In The Night

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Chapter 16

A week before Christmas and everything was in full swing at the Dashkov mansion. I’m not use to all this. My last real Christmas was a long time ago when my mom and sister was alive. After they passed, my dad stopped celebrating any holidays.

It was Saturday morning and I was sitting in Cassius’s office bored out of my mind. He was typing away on the computer and making phone calls. I threw down a werewolf history book I was reading and stood up with a bored sigh. He glanced over at me with the phone still in his hands. I walked around his office and scanned his book shelf.

There were many books about the history of werewolves that dated back into the B.C. Many were journals and others were explanations of origination of mate bonds, the pack hierarchy, and even the process of mating.

I learned many things after reading several books. A werewolf has two souls within one body. Their wolf soul and their human. Together, they acted like a yin and yang. Their emotions and personality are relatable and sometimes acts as an enabler for the other. Although the human side can try to maintain as much humanity as possible, the wolf side will always be more animalistic. They drive more on emotions. Mate bonds started back to the very first Lycans. It talked about terrorist, wars, and death. The bond is created to establish a stability for the wolf inside of them. To stop it from becoming stronger or out of control.

Cassius was an Alpha to the Northern pack of Alaska. He governs over hundreds of werewolves that are invested within villages, towns, and cities. Although he is the sole owner of the largest oil company in Alaska, he uses the money to establish schools, foundations, and organizations to help the werewolf community. In the Dashkov mansion, there were close to fifty pack members. All living in the lower quarters of the mansion.

They work for him and he pays them a good sum of money. They also stay close to protect their Alpha. Cassius told me that most of the pack members here are warriors and their families. The ones who doesn’t train to fight, invest their skills elsewhere that is needed.

In all honesty, I think that whatever they were doing is well oiled and efficient.

Sighing again, I turned to look back at him. He must have seen the bored look on my face because he told the businessman he was speaking with that he will call him back on Monday.

Hanging up the phone, he leaned back in his leather office chair with his arms crossed, just staring at me.

“I’m bored.” I muttered before sulking to him.

The corner of his lip lifted into a lopsided smile, “You have been holed up in my home for two weeks.”

Two weeks…has it really been that long? My arm has fully healed, and my head injury was doing better now. I still get headaches from time to time but that was about it.

I stopped in front of his desk. He pushed off from his chair and walked around to take hold of my hand in his. His thumb rubbing the back of my hand.

“Want to go out?” He asked.

I smiled instantly, “Yes.”

I didn’t realize how much I needed to be out of the house until him and I were on the road driving past trees and hills. We were going farther away from the city and into the mountains. In the back of his jeep, he had packed two large backpacks.

“Where are we going?” I asked, turning to look at him.

“You have been very patient, Amelia.” He glanced my way before turning his attention back to the road. “With everything. I’m a lot to take in but two weeks have gone by and you still haven’t run away from me.”

I laughed a little, “Well, I am a little crazy so might as well hang with the crazies.”

A smile appeared on his masculine face and I felt everything inside of me melt at the sight. I don’t know how to explain it. There was something about him, something alluring and irresistible that was unrelated to his amazingly good looks. With each passing second that I remain under this man’s protection I found myself unable to resist the pull.

“You aren’t crazy.” He replied.

I laughed again, “Cassius, if a guy had asked me what I do on my free time and I told them I hunt wolves, I am pretty sure he will run for the hills. That is sort of one of the things we shouldn’t say on the first date or two.”

“That’s a good thing. That leaves you all to me because you are made to be mine.” He responded before making a turn and stopping on slanted parking lot.

He turned the ignition off and turned to face me, “How about a hike up a mountain?”

“Is this a park or something?” I asked, unfamiliar with the place.

“This is my land.” He got out of the jeep and opened the back, taking out our backpacks. He handed me the lighter one and slung the heavier backpack over his shoulders.

“Wow, really? How rich are you?” I asked out of curiosity.

He chuckled, “Enough to keep you happy for a very long time.”

Before heading up the cleared pathway towards the tip of the mountain, he walked up to me and fixed my knitted hat to cover my ears and pulled up my scarf to cover my cheeks.

“There we go.” He turned to face the pathway. “Think you can hike up a hill or need me to carry you?”

I scoffed, “I’ve done my fair share of mountain hiking.”

He chuckled, “Oh I know.”

We started up the pathway, “What do you mean?”

He looked ahead as he spoke, “One of my scouter caught scent of a human closer to our mansion. He caught sight of you that one day before I met you. He told me he was surprise to see a human woman dredging up a mountain and alone. He followed you to keep you safe. When he saw you enter the cave, he wanted to see what you were doing.”

“He was the one that set off my traps.” I said.

Cassius chuckled, “He came back with an injured arm, but he is fine.”

“Was that how you found me that night at the bar?” I asked.

“No, he reported to me what he saw while I was at the bar. I didn’t realize it was you until later. They told me it was a new girl that they never seen before.” He answered. The wind blew harshly, and snow began to fall.

“I never went that far until that day. Most of time I stayed around my dad’s cottage.” I told him. “In all honesty, I don’t know what made me return to Alaska. I moved away thinking that it was what I needed.”

“Maybe it was fate.” He shrugged. “You are my soulmate, Amelia. You can feel it in the sparks when I touch you. There is no denying it.”

It was true. I have only felt it with him. I have never felt it with any other person. Within minutes, the snow grew heavier and it was getting harder to see.

“Sh/it.” He muttered, and I narrowed my eyes to see through the snow. Being up on a mountain wasn’t helping either.

We were already a mile to two miles in already. He took hold of my hand to keep me close.

“We could go back.” I said.

“It’s too late. We can’t see our way back.” He answered, and I knew he was right. The visibility was low. He pointed to his right.

“There is a cave up ahead. We can wait out the storm.” He shouted as the wind picked up. I shivered when it touched my skin. I moved closer to him, practically, using his body to shield the wind and incoming snow.

After about fifteen minutes we made it to the cave entrance. The wind howled as we entered. He let go of my hand and immediately lifted my gloved hands up to blow warm air onto my cheeks. Cassius sent down his backpack and pulled out a small LED lamp. He turned it the switch on and the small cave lit up.

The cave entrance had a little cleared pathway that led deeper into the cave. We went further in to stay out from the cold. When he finally found a spot, he set down his backpack and helped me with mine.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to show you a scenery that was another few miles up north. I didn’t realize we would be stuck in the storm.” He said.

“The good thing is that we packed what we needed in case we did get stuck. That’s what matters.” I told him.

We sat and waited, listened to the winds howl and the snow raging by. Even though we were dressed warmly, we weren’t dressed for this kind of weather. Both of us had no snow pants on and I can feel my thighs becoming numb from the cold wind. My body started to shake slightly, and I glanced at him.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked, with my arms wrapped around me. I was starting to stutter.

Immediately he stood up and walked over to me, “I’m a werewolf, Amelia.”

“Oh right.” I mumbled. I remember reading something about werewolf body heats are different from humans. Their body is genetically made to withstand the weather that they live in.

He took off his glove and touched my cheek, “You are getting cold.”

He took off his other glove and his jacket before handing them to me. I shook my head, but he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“I don’t need it, but you do.” He said. It warmed me up a bit, but it didn’t stop the shivering. After a few minutes, he looked me in the eyes.

“We need to warm you up, Amelia.” His eyes reflected his concerns. “Let’s move further into the cave.”

I nodded, and he picked up our bags. I held onto his winter coat and we ventured further. As we went further down, we discovered a small hot spring within the cave.

“A hot spring…” I stammered.

“Get in. I’ll turn my back.” He ordered.

I watched him turn his back before I stripped quickly of my layers, shivering when my skin was exposed before slipping my feet in first and then my whole body. Immediately, I felt better. A happy sigh escaped me, and I closed my eyes.

“Better?” He asked with his back turned.

I smiled knowing fully well he can’t see me, “Yes. It feels amazing in here.”

He was quiet for a minute before he spoke again, “I can imagine…”

I know Cassius has been very patient with me. When I did a little reading on werewolf history, it was told that Alpha werewolves are more dominating and possessive. Their natural instinct when finding their mate is marking and mating them right away.

He has also mentioned to me about Anastasia and his relationship. When they first met, they didn’t waste time in marking and mating. I know he was giving me space and time because I am human.

I swam over closer to him, “Do you mind that I am human? You told me yourself that Anastasia was a werewolf. Things with her was a lot easier.”

“I don’t care what you are, Amelia. Human or not, you are mine.” He said with his back turned.

“So, you don’t mind if I am going to be stubborn and fight you along the way? Sometimes I can be irrational and do things that will aggravate you.” I told him.

He laughed, “Oh, I know. I want you for you, Amelia. I don’t want you because you look like her.” He replied. “You can piss me off all you want. At the end of the day, you are still mine and I will never let you go.”

Biting my lips, I let go of what I was holding back. It won’t hurt to let someone in. It won’t hurt to give myself a chance at something. I don’t know where it will take me but he was right. He can possibly hurt me in the future, but I already know I won’t regret what I do with him.

“Cassius…” I whispered softly, swallowing the last doubt I had.

“Hm?” He hummed for me to continue with his back turned.

“Turn around.” I ordered.

His back stiffened, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Amelia.”

“I’m ready.” I told him. “I’m ready to be yours.”

Author’s Note:

AHHH! Yes, she did it. She’s giving it up. The next chapter will be mature! I am warning you already!

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