In The Night

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Chapter 21


I had ignored him for three days but in those three days, it was pure torture. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breathe. When his dark brooding eyes connected with mine, all I wanted to do was throw myself at him.

I didn’t feel like myself at all in those three days. I am normally independent but somehow during the time we are together I have become dependent. I have come to enjoy his pampering and his caring. His kindness is irresistible.

It was so hard to ignore him and fight with him. I was incredibly relieved when he spoke up.

Thrill and pleasure hammering through my veins and my stomach clenched in anticipation. The hunger and desire in his dark smoldering eyes heated my skin like a fire touching water.

He carried me to his bedroom and the minute the door closed, he had me effectively pushed against the door. My legs wrapped around his waist and his hands grabbing on my ass greedily as his mouth sought out mine.

We both moan with pleasure and unrepented desire. Three days of not kissing him and three days of me dreaming of him giving me pleasure after pleasure. The reality was so much better.

The nightgown I had on riding up my thighs and was barely covering my ass now. He broke our kiss long enough to lean down and latch onto my nipple above my nightgown.

Soft, wet heat immediately wrapped itself around my nipple. Stimulating and making me closed my eyes tightly in pleasure.

He let go of that nipple and did the same with the other.

“Cassius...” I moaned, running my hands down his back before pulling his shirt up.

He got what I wanted and dropped me down to help me remove his shirt. He was completely naked in front of me and I boldly peppered open mouth kisses across his chest and then down his stomach. I felt his muscle contract, the soft hissing of his breath as he controlled his patience for me.

When he felt my lips just above his crotch he growled before hoisting me up. I let out a soft sound of surprise as he carried me over to bed. He laid me gently down on the bed, leaning back to look at me.

“I want to take this slow.” He murmured huskily.

I bit the inside of my cheek before answering him honestly, “I don’t want you to.”

His eyes turned amber gold and heated. Heat pooled between my legs and just like that. My Alpha mate leaned forward and with one smooth move, ripped my nightgown right down the middle.

My breasts bounced freely, freed from any kind of materials holding it back. His hands came to grab onto my breasts. His thumb and forefinger twisting and tugging it to a hard peak.

“I liked that nightgown,” I mumbled a little disappointed.

He smirked, “I’ll buy you a new one.”

With that, he unbuttoned his jeans and took them off along with his boxers. This was the first time I got a very good look at his hard member and it bounced upon my observation. A small bead of pre-cum coating its tip.

“Wow.” I breathed.

He laughed before crawling into bed with me, settling himself between my legs.

“Thinking about backing out now, mate?” He asked.

“Not a chance, Alpha,” I whispered, loving the feel of his bare skin on mine. I wrapped my legs around him and he slowly ground his erection on my core. I moaned and threw my head back. It was a completely new sensation but it made my inside walls pulse with anticipation. Wetness pooling—getting ready for him.

I heard him growl possessively before capturing my lips in a heated kiss. I matched him with each tongue stroke and suck. He didn’t stop grinding against my core and I didn’t want him to. Each time I felt his hard member pressed against my nub, it was like a shockwave.

He kissed his way to between the valleys of my breasts before placing hot open mouth kisses on my stomach. It clenched underneath his lips. Each time he placed a kiss, he would move lower and lower.

I knew where he was headed and my fingers dug into the mattress, fighting for some lucidity in this cloud of lust.

When I felt his breath fan across my core, I moaned and arched slightly for him to take it. He didn’t need to be told twice. Immediately, his tongue slipped out and glide across my opening.

“Ahh…” I cried out softly.

It swirled around my nub and I bucked slightly. He chuckled before his hands firmly held me down by the waist. I gave a small cry of protest. He was teasing me and I needed a release so bad. The tightening inside of me was m absurdly insane.

“Look at me, Amelia.” He ordered.

I bit my lips and willed my eyes to open but I couldn’t. It felt so damn good. He stopped his assault on my core and I whimpered at the lost.

“Look at me, love.” He encouraged again.

I opened my eyes and my eyes connected again with his heated ones. With our eyes still connected, he bent down and ate me out. This time it was more aggressive. No leisure. No roundabouts. It was straight on and I fought to keep my eyes opened. I was reeling on a high and it was climbing so quickly. I was whimpering nonstop.

When I was about to hit my high and a scream was just about to hit the back of my throat. He pulled back, positioned himself between my legs and thrust hard. The instant pain shot through me. It felt like he had torn me open. It was painful and I couldn’t help the tear that escaped my eyes.

He moved to wipe away my tear with his thumb and kissed my forehead, still fully embedded in me.

“Sorry.” He said in a raspy deep voice. I watched the sweat bead his forehead. It was then I noticed he was breathing hard as if he had just run a marathon. He was fighting back the urge to pummel me and waiting for me to adjust.

Warmth spread from my heart. His body was completely rigid and tense. I twisted my hips as much as I can. I heard him inhale sharply as that movement brought him in and out of me slowly. It still stung but I knew it would still sting. He was big and thick. I am still a little shocked that he actually got inside of me.

I placed my hands on his shoulder for support and moved some more. This time, taking him in and out again—deeper. He groaned and pressed his forehead against mine.

“Amelia…” He moaned when I did it again. “Love, I can’t…I’m losing control.”

I bit my lips and adjusted my hip so that I was now taking him almost completely out before slipping him all the way back in. I moaned when the sting mixed with a new kind of pleasure.

Encouraged, he began rocking his hips slowly.

“Mmm…” I moaned in pleasure.

“Thank god.” He breathed in relief and I would have laughed out loud if he didn’t grab me by the hips in a grip. He pulled almost completely out before thrusting back in. It hit me right on the spot and my back arched.

“Oh!” I gasped.

“Like that, mate?” He rasped before swiveling his hips. That swivel was amazing and I dug my hands into his biceps.

“Can you go any faster?” I challenged, looking at him from underneath my eyelashes.

He growled dominantly, accepting my challenge. His thrust was hard and fast. The bed shook but it didn’t stop him. I didn’t give a rat’s ass if the world could hear what we were doing. I was completely focused on what was going on inside of me.

The familiar string tightening faster. I wrapped my legs tighter around him. This caused my whole entire upper body to be up from the bed as he held onto my hips to keep me right where he wanted so he can piston into me repeatedly.

“Oh god.” I cried out.

He growled and with a flip of his arms, I flipped onto my back with a blink. My eyes widened in surprise but he didn’t waste a second for me to comprehend what was going on. He was a hungry wolf bent on feeding until he was completely full.

I was on all four now and he thrust back into me. The smell of our heated session scented his room and added as a fuel to our uncontrollable desire. The way he was taking me from behind, it hit me in spots that had me seeing white dots.

I couldn’t keep my eyes opened and my constant moaning and crying out. It only drove this Alpha madder with desire. He was fucking me so hard that, the sound of skin slapping on skin can be heard throughout the room along with our groans and moans.

When I finally felt the tightening inside of me start to snap. I pushed on my hands to meet his thrust, needing him deeper. On instinct, I wanted him deep inside of me as I came.

When it did snap, I cried out and pulsed around his hard erection. He hissed but didn’t stop thrusting. It only added onto my orgasm. He moved to wrap his arms around my torso, bringing me up so that my back was against his front. Still he didn’t stop pummeling inside of me.

I was still riding my orgasm wave when I heard him roar and the quick feel of sharp pain on my neck. It dulled my orgasm but a second later the orgasm came roaring back and I couldn’t stop pulsing around his cock—milking him nonstop.

“Fuck.” He hissed, still thrusting into me. I felt his thick warm spurts coat the inside of my walls and womb but I didn’t care at that moment. All I cared about was the wave I was riding.

When we both done, I collapsed onto the bed. Exhausted and lethargic. My limbs were heavy and my eyes were fluttering close. I can smell my own blood mixed with sex in the air. However, I couldn’t keep my eyes opened long enough to care.

I felt Cassius’s lip brush against my forehead and then where I felt the pain. He licked the wound and it stung slightly before I moaned in drowsy pleasure again.

“Mine.” He whispered just before I fell asleep.

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