In The Night

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Chapter 11


Cassius explained to me that werewolves are born with a predestined soulmate. In their world, soulmates are often hard to find and everyone sees as an absolute need in their world. A soulmate is a mate for a lifetime.

An invisible bond is established the moment the two soulmates make eye contact and it only strengthens. I had asked him about love. If the bond was so strong, will it blind a werewolf and make him believe he was in love.

He told me that the bond acts like an invisible tie to tie the two souls together but affection and love has to come from the heart. If the heart and soul are in sync, then it will only strengthen the bond.

So in better terms, it is like yin and yang. The bond is there but needs love to strengthen it.

At first, I couldn’t believe him. I laughed not believing that I could be his soulmate but when he touched me cheek and ran the tip of his fingers down my arm, I felt the soft electrical currents pulsating from the touch. When he looked me in the eyes, I felt my heart flutter and a sense of strength wash over me.

The wrenching in my heart told me he wasn’t lying but even if he was telling the truth, all these explanations were hard to swallow. All my life, I was taught science and history. Werewolves were fantasy and now he was telling me they aren’t.

“Give me a chance to show you that I am not the bad guy. That what is going on between is much more than just a simple attraction.” He implored.

And I couldn’t say no to him. I agreed to stay but when I had enough, he had to promise to let me go. Cassius was hesitant but agreed. He told me there was a man he wanted me to meet. An Elder in their pack called Abraham but he told me not right now. He had to go talk to the man first before introducing me.

Before Cassius left, Cora had stepped inside and offered to keep me company but I believe it was for a different reason. I think they both think I will ditch the minute they leave me alone.

Talk about trust issues.

However, I can’t really blame them, can I? I did try to bolt the minute I was awake.

Cora sat in the sofa that Cassius sat from earlier. She looked so much like Cassius now that I took a really good look at her. The twins both had a straight nose, strong cheekbones, and sharp jaw lines.

“So, you decided to stay.” Cora started conversation the minute her brother left.

“I’m not sure about all this werewolf stuff but Cassius seemed pretty convincing.” I replied, pulling myself up into a sitting position.

“Well, I’m glad you are staying. He needs you.” Cora sighed with obvious relief.

A lunch tray was carried in by a maid and Cora and I continue to speak to each other.


Elder Abraham was the oldest werewolf in our pack. His soulmate not that far behind him. They both serve as significant roles in our pack. They provide guidance and history that we all need.

When I found out about Amelia, I told him about it. He was just as surprised to hear about as much as I was surprise to find her in a bar.

He was sitting in his office when I walked in. He stood up in respect but I waved him back into his seat. His already graying hair perceptibly combed back neatly, exposing a high forehead with visible wrinkles. Even at an old age he was still a strong protector of the pack. He pushed his glasses up and pulled out some paperwork.

“Alpha Cassius, I assume you are here to find out if I found out anything else about your new mate.” He pulled out some papers from the files he had in front of him.

“Did you?” I asked. “I want to know before I tell her about Anastasia.”

“I have been researching about this since the moment you told me about your second mate. There are instances like this were twins have the same mate. Sometimes it is relation of blood that establishes another bond. However, you told me her family is all dead. That leaves me wondering what other possibility it could be. Then it came to me—reincarnation.” He slid over a piece of paper for me to view. I picked it up and it was information about reincarnation.

“Is there such a thing?” I question doubtfully.

“In our world, we would never consider reincarnation as a possibility. We live a lifetime and die soon after our mates. However, reincarnation is a belief for many religions. In Southern Africa it is believe that when a person dies, the soul stays near the grave for a short time before it seeks another body.” His eyes lit up with excitement.

He handed me another piece of paper and it was about Greek.

“The ancient Greeks--the Orphic mystery religion it held that a preexistent soul survives physical death and is reincarnated in a human body.” He hands me another piece of paper. “Other religions that speaks of reincarnation are Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Sikhism and they all hold a certain kind of principle of karma. That if one does good or bad in one life, they are reborn in the next left with a cause and effect.”

“But how?” I asked in disbelief. “You’re telling me that Amelia is the reincarnation of Anastasia.”

“It is my only explanation.” Elder Abraham offered.

I held the papers in my hands, glancing down my eyes ran across the word ‘Reincarnation’. Could it be?

“But how is all this possible?”

“I wish I can give you all the answers, Alpha. Do we truly know where we go after we die? Is there an afterlife or do we rebirth back into this world? There are questions that even our history can’t explain.” He told me. “But other religions have lived it for centuries—believed in it. They have seen it, written it down for others to learn.”

“If you said that a soul can travel then why is Amelia not a werewolf like Ana?” I questioned.

“Souls travel but they don’t always end up in a werewolf body, Alpha Cassius. In some religions they believe that reincarnation can be animals, plants, and even objects in their next life.” He explained patiently. Folding his hands in front of him, he leaned back.

“What other explanations do we have? If not reincarnation than what else can it be? You looked into Amelia’s background. You know she doesn’t have a twin sister. She doesn’t have any living siblings. Her parents never had a child out of wedlock nor did they remarried or divorce.” Elder Abraham pointed, throwing up fingers as he listed the facts about Amelia.

“Yes, I am pretty sure. She is the only living person in her family. There is no doubt about that.” I agreed.

“Then how do we explain that your second mate is the exact replica of your first? How do explain the same soul bonds? The information I have given you might be from different religions but it explains everything. Reincarnation is the only explanation to what we see right now.” He said and I can see that he believed in this.

Nodding, I took the papers with me. “Thank you, Elder Abraham, for looking into this.”

I walked out of his office and headed to my bedroom. I knew that it was better to tell Amelia before she find out from another person. I needed to be the person to tell her but I needed to figure out how the hell I am supposed to tell her this without scaring her off.

All the information I gave her this morning I could feel it that she was hesitant to take it all. I could see it in her eyes that she was wanting to bolt and call me mad but she didn’t. But that didn’t mean she accepted me. Amelia was still wary and I am afraid that if I give her any more crazy information she will run and not give me a chance.

To make matters worse, I had agreed to let her go if she did want to leave. The thought of losing her put panic and fear in my heart. Now I am left with the decision if I should tell her soon or should I wait till I know she was ready to hear it.

Author's Note:

So, now we know that Amelia is the reincarnation of Ana! How many of you are surprise?

What do you think Cassius should do? Tell Amelia as soon as he can or wait till he knows she won't run.

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