In The Night

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Chapter 19


We were able to make it home. I watched Amelia walked inside the house. I tried talking to her but she was giving me the silent treatment. Leo came out of the house with a glance behind him.

“I’m glad to see you two are safe. Although, I’m disappointed. I thought you two will be back mated and happy.” He smirked, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he approached me.

I glanced away from the door to him, “There has been a sighting. Another camp located south of Bunker Hill. I heard voices, there should be women and children.”

Leo’s smile disappeared, “What should we do?”

“Round up one of our best scouters and fighters. We are going hunting.” I told him.

He nodded before disappearing back into the house. I glanced up to Amelia’s bedroom window. The curtain was down. A part of me had hoped to see her. Internally, I was fighting a battle. My bond was screaming for me to run and fix things with Amelia, but I had a job to do.

I shrugged out of my t-shirt and began unbuttoning my pants. Tossing them into my jeep, I willed my body to shift into my wolf. I can feel his power course through my veins. His dominance and Alpha blood beating and rushing all over my body. Fur sprouted on my skin and I fell onto all fours.

When I was fully shifted, my wolf’s lips curled back in a growl. He was ready to fight and protect his territory and people. His ears perked up when he heard paws running from the back to the front.

They ran up to me and bowed their heads. Many surrounded me, waiting for my command. In a low threatening growl, I kicked off my feet at a run.

We had practice many times before. What my uncle didn’t do last time was an amateur mistake, I learned from it. The goal is to infiltrate, kill if necessary but keep as many as alive as possible.

There is that feeling when you haven’t done something you love in a while and you get back into it. It’s like a whole new rush. I can feel it in my muscles—the adrenaline. The sound of my heart pumping against my chest.

My wolf was eager for the taste of blood in his mouth. We don’t usually free them but when we do, they are more animal than human. They emotions are tenfold stronger than ours. They are easily angered and easily happy.

When we arrived on top of the hill, ten miles from the camp site. I slowed my running. The pack members behind me following my lead. They sniffed the air, their ears perked up for sounds. They were sensing the danger.

When they were done, they waited for my signal. They knew exactly what they needed to do. The scouters will be surrounding the camp site and the pack soldiers that were trained to do wolf combat will infiltrate.

Leo snarled, and the scouters took his que. They split from the group and began their circle around the camp. I started moving towards the camp. It didn’t take long before it was sighted. Leo motioned with his head and paws. The group splits into fours.

The camp had three huge tents. One of them I knew housed the traffickers and the other two housed the women and children. Sniffing the air and tuning my ears, didn’t take long which one belonged to which.

One thing I have learned is not to underestimate a camp like this. Lone wolves smelt us the minute we wear near off to smell them. We heard the warning shouts to the human traffickers.

We were met head on with the lone wolves that were in that camp but there wasn’t many. I brought ten pack soldiers with me not including Leo and me. In the camp, there was maybe a total of five lone wolves working in there.

My pack soldiers quickly and strategically tore into the lone wolves with ease. It was the guns that we worried about. Although they do not completely kill us, it can slow us down dramatically.

When we reached the edge of the campsite the human traffickers were waiting for us. They began shooting. This caused my pack to split to evade the bullets.

“Kill the Alpha! Shoot him!” A human trafficker ordered, looking right at me. I was the largest out of the group. He knew if I die, the pack will retreat.

A few guns turned my way. Leo attacked two of them, ripping into their throats. I growled a warning to remind him that we needed to keep them alive as much as possible. In the time that I spent growling at Leo, a bullet flew from my right and hit my shoulder. Pain shot through my side and I growled to fight back a whimper. My right leg buckled but I turned in time to see him trying to aim again and shoot. Snarling I easily evaded his bullets and attacked him. Pushing him down with my paws, pressing to the point where I heard his collar bones snap. He cried out in pain. I bared my teeth at him, wanting to sink it in and rip his head off. He squirmed, and tears formed at his eyes.

The other pack soldiers took the rest down by teaming in twos. The traffickers couldn’t shoot two at once. It gave us an advantage and I watched as my pack soldiers took them down. A few traffickers got into their jeeps and drove off, but I knew they wouldn’t make it a mile before my scouters take them down.

Once we were able to secure the campsite, we heard the small cries of little girls and women. We shifted back into our humans and grabbed whatever clothes that were in the camp site to put on. Leo had gone to go check on the other tents where the women and children were.

I was in the traffickers’ tent. I winced as I tried slipping the t-shirt over my head. I couldn’t lift my right arm due to the bullet wound and so I wore it half on my body with my left arm in the t-shirt sleeve. I pressed a towel onto the wound. It would only take a few minutes for the blood to start clotting but I still need to move the bullet to get back my arm movement and to heal properly. I glanced around the place. Heaters were turned on in the tent and dimly lit by lamps. Cots all around the place. I walked to the back of the tent where there was a huge desk. Behind the desk were pictures of all the women and children that was brought into this camp. It was well over a hundred.

My eyes scanned the board until it landed on a familiar face. Immediately, I recognized who it was. They held similarities in facial features and hair color.

The flapping at the entrance of the tent told me someone had entered. I glanced to see Leo returning. His face was grim, and he looked disgusted.

“How was it?” I asked.

“The women and children are malnourished. There are some—” He was fighting back his anger. His eyes flashing between his wolf and him. “There were some that were stripped bare. Legs tied and spread open. The smell in that tent—it reeked.”

I exhaled, “At least we found them.”

“They are going to need a hell a lot more than just freedom. The look in their eyes, they are completely frightened and some of them, it felt like they got their life right out of them. It was like staring into the empty. No emotions.”

I nodded, “Broken but hopefully not beyond repair. Have Garth send them to the nearest hospital for treatment. There they contact their families.”

“What about the she-wolves?” He asked.

“Talk to them. If they want to go back to their packs, escort them back. Those who want to receive treatments by our pack doctors, they can.” I told him, turning back to the board.

Leo moved closer for a closer examination. His eyes scanned the pictures slowly. I moved to the picture I was staring at and pulled it off from the wall.

“Who is that?” He asked.

“Amelia told me her mother and sister died by a wolf attack, but I am not so sure if that is the truth.” I said quietly while examining the details of the woman in the picture.

“She looks older,” Leo replied. “Are you saying this woman could possibly be Amelia’s mother?”

I nodded before glancing back at the board. The board was split in the middle. One side the pictures had red ‘x’ over their face and dates. More than likely, indicating that they have died. The other half were unmarked. I scanned the board for a familiar face until my eyes landed on a young face. A woman who looks to be in her early twenties and dressed provocatively. What pulled me in was the hair color, it was exactly like Amelia’s platinum blonde hair and pale skin.

I moved to rip that picture off the wall too.

“There are similarities, but I don’t want to confirm until I know the truth. Run this picture through the women and children you saw in this camp. See if she is here and she isn’t, ask if they know where she might be.” I handed him the pictures. He took them before heading out.

It was late into the night until my pack soldiers, scouters, Leo, and I got home. I had gone to the hospital and had my wound taken care of. Now my shoulder was wrapped in bandages. When we approached the house, only a few lights were on. I glanced again at Amelia’s bedroom, but her light was off.

Sighing, I made my way inside. I wanted to go talk to her but I knew it was late. It was best if I let her sleep.

I opened my bedroom door and walked inside, closing the door softly behind me before moving to take off the shirt I had covering half of my torso. I unbuttoned my pants and stepped out of it. In my boxers, I walked to the right side of my bed and got in.

I couldn’t lay on my right side and so I turned to my left but was met with a warm small body. The instant sparks that spread from our skin touching told me exactly who it was. She was sound asleep in my bed.

Settling back down on my pillow, I wrapped an arm around her, careful not to hurt myself while doing it, and pulled her up close to my body. I heard her sigh before snuggling closer to me. I fell sleep shortly after.

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