In The Night

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Chapter 10


A soft knock came from my bedroom door before the door slowly opened. Cora peeked inside and gave me an innocent smile. Without invitation, she closed the door and hopped onto my charcoal sectional sofa. She picked up the red faux sofa pillow and hugged it to her chest.

“She looks a lot like her.” Cora said.

I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes. Amelia looks exactly like her. The only difference is Anastasia was more proper and soft. Amelia is rough around the edges and spoke her mind.

“She’s the exact replica of Ana.” I whispered hoarsely.

Cora didn’t reply and I risked a glance towards her. Her eyes glimmered with sympathy. She knew how hard it was for me to lose Anastasia. It almost killed me—most mated werewolves don’t survive once their mate dies. Their soul becomes too lonely and they will die from heartbreak and loneliness.

“There isn’t anything different. When I saw her…” God, when I saw her I almost stopped breathing—too afraid it was a dream. Then I felt the sparks, the connection and I knew she was mine.

“It’s amazing…a second chance.” Cora encouraged. I turned my back towards her and looked out the window.

A short laugh left my lips, “No. It isn’t. She’s not Anastasia. She’s not her. They are two completely different people.”

“Of course. Anastasia was a she-wolf. Amelia is human.” Cora pointed another distinction. “Have you spoken to Elder Abraham?”

“He told me he won’t know until he sees her.”

It has been puzzling me the moment I laid eyes on Amelia. There are such things as second destined mates but those rarely happens in our world. Elder Abraham told me it was so rare that at most there was only one occurrence every one hundred years. Even if I was the lucky person to get myself a second mate, what were the chances that they look exactly alike?

“Will you keep her?” Cora asked, I can feel her eyes on my back.

Sighing, I looked up at the night sky. The moon isn’t out yet as it was still early in the afternoon but it provided me with a sense of calamity.

“She will probably cut my throat in my sleep.” The corner of my lip lifted, before I laughed.

I can feel Cora’s frown, “How can you find that funny?”

“Because that’s Amelia for you. She’s not like Anastasia. You will come to find out soon enough.” I turned around to face her.

She tilted her head to the side, considering me. “I have never seen you smile like that in a long time.”

The smile disappeared from my face. Cora stood up and her eyebrows furrowed.

“She is good for you. I can see it.” Cora said. “It makes me happy to see you smile again.”

She stood up and walked over to my side, “On the other hand, we were not able to find the person that crashed into your jeep. We have people out there tracking but with the incoming flux of snow, tracks are quickly disappearing.”

“We were alone on that road. I would have seen if another vehicle was driving. It came at us out of nowhere. The person that was driving it had their headlights turned off.” I confirmed while remembering the incident.

“Do you think it was Tristen?” Cora asked.

I clenched my jaw tightly, fighting back the rage inside of me. That rebel wolf has been a thorn in my side, loitering around our territory but not close enough for me to catch him. Rebel wolves live only by their own rules. They have no pack. The dirty works that he does, he does it only to benefit him. If he was indeed involved with the kidnappings of the women around here, he will be tried by the Elder Council and punished to what they deem fit.

One of the reasons why we live up here in Alaska was because it was quieter and colder. We can endure the cold more so than the humans.

“I’ll keep an eye on him.” I answered her.

Around midnight, I stopped by Amelia’s room again. She was a few doors down from me but not close enough. Under the moonlight shining through her window, she was fast asleep. Her injured arm in a sling on top of the duvet.

Leo had stopped by to inform me that she had attempted to escape. I wasn’t surprise. If I am correct, she heard everything Leo and I were altercating about earlier. This was what I was afraid of. Her running away.

A part of me wanted her to escape, maybe then she won’t be harmed. Maybe then she won’t be dragged into my world but there was a large part of me that would do anything to keep her.

She was everything like Anastasia in look. The difference between the two was that Anastasia was sweet and timid and Amelia was outspoken and far braver. She was elegant and perfect in her role as the pack Alpha female. She was born to be one. She cared and loved everybody.

I met Anastasia at the Elder Council Inauguration. She came along with her father who was also on the council. When I first laid eyes on her, we both knew we were soulmates.

When werewolves find their mates, a conversation happens between the elders within that she-wolf’s pack before the she-wolf travels back to the male-wolf’s pack. I spoke to her father and told him my intention of taking her home after the inauguration.

I loved Anastasia with everything in me. I wanted to do everything that I could to protect her. When she died, my wolf and I went crazy. The pack started crumbling without a leader. Leo tried everything he good. Cora tried to get through to me but nothing really did. It tore me apart when I failed her as a mate and as her Alpha.


I approached her and knelt beside the bed. My eyes focused on her injured arm and I felt the same shame and guilt flush through me. It felt like I was going through the same thing again. I have failed Amelia like I have failed Anastasia.

I don’t know how long I knelt there, staring at her. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t move. I needed to be beside her.

After a while, I moved to the sofa that was close to the bed. There I fell asleep. In the same room as her because it calmed me down.


I awoke the next morning and glanced around the room, recalling the events of yesterday. Although my head still hurt, it didn’t hurt as much. I wasn’t as dizzy as I was yesterday as well. I pushed myself up into a sitting position and noticed Cassius’s sleeping in the sofa.

He didn’t look comfortable at all. He was an overly tall man and to see him sleeping in a small sofa, well it looked kind of funny. The corner of my lips lifted before I realized I was angry at him and at myself.

Clearing my throat, I hoped to wake him up. When he didn’t, I cleared louder. The second time didn’t work, so I literally screeched the third time.

He began stirring.

“Cassius, I want to talk to you. I want to go home today. It’s ridiculous that I must stay in your home. I should have been at the hospital. You doing this is- “

“So many words, so early in the morning.” He grumbled and rubbed his eyes sleepily.

I scoffed, “I’m going home and packing my stuff and planning my next flight out of Alaska.”

This must have caught his attention because immediately he threw me a glower.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He snapped.

“You can’t stop me.” I threw back at him.

“Yes, I can.” He growled grumpily. His hair disheveled from sleeping on the sofa. The bandage around his head was not there anymore. I figured he was healing a lot faster than me.

God, he looked sexy in the morning.

“Why are you making this so difficult?” I groaned and flopped back onto the bed.

“Because I can.” He answered, I turned and shot him a dirty look.

“Just watch me.” I threatened.

“And just watch me stop you.” He replied.

“You’re not going to stop me because once I am feeling better I am going to leave. If you dare to stop me, I will hurt you.”

“Even if I am your boyfriend?” He smirked.

“Don’t you dare call yourself my boyfriend. You’re horrible and a liar. You lied to me.” I threw a pillow at him with my working arm.

He caught it and stood up, walked towards me and placed my pillow back where it was.

“So, you know then?” He questioned. He sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I didn’t want you to find out this way. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.”

I snorted. He pretended not to hear me.

“What am I supposed to tell you, Amelia? That I am a werewolf and you’re my soulmate?” He looked frustrated.

Come again?

“What?” I asked in confusion. “Soulmate?”

He stopped and looked at me, then he growled and ran a hand through his hair.

“This is just f/ucking great.” He mumbled while shooting up from sitting on the bed and began pacing back and forth.

“Oh, you’re telling me. I’ve been hunting your kind, practically my whole life and now-“

“Correction, you have been hunting wolves your whole life—not werewolves.”

I rolled my eyes, “Same thing.”

“No, not same thing. We are different.” He explained. “You will come to understand soon.”

“Again, I told you, I’m not stayi-“

“You are. There is no point in arguing.”

“For god sakes, you can’t just keep me captive! I am a citizen! I am not an object! You can’t just keep me!” I shouted at him and attempted to get out of bed so I can swing a fist at him with my good arm.

He walked towards me and pushed me back down, holding down my good arm.

“Will you stop it?” He snapped. “You are going to hurt yourself.”

“I kill wolves. You are a wolf.” I threw up two fingers as I told him these two facts.

His eyes flashed fiery amber gold and he growled lowly, “I am not just a wolf. Stop arguing with me, Amelia. If I let you go, you won’t be safe! You need to stay here where I can protect you.”

“Safe? What’s going to hurt me? I have gone off on my own for years. I know how to take care of myself.” I argued.

“You know how to protect yourself from your world but you do not know how to protect yourself in my world. Once you’re in, you’re in.” He explained.

I should say no. I should just leave but something in my guts told me to listen to him. That I shouldn’t just shrug it or him off.

“You want me to stay?” I asked, knowing full well what his answer was.

He nodded.

“Then tell me everything I need to know. Everything about you and if I can forgive you, I will stay.”

So, what is Amelia to Cassius? A second mate? Then why does she look like Anastasia? Any ideas? Let me know what your thoughts are! :)

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