In The Night

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Chapter 20

I felt her eyes on me even before I was fully awake. I opened my eyes to look into hers. She looked at the bandage on my shoulder and genuine concern flashed across her forest green eyes before she hardened her face and scooted off the bed.

I rubbed my face sleepily before pushing myself up to a sitting position on the bed. The silk covers falling to my waist.

“Amelia…” I tried talking to her.

She turned to look at me briefly before turning her back on me again. She walked out of my bedroom like she didn’t sleep in it last night. I growled my irritation with her silence and got up.

I took a good shower and rebandage my wound. I manage to pull on a black tank top and a black athletic short before slipping on my shoes and getting out of my room.

I found her again in the dining room with Leo and Cora. She was eating and talking to them but when she saw me sitting down next to her, she snapped her mouth shut and ate quietly. Cora and Leo notice the exchange. Leo gave me a questioning and confused look.

“You know, you could have waited for us to come downstairs together.” I told her.

She pretended like she didn’t hear a single word I just said and that irritated me to no ends. I clenched my teeth and scooped some eggs and pancake onto my plate.


“Cora, did you want to do something today together?” Amelia interrupted me and asked my sister a question.

My sister giggled, knowing full well how irritated I was at that moment. Amelia was ignoring me and giving me the silent treatment. I wanted to shake her and at the same time kiss her senseless. Deciding that I’ll let her go and eventually she will talk to me again. I watched her, and my sister get up and disappear behind a hallway.

Leo chortled, “Your mate seems pissed off at you.”

I scoffed, “What gave that away.”

He laughed some more before sobering up. He brought up yesterday’s event. We pulled in ten human traffickers and one lone wolf who was involved. They were being questioned as we speak in secured location.

“I asked around and showed the woman and children that picture you told me.” Leo mentioned.

“And?” I asked while I ate.

“There are two children who has seen her. They said she had just recently been transported to another camp, one that had high paying customers.” He said.

“Do they know where?”

Leo shrugged, “The girls were really tired and cold. I didn’t question them further, but they are currently being treated at the hospital right now. They are human girls, sisters to be exact. One of them mentioned that the girl in the picture helped them. Gave them her portion of the food when they were starving.”

“Keep an eye on them and once they are okay to travel, have them brought here.” I ordered.

After I finished eating, I got up and walked to my office to finish some business paper works that I have been pushing off and read my emails.

It was well into lunch when I finally emerged from the office. I passed Amelia in the hallway on my way downstairs to the kitchen. She took one look into my eyes and turned her head the other way.

I tried not to be frustrated with her, but I hated the fact that she was ignoring me. I also hated the fact that she wasn’t talking to me or sharing her time with me. She was spending it with my twin but then if I gave in, she wins.

She walked right past me without another glance. I ran a frustrated hand through my hair before shaking my head and going downstairs to grab something to eat.

I met Cora in the kitchen. She was eating ice cream out of a bucket when she saw me.

“You know that is for everyone, right?” I asked.

She laughed, “Well now it’s all mine.”

Still feeling a dull ache in my chest from the lack of attention from my mate, I open the fridge for something to much on. Cora eyed me for a minute before she spoke up again.

“I think you need ice cream.” She offered.

I scoffed, “I don’t need it.”

“Trust me. It will help. Ice cream always lightens up the mood you are having.” She encouraged.

“I don’t need it. I just need her to stop ignoring me.”

“Well you deserved it.” My sister retorted.

I glared, “She doesn’t need to know about what happens out there.”

“She’s not stupid. You rushed her home and then disappears right after. She wakes up in the morning and sees you injured. It was obvious whatever you were doing was dangerous.” Cora reasoned, scooping up another spoonful of ice cream.

I sighed, “Forget it.”

Cora clicked her tongue, “You think you will win but I think you are far more smitten with her than she is with you.”

I worked my jaw, fighting back the growl that is threatening to escape. Grabbing an apple, I turned to leave the kitchen.

“I’m telling you! It’s best if you apologize.”

“Get out of my life.” I muttered and heard Cora snicker in the back as I walked out of the bedroom.

I made my way back upstairs but stopped in front of Amelia’s bedroom door. I can hear her inside and it took everything in me not to open it. I made my way back to my office and continue to work as a form of distraction.

I’m sure she will give in sooner or later.

Three days. Three days of her not talking to me. Three days of her avoiding me. Three days of me growling and barking at everyone I see that wasn’t her.

After finishing all my work for the oil company. I had nothing else to do. I decided to head to the library. Upon entering the quiet room, I saw my mate nestled in a couch by the fireplace. She was reading a book. When she heard me come in, her eyes flew up from the pages to look at me.

Our eyes met for a full minute and I silently begged her to say something. Instead, she glanced back down at her book and continue reading as if I didn’t exist.

That’s when my control snapped.

“Why are you ignoring me?” I growled.

She looked up again from the page she was reading to look at me before lifting her book higher and continued reading. Growling I took the last few steps until I stood in front of her. I grabbed her elbow and yanked her to stand up. She yelped in surprise and her book dropped to the ground. She placed her hands on my chest to steady herself and my body hummed in relief and pleasure.

“Stop ignoring me.” I growled once again.

She turned her face to look at the fire place.

“I swear, Amelia, if you don’t talk to me-“

“You will what?” She narrowed her eyes at me and there again was the flash of anger that I saw when I snapped at her in the woods.

“Just talk to me.” I said, frustration clear in my voice.

“Why should I? You didn’t want to talk to me in the woods, why now?” She shot back and tried to wiggle out of my arms, but she wasn’t going to get away that easy. With one hand still firmly wrapped around her elbow, the other grabbed her cheek and pulled her in for a kiss.

The second my lips touched her soft lips, I groaned with pure bliss. It has been so long since I last tasted her and the memory of how good she tasted in the cave was still faintly hovering in my mind. I wanted more, and I wanted now.

Her body stopped fighting. I heard her sigh and moved closer to me. Silently, I moved my lips in sync with hers. She kissed me back. I let go of her arm to cradle her cheeks, pushing back down onto the sofa.

She was wearing nothing but a thin floor length night gown. My lips moved from her lips to her neck. I began kissing and sucking that sweet spot of hers.

“Let me taste you, mate. I need to taste you again.” I whispered.

I felt her swallow, but no objection left her lips. I peppered kisses down her chest to between her exposed valley between her breasts. Slowly, I pulled back the thin clothing covering one and like the hungry Alpha wolf that I was, I sucked on her nipple greedily. She cried out and arched her back. Her hands coming up to my shoulder and digging her fingernails in. Luckily, my wound was healing faster now.

I moved to the other breast and paid it the same attention. While my hand lifted her nightgown and graze her inner leg until I reached the warmth between her legs. I applied soft pressure and heard her mew softly.

“I don’t like it when we are fighting.” I breathed against her wet nipple.

“Then you shouldn’t be such a prick.” She moaned.

“Let me make it up to you.” I asked and twisted her sweet nub between her lower lips.

“Ahh…” She breathed.

“Amelia, let me show you exactly what I can do for you as a mate.” I urged, cradling her cheek again to get her attention. She opened her forest green eyes and it was dark with desire. Biting her lips, she nodded and that was all the permission I needed. I swept her up and carried her to my bedroom.

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