In The Night

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Chapter 12


The next day, I discovered Amelia had disappeared from her bedroom. At first, I thought she had decided to leave. The sudden burst of pain that course through me was unimaginable but then I heard her mumbling distantly with my wolf’s ear.

I followed her mumbling and found her roaming the hallway with a confused look on her face. She was lost and I know she wasn’t lost trying to leave. She was looking for something else.

Then she stopped her pacing and pivoted to face me. Her eyes narrowed and she placed her hands on her hips.

“You are a very difficult man to find, Cassius.” She snapped. “For the life of me, I didn’t know where your bedroom was. Plus, every person I passed was staring at me like I had risen from the dead. It was unnerving and I couldn’t even bring myself to ask them for directions.”

The smile slipped from my face and I let out a breath of frustration, rubbing my forehead. At this rate, someone is bound to tell her before I could.

“You were supposed to be in bed. You wouldn’t have gotten yourself lost if you remained there.” I pointed, irritated with her leaving the bedroom.

“I’ll drive myself mad staying that in that room.” She grumbled before traipsing towards me.

My heart tugged at her disgruntle expression and pout. The need to wrap my arms around and inhale her apple blossom scent was overwhelming. The bond was getting stronger and I knew she was feeling it too. She wouldn’t have looked for me if she didn’t.

When she reached me, she tilted her chin up to look at me, “After you left yesterday, I remembered you forgot to explain to me what marking or mark was.”

Her sharp mind will be the death of me. I just know it.

“So, I took it upon myself to ask the person you had left behind to guard me.”

Cora…not my sister.

I placed a hand on the small curve of her back and directed her back towards her room. I wanted to speak to her in private and these hallways were not private. She was too focused to care where I was taking her.

“She told me that when mates find each other, they mark each other to serve as a symbolization of their union. I asked her to elaborate on what does she mean and she told me that marking is a very private and intimate process for mates.” She huffed. “Then Cora refused to tell me anything more. Told me that I had to talk to you.”

We have reached her bedroom door and I opened it before leading her in. When I closed the door behind me, I turned to face her. She sat on the end of her bed. I pulled the chair from the vanity in the room and sat in front of her.

“Cora wouldn’t tell you because in our world it is very intimate. For human mates, the explanation is usually given by their werewolf mates. Human mates are different and a lot harder to manage because they are not use to our world. Everything frightens them. The explanation of marking usually is explained until we can…” How do I put it?

“When you can assure that I won’t leave you or when the bond is strong enough that I can’t resist.” I saw the tick in her jaw. She was annoyed but I am glad she was smart enough to understand where I was going.

I sighed, “I’m sorry. I know how hard this is.”

“It’s just hard to swallow. I lived my life knowing you are not real and now you’re telling me everything isn’t.”

“This is why I wanted to take it slow.” I explained. “I don’t want to frighten you.”

“I admitted to you that what you’re telling me is hard to swallow but it doesn’t mean I am frighten by you or what you’re telling me.” She glared slightly.

I chuckled at her reaction and in relief. She wasn’t afraid. I had to admit, she was handling everything well. I had expected her to flee in the middle of the night but instead found her looking for me in the hallway. She wanted to know which means she wanted to try. Encouragement shoots through me. If I tell her the marking process and she still isn’t freaked out then I’ll tell her about Anastasia.

“Do you still want to know how the marking process works?” I asked.

She nodded, bringing her bottom lips between her teeth nervously. I fought down the temptation to pounce her. Instead, I pulled the chair so close to her that our legs were in between each other.

“Have you ever had sex before, Amelia?” I asked, fighting the animalistic urge to kill whoever touched her.

Her eyes widened and she opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water. Her back straightened defensively and she shifted in her seat.

“W-why would you ask me something like that?” She retaliated in defense.

“Answer me, Amelia.” I coaxed. She licked her lips before bringing her bottom lip back between her teeth nervously.

“I don’t know why the- “But I interrupted her.

“Because marking involves sex, mate.” I growled impatiently. “And I want to know if anyone has touched what is mine.”

Her eyes widened even more and I was almost convinced her eyes will bulge out of her eye sockets. It convinced me that she was a virgin. Needless to say--pride and relief washed over me.

Lifting a hand, I moved to cradle one of her cheek with my hand. She sighed at contact, an overwhelming sense of calmness and satisfaction fell over us. Leaning forward so that my face was mere inches away from her my eyes dropped down to her lips.

“Has anyone ever touched and make your skin feel like it’s on fire?” I murmured possessively. Remembering the chaste kiss at the ice rink. It was a simple and innocent lip touching but god did it ignite a fire inside of me. The kiss revealed her inexperience but it was her inexperience that turned me on.

I brushed my lips against hers, “Has anyone awaken that pure sexual heat inside of you?”

Her breath hitched, my hand trailed lower to her neck and felt her beating pulse. “Or is everything all mine to discover.”

I brushed my lips past her cheeks and down to her jawline and to her neck. When I found what I was looking for, I sucked on the sweet spot. A breathless ‘oh’ and moan passed her lips before her hands came up to grip my t-shirt.

I knew the answer already and all it did was triple my possessiveness. I wanted to ravage and mark her. My canines were lengthening—aching to bite into her neck.

“You asked me how does marking work. It is when I bring your body to just almost the tip of climax and I sink my canines into your neck. Right here-“My canine’s grazed the sweet spot on her neck. “Marking you as mine.”

“S-sounds painful.” She stammered breathlessly. Her voice deeper than before.

“It will be but the pleasure that comes after is enough to blind the pain, love.” I replied, my voice shook. It was hard for me to control the need to mark her and make her mine completely.

“Do humans mark their mate?” She asked.

I leaned back in my chair, pulling myself back from pushing her onto the bed and having my way with her. She inhaled deeply and how much she was trying to control her own desires.

“No, they don’t. Humans do not turn.” I told her.

“So, you’re bite won’t turn me into a werewolf?” She asked, I can hear the disappointment in her voice and I couldn’t help but smile. She wanted to be a werewolf.

“Unfortunately, no. Humans don’t change into werewolves. They remain human. However, the mark will make you live longer.” I told her.

“Longer?” She asked with a puzzle look before she narrowed her eyes on me. “How old are you exactly, Cassius?”

“I’ll be thirty-three this year.” I told her.

She breathed a sigh of relief, “I was afraid you were going to be a thousand years old.”

I laughed, “No, in werewolf years I am thirty-three but in human years I am close to sixty.”

“Sixty!” She shouted and I winced at her disbelief.

“Well, yes. Our growth slows down at thirty and every twenty human years we age by one in werewolf years. Our metabolism and DNA is different.” I explained.

“But I am only twenty-three.” She alluded. “That means that by the time I am sixty or seventy and old with gray hair, you will still look like a model from a magazine.”

It was elating to hear her talk about our future. It assured me that she didn’t mean to leave any time soon.

Chuckling, I answered her, “When I mark you, it will alter your DNA. You will age slower so that you will live longer with me.”

She snickered, her emerald eyes lighting up with mischief. “I’m sorry but you’re a little too old for me.”

Growling I pounced her body. She squealed and fell back, her hands coming up in defense. Laughter vibrated from her and she tried to push me off.

“I’m kidding!” She said in between laughter.

I stopped to really look at her. She has a radiant laugh that stops my heart from beating every time. Today she had let down her hair and dressed in a simple knitted tunic and leggings that looked very much like my sister’s. She pushed again on my chest and I moved off her to sit on the side.

I watched her comb her fingers through her hair roughly and I silently thought to myself that I was only lucky son of a b!tch to luckily receive another soulmate and that soulmate being Amelia.

Amelia and Anastasia are opposites in personality. Anastasia never played around or joked with me. She never teased me. She did everything to please me. With Anastasia everything I said, she never offered an opinion, she just followed along. I didn’t mind it because she was my soulmate but now that I was granted a second chance. I couldn’t stop comparing. I couldn’t stop falling for Amelia.

It wasn’t because of the bond and it wasn’t because she looked like Anastasia. Amelia is mysterious and outspoken. Two of the many reasons why I seem to keep falling more for her. I can never predict what she was thinking or what she will do next.

It was then I realized how much I wanted this to work. I didn’t care that she was human. Others will say she was weak and human Alpha mates are harder to protect but I don’t believe in that. Anastasia was werewolf and even then, it was hard to protect. Things happen in life for a reason and all I know is that with this second chance, I will do everything I can to protect Amelia.

“I have something to show you.” I told her. I reached into the back pocket of my jeans and pulled out my wallet. Flipping it open, I slipped out a picture of Anastasia.

It was a picture of Anastasia when I brought her home. She was missing her dad and so I decided to take her to Hawaii to cheer her up. I snapped the picture when she was making a sand castle. I called her name and she looked up at me with a soft happy smile.

Amelia shook her head, not understanding.

“That’s me.” She said.

I shook my head, “That’s Anastasia, my first mate.”

She looked up at me even more confused, “What? How’s that possible? How does she look like me?”

“I am not exactly sure how it is possible either.” I took a deep breath and began my explanation. Praying to God that this does not come back to hurt me. I did not want to lose her.

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