I went to see her but the people in her house wouldn't let me. She wasn't supposed to leave the house and then they left. Sometimes I wondered what had become of her."
There were still paragraphs on that letter, Sophie looked as if she was in disbelief.
"Did you know this person?"
She shook her head but looking at the lines on her forehead it seemed as if the clouds were heading her way.
Her voice went hoarse as she spoke,
"Dr. Hart"
Raphael took the letter from her hand and set it on the table next to him. He took her hands and braced her about the word suicide. For the first time in a very long time, Sophie broke down in tears.

The sun was set just right with the palm trees surrounding her. Sophie ran to where the water touched the sand before it pulled away joining the rest of the waves. The breeze played with the hair on her temple with the rest of her auburn locks pulled in a ponytail
She left a folded letter on the sand near her sandals when she heard her name from behind the trees. She smiled and waved, she even moved her arms and legs with the sound of the waves as her music with the breeze on her back as she twirled towards him, the blonde haired man with a grin under his mustache. He wore his favorite hat, the one that she said was his best one. He opened his arms wide when she ran into them, she rested her head on his chest muffling a laugh and a sob when he felt love through his words.
"I'm sorry Sophie, I wish I could take it back but I couldn't. I love you very much. Remember our day at the beach was one the best days we've ever had and I will love you no matter what"
Sophie held him right and cried on his shirt just like she did in her first breakthrough.
Raphael blinked back her tears that he never planned to shed as he murmured gentle words into Sophie's ears.
When she stopped, she went to retrieve the letter and read it out loud,
"From now on I released all the hold that you have over me. I will be the only voice, mind, body and soul and no one else"
She folded the letter and placed it into a vial before she threw it into the waves.
Raphael watched her with a surge of pride knowing that Sophie had slowly came through. It took all her willpower to conquer one of the things on her fear list, being able to step outside of her house after months of being cooped up with blackouts.
Her eyes lit up the room the way they were meant to, she smiled easily and people responded to her gentle and graceful presence.
Raphael knew there were still more work to be done but he was confident that the bleak theory that he and Jeanette had suspected was far from becoming a reality.

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