In The Night

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Chapter 17


“Don’t tease me, mate. My willpower is weak already with you naked behind me.” He answered. His voice was low and rough with inconcealable restraint.

“I’m not,” I said. “I mean it.”

He turned around to face me. My body was still well hidden underneath the water. Placing a hand in the cave ground, he leaned forward to grasp my neck. I moved forward and closer to him. His lips only a breath away.

I saw his Adam’s apple bobbed while his ash grey eyes darkened with lust. He asked in an even deeper and raspier voice, “Are you sure?”

I answered him by craddling his cheeks and took his lips between mine. He groaned with defeat and kissed me back with a high fever.

My hands drop from his cheeks to his shirt, bunching it up I pulled it up and broke apart our kiss long enough to slip it off him.

Once it was off I explored his upper body for the first time. The muscle on his torso painted in shadows of the only light in the cave which was the lamp he carried. His brown skin tatted with ancient symbols, curving and outlining his chiseled warrior body; every stroke of the tattoo gave away his strength and dominance.

My hands moved to trace and follow the hard curves. His breath hitched and his jaw clenched. My eyes flickered up to see him looking down at me with hungry eyes and he reminded me of the wolf he was.

He pulled back and stripped from his pants and briefs. I took him in. All of him, and god he was large. His thick member stood at attention and I blushed profusely. It was the first time I have seen a man naked.

Cassius slipped into the hot spring and pulled me close to him. My front pressed to his front.

“Still want to continue?” He asked and a slow smirk appeared on his handsome face.

“I haven’t said stop yet. I’m ready and I’m not backing out.”

One of his hands came up to the back of my head and pulled me forward to capture my lips roughly. The scorching fire inside my body intensified. His tongue sticking in and expertly intertwining with mine, numbing my mind. With every kiss and every touch, my body felt like it was being revived over and over again. His other hand slipped down the curve of back and palmed my ass before grinding his hard member between my legs.

It became evidently clear how very naked we were and how inexperienced I was in the art of sex. Cassius’s broke my kiss long enough to sprinkle kisses down my cheek and tracing my jawline.

“Your mind is running a mile a minute, Amelia. You sure you want to do this?” He whispered huskily, his breath burning my skin. He found my sensitive spot and sucked it.

I couldn’t talk and so I nodded my response.

Then he flipped me around, pressing me up against the edge of the hot spring. I placed my hands on the cave ground to steady myself. My eyes closed the minute I felt him move my hair to the side and continued his kissing ventures down my neck and to my back. I can feel his erection pressed to my back. One of his hand snaked around my waist to keep me where I was. The other glided between my breasts and wrapped around my neck.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked softly and nipped at my shoulder. Instantly, I shivered and bit my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning.

His hand roamed down from my throat to my left breast and with his large palm, squeezed it gently.

It’s a little hard to talk or think with him touching me like that.

He chuckled and I then realized I spoke my thought out loud. He ground his erection onto my back and my breath hitched in anticipation.

“It’s just that I don’t know what to do. This is my first time.” I told him. Both hands were now covering my breasts. He rolled my nipples between his index finger and thumb. At the same time, he was giving my butterfly kisses on my back shoulders.

“I know.” His voice was deeper and almost a hint of a possessive growl to it. “Trust me. I’ll take care of you.”

One of Cassius’s hand skimmed down and cupped me between my legs. Another possessive growl vibrated from his chest. Of all the time I have come to known Cassius, when he was at a peak in emotion, his eyes turn fiery amber gold. I knew without a doubt that it was his eye color as of right now.

His middle finger slid between my folds while the forefinger and index covered my lower lips. The minute his finger touched my sensitive spot, I began rocking my hips—needing him to distinguish the burning fire inside of me. I ached for friction.

He groaned when I started moving, my back sliding up and down his very hard erection, “Amelia…”

His voice was hoarse. I moaned and pleaded for him to do something. He knew exactly what I wanted. His finger played with my soft nub. I let out a breathy sob of moans. It felt exhilarating and surreal. He has magical fingers. The electric currents from his hands on my core was incredibly earthshattering. With each stroke and touch, it seemed to vibrate with a higher intensity each second.

Just when I thought that was all he could do, Cassius’s stuck a finger inside of me. My body shook violently as my orgasm was very near. He stuck another finger inside of me. Together, they stretched me slowly and moved a rhythmic pulsing that had my eyes rolling back and my core clenching around his fingers.

“Cassius…” I felt the burning fire inside of me growing with each stroke of his finger. “Oh god…”

He must’ve known because my hands flew to his hands and urged him to increase the pressure. He stuck another finger inside of me and began pumping at an indescribable pace. I cried out and constricted my walls around his magic fingers. The fire reaching its height and the knot finally coming undone. I cried out and dug my fingers into his arms but it didn’t stop. He allowed me to practically hump and ride his finger until I came.

I slumped in exhaustion but he was far from done. He turned me back around and sure enough dark amber gold eyes looked at me hungrily. His lips capturing mine in a feverish and ravishing manner. I moaned when he pulled me abruptly closer to him. My nipples brushed against his chest and his erection thickly pressed against my stomach.

Again, the little fire stirred back to life when I felt his hard member. He broke the kiss long enough to place open mouth kisses down my jaw, neck and to my breasts where he captured my nipples into his lips.

“Ah!” I am a blubbering mess now. I wouldn’t be able to speak coherently if someone put a gun to my head. My fingers tangled in his hair from sheer pleasure. He nipped my nipples gently with his teeth, pulling them gently before sucking and licking them softly. The heat of his mouth and the tingles of our bond was blinding.

“So fucking delicious.” He whispered huskily before hoisting me up and onto his shirt that somehow made it to the edge of the hot spring. I tried to close my legs but he roughly stopped me by placing two hands on my inner thighs and spreading them open.

Fully exposed, I felt heat crawl onto my cheeks. The look in his eyes was pure carnal desire and it burned for me. I put that look in his eyes. His eyes flickered back down to my core and I tried to cover it but a harsh growl stopped me.

“I want to taste you, Amelia. I want to taste you when you cum in my mouth.” He said before dipping his head between my legs. The minute his mouth latched onto my sensitive nub—I died—well not really but I felt my whole body shake with an inability to control. My hands again when to his head like a shameless woman.

His tongue slip around my clit and down the slit to my opening before slipping in. I cried out and arched my back. His hands came up to grasp my breasts in my hands while he ate me out.

“Cassius!” I cried out, again, feeling my orgasm coming.

He knew because he bit down on my clit and white lights flashed behind my eyelids.

“Ahh!” I cried out and shook with hard. He licked and sucked every drop out of me before standing back up to his full height. His eyes still very hungry as he licked his lips. This is the man who is a werewolf and who is also my mate and he just gave me two mind-blowing orgasms.

“I’m not cold anymore.” I uttered. The corner of his lips lifted into a naughty smirk. He stepped out of the hot spring and that was when I saw the still very hard erection of his. I got my orgasm but he didn’t. Feeling a little guilty, I moved to sit on my knees on top of his shirt.

Cassius was about to turn his back on me but I stopped by calling out his name. He turned to look at me before I pointed at his very apparent problem.

He smirked again, “We won’t be doing it tonight, Amelia. I want it to be special for you and in a cave is not what I imagined it to me.”

“I don’t care about the location…” I murmured.

“But I do.” He replied.

He bent down to pick up his pants but I crawled over to kneel in front of him. When he looked down at me his eyes were again amber gold.

“Kneeling on your knees like that is killing me, mate.” He breathed.

Boldly, I lifted my hand and wrapped my hand around the thick girth of his erection. He hissed almost as if he was in pain but the dimming in his irises told me differently. Leaning forward, I licked the slit of erection before licking around it. He groaned in pleasure and I heard his pants drop back to the ground. His hands coming to my hair. He held it in his hands and watched me slowly take him in—inch by inch.

He was large. My jaw ached slightly from how wide I had to open but after a couple of seconds, my jaw adjusted and it wasn’t so difficult.

“Did you know, kneeling is a sign of submission?” He whispered in a deep rough tone. I looked up while sucking him. He looked devilishly hot looking down at me. I deepened the sucking and felt him hit the back of my throat. I heard him hiss again and knew immediately he liked it.

“Amelia…” He whispered. “Fucking hell.”

Somehow, hearing him swear at a time like this was sexy as hell. I continued sucking until I felt his hips bucking. I knew he was going to cum soon. His moans and groans of pleasure was a turn on. He started tugging on my hair, pulling me away but I wasn’t going to let him.

After all, he tasted me. It was only right that I tasted him.

He growled and I felt the hot spurts coat the back of my throat. His hips bucked with uneven thrust and I adjusted my mouth to take as much as I can of him in.

When he was done, his hands loosened on my hair but moved to lift me to stand up. He pulled me into his arms and captured my lips again.

“We need to get home as quickly as possible.” He said huskily.

Author’s Note:

So, they didn’t do it but it was still naughty. hehe. How was it?

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