In The Night

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Chapter 15


Elder Abraham’s lifted his glasses to wear as he shuffled through his desk for the papers he was looking for. His office was filled with books of human history and supernatural history. It was littered all over his coffee table, desk, and floor. A few sat on his ceiling high book shelf.

“I did a little bit more researching in terms of reincarnation. It is explained differently many parts of the countries. Others believe that for you to reincarnate, you must die first. Reincarnation also named as metempsychosis or transmigration, it is process of when a soul passes from one physical body to another through a cycle that can be birth, death, or rebirth.”

“We both know that Alpha female Anastasia died only five years ago. Therefore, it cancels out rebirth or birth. This means that if Amelia is really a reincarnation of Anastasia, both body must have to experience death at the same time. Amelia’s soul left to rebirth leaving her body open. Anastasia’s soul must have transmigrated to Amelia’s body at that time. This just doesn’t happen because Anastasia’s soul wanted to. I believe there is a bigger force behind this. One that controlled it and allowed it.” Elder Abraham’s continued his explanation.

Amelia didn’t die five years ago at least that’s what I know from what I asked her earlier. Anastasia did though. So, this couldn’t be true.

“I don’t think that is the case here then. Amelia is clearly alive.” I pointed out.

Elder Abraham chuckled, “I know we aren’t clear on the events of Amelia’s car accident but consider the possibility, Alpha. If she did indeed die for a brief period from her accident and if the date and time is the same, Anastasia’s soul could have entered the body.”

Could it be?

“Elder Abraham, I have high respect for you. I do. You are a smart man and a reputable scholar, but it still doesn’t make sense to me. If Amelia is truly Ana, then why is that they carry two different personality?” I asked, shaking my head at all these questions.

“My theory is that Amelia’s body although lost its soul, still holds her memories. Ana’s soul reincarnated into Amelia’s body and with two ego one must have cancelled out the other. I wish I can give you scientific evidence that this is indeed what happened but again we are going off from stories and experiences that have been recorded for centuries. It is all I can give, Alpha Cassius.” Elder Abraham sounded slightly frustrated.

“I hate to put one more question on your plate, Elder Abraham, but how is that Amelia looks like Anastasia?” I asked.

Elder Abraham chortled and sighed with clear exhaustion from his deep exploration of reincarnation, “I also pondered that as well but there are things that even I can’t explain. Even to this day our world is still a mystery to us. There are still many things out there even I can’t explain.”

I sat in silence because I knew for me to know if this is true, I needed to find out about Amelia’s accident. I could ask her, but I could also do something else for me to find out faster. I turned to Elder Abraham.

“Call Gretchen, tell her to pull Amelia William’s medical records. I want to know the details of her car accident.” I ordered him. Gretchen was our pack doctor but also worked in the hospital. She will know be able to pull patient’s records up without it being suspicious.

Elder Abraham nodded, and I continued, “Tell her it is important that I receive the documents in the next hour and no later. She is to do whatever she has to do.”

Elder Abraham got right to work. I walked out of the office and headed to my own. It has been a while since I caught up on pack concerns and issues. More importantly, I needed to find out who it was that hit Amelia and I on the road.

I couldn’t help but know that this car accident was a result of the women and children trafficking camp we have been tracking down. Whoever is pulling the strings behind it, is cunning and fast. They don’t want us tracking them down, but I can’t allow something like that on my territory. I needed to control it and keep everyone safe.

The camp was first discovered six years ago after the first few disappearances of she-wolves. That first year, we scouted and found a camp filled with women and children. My uncle was still Alpha then. He ordered infiltration of the camp.

Leo and I were one of the ones that snuck into the camp, I found women and children who were malnourished and weak. Many were tied to beds and used in the most disgusting way. Whoever disobey were beaten.

The urge to rescue and kill all those monsters were overwhelming but we couldn’t risk revealing out location.

When we returned, my uncle implemented a plan of attack. We didn’t think things thoroughly. My uncle made a wrong move and it cost his life and my mates. We killed one camp, but it was just one camp in comparison to the others that were located around our territory.

My suspicion of Tristen seemed to double each time something happened because his appearances to each incident was impeccable. I am almost positive the rebel wolf is involved. When I saw him talk to Amelia in the gun shop the other day, fear ran like ice through my veins.

Leo walked in just as I entered into my office and started up my computer. I pulled up my company finances and reviewed some numbers.

“I have some news. In Pittsburg, Malachi spotted Tristen. He was roaming on the outskirts of the town. A few scouters are on his tail.” Leo announced immediately, moving to sit in a chair in front of me.

“Good. Tell them to stay out of sight. I want to see who Tristen is taking orders from.” I told Leo.

Leo nodded his understanding. This time I wasn’t going to taking any chances.

A knock came from my door before it slowly open. Gretchen appeared in her doctor’s coat and carrying a folder in her arms.

“Alpha, I have what you asked for. I couldn’t risk faxing or emailing. I’ll lose my job at the hospital.” She mentioned before walking up and handing me the folder.

“What did you ask for?” Leo questioned curiously, leaning forward slightly.

“Medical records on Amelia.” I told him before opening the file folder. I picked up the first page and it documented the notes from the doctor that night.

On the top it stated Amelia’s name and date of birth along with medical record numbers. Below, it was a summary of the day she came in, her vitals and physician’s note. I scanned the content reading what happened that night.

Patient was brought in my ambulance unconscious and a head injury to the right temple on 2/11/2013 at 21:21. At the time of care, her vitals were within normal. A BAC was ordered, and patient’s alcohol level was above 0.08. At time of CT scan to review head injury, patient suffered a cardiac arrest for three minutes. Time of cardiac arrest was at 22:00. We were able to resuscitateher with CPR and defibrillators.

Setting the paper down, I noted the time and date it happened. It was the date and night of Anastasia’s death. Amelia had a cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped for three minutes.

I remained silent while mulling this new revelation in my mind. Leo picked up the paper and read it, his eyes widening as he read it. I know he knows now too.

“The date…” Leo whispered in shock.

“It’s Ana’s death.” I told him. “Elder Abraham believes Amelia is a reincarnation of Anastasia. That Ana’s soul was transmigrated into Amelia’s empty body.”

“But how is this all possible? They look so much alike…”

I don’t know.

There are secrets to this world that we have yet to discover. Just like Elder Abraham had said, we can try to explain it scientifically but there are simply things we can’t explain.

I handed the file back to Gretchen who took it and with a respectful nod, stepped out of the office. Leo stayed, and we discussed the high possibility of Amelia and Anastasia.

“It could be one of the reasons why your souls are connected and how she is your mate. Do you think that Ana’s wolf also is inside Amelia?” Leo asked.

I shook my head, “No, she’s not there. We would’ve been able to sense her wolf’s soul.”

Leo left shortly after. I continued to work on my financial accounts and signed a few contracts before ending it for the day. My wolf was getting restless and wanted to go find Amelia.

The Christmas décor was now completed. It was a tradition that my mom started that Cora and I continued after. A picture of Amelia rounded with my pup and a few more of ours running around the Christmas tree in the living room appeared in my mind. Excitement rush through me and I discovered that I couldn’t wait to start a family with her.

In my search for Amelia, I found her hanging around downstairs in between the living room and hall. She smiled when she saw me.

“I smell cake.” She said immediately, her eyes bright with delight.

I chuckled and walked up to her, wrapping my arms around her midsection and bringing her closer. She fell into my arms without any resistance. Her arms snaking up my shoulders to wrap around my neck.

“You know it’s tradition,” I said.

She frowned with a confused expression on her face, “What?”

I smirked before looking up at the curved doorway that we were under. She followed where I was looking and saw the mistletoe.

She scoffed, “I didn’t even see the damn thing.”

“Then it is a good thing I saw you first. If anyone else kissed you, I will have to kill them.” I growled, not liking the idea of someone kissing her. One of my hand ran up her side and to her neck before cradling her cheek.

She shivered, biting her bottom lip, “I love it when you growl.”

That was sexy.

I bent down and captured her lips with mine. She was a quick learner. The way her tongue brushed against mine and the way she nipped at my bottom lips each time we pulled back for a little bit of ear was hot. My other hand slipped down from her waist to her behind, palming the meaty flesh in my hand I groped and pressed her closer. A moan slipped from her lips when she felt how hard I was for her.

I had to remind myself that she was innocent. I wanted her affirmation on if she wanted to be with me or not before I take her. I know for a fact if I took her, I wouldn’t be able to let her go.

I felt her sigh and fingers run through my hair, tugging and pulling me closer for a deeper kiss.

God, I hope she makes a decision soon too. It was taking everything in me to keep my control under wraps.

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