In The Night

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Chapter 22


It was late into the afternoon before Cassius finally left the bedroom. Sitting on a chair by the windowsill in his bedroom with his silk covers wrapped my naked body, I looked outside. My mind, however, was not focused on the wintery weather outside of me.

I was thinking about everything last night. Cassius had marked me and made me his. I can still feel his lips on my skin. I can still feel him between my legs. My entire body is aching and is incredibly sore from the vigorous lovemaking last night.

It amazes me on how quickly I have come use to the idea that he was a werewolf and not just any werewolf but an Alpha. Multiple time last night, I have seen flashes of his canines. He lovemaking came in so many forms. It was a total frenzy, but it was also gentle and beautiful.

Sighing, I stood up and walked to the bathroom where I ran hot water to soothe my aching muscles. My fingers ran over the canine marks on my neck. It has healed quickly and become little scars. I shivered when my fingers ran over one of the bumps. A lazy fire stirred inside of me and a moan left my lips when I parted them open slightly.

The feeling was a little addicting and I couldn’t resist doing it again. Again, the fire flickered and grew. I bit my bottom lip to stop myself from making any noises.

What is this feeling?

How can his mark make me feel this way?

Strong arms wrapped around my body and a very hard member was pressed onto my midback. Electrical sparks spread across my back and I knew it was him even without turning. He leaned down and kissed my mark. My knees buckled from the full throttle of pleasure that ran over my body.

I felt his smirk against my skin.

“What is that?” I whispered.

“The mark doesn’t just mark you as mine. It acts as a thread that leads to our connected souls. You and I touching it, doubles the feelings and sensations.”

“Like its own little pleasure fountain.” I smiled before turning around in his arms to face him.

He kept his arms around me but slipped them lower to cup my behind. I moaned before leaning forward and peppering kisses on his chest. I heard his chest rumble like the wolf he was.

“Did Anastasia receive your mark?” I asked.

He stilled, and I stopped my kissing to look up at him.

“Ana did receive my mark. I marked her shortly after realizing she was my mate.” He told me.

A burst of jealousy burned in my chest, but I brushed it off. He had a life before me. He never knew I existed. I never knew he existed. I can’t be upset with him because of his past life.

He leaned forward and brush a kiss on my forehead, “Love, she was mine in the past, but you are mine now.”

“I know,” I whispered with my eyes closed.

“I can’t change it even if I wanted to. I loved her, Amelia.”

Sighing, I opened my eyes to look at him. My hand snaking up to around his neck. I looked at the man that I have fallen quickly in love with. His wet dark locks swept back. The droplets of water that touched his tan skin. The way his deep-set eyes connected with mine.

With the other hand, I traced his perfect soft lips. It parted upon my touch. This is mine. He is mine. Anastasia was his past but now he is mine.

“Cassius...” I whispered.

He knew what I wanted even without me saying. He leaned in to kiss my finger that was tracing his lips before leaning in to kiss me.

His kisses—they make me forget about everything else. The way his body feels against me, it feels right. Something that feels right like this can’t be wrong. My guts were telling me that this was it. That he was my beginning and ending.

He hoisted me up around his waist. His hands holding onto my thighs as he turned us around to press me up against the shower wall. He pulled back and kissed my jawline.

“My soulmate.” He whispered.

My heart pounded harder in my chest, trying to escape and jump into his arms.

“My love.” He sucked on his mark on my neck. I ran my hand through his wet locks. I felt him right at my entrance. With one smooth move, he was fully embedded inside of me.

“Mine.” He captured my soft cry with his kiss.

I clung to his shoulder as he thrust into me repeatedly. My moans were coming in short small gasp. With each thrust, he was hitting deep inside of me--adding fuel to the lazy fire that had already begun before he found me in the shower.

“Cassius.” I gasped, digging my fingernails into his shoulders.

“Ah, baby, you’re killing me.” He groaned.

His thrust was unruly and untethered. His need to bring me to release driving me to the brink of madness.

Killing him? It is more like he was killing me. His shaft was thick and long, filling me in all the right places until I can’t even think or speak a complete sentence.

He dropped me and turned me around. My front now pressed up against the wall, he spread my legs open before thrusting back inside of me.

This new standing position literally made my eyes roll back.

“Oh fuck!” I cried.

He wrapped his arms around my midsection while sucking on his mark on my neck, all the while, not stopping in his mission in driving me mad.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I kept sputtering because it was the only thing that came to mind.

He chuckled in a breathy way before increasing his speed. God damn, it did it. The fire inside of me snapped and I cried out clenching around his cock unable to let go, wanting more of him.

He growled and gripped my hips in hands, ramming harder than ever. It hurt slightly but there was more pleasure than pain.

“God, I love it when you milk my cock.” He groaned. “Fucking drives me crazy.”

A second later, I felt the warm spurts of his release coat my inside. There was so much cum it leaked and I can feel it running down my inner thigh.

He did a few hard thrusts before he kissed my shoulder and pulled out. I turned around to face him and he pulled me back into his arms.

“I can’t get enough of you.” He kissed me again. His hand slipping behind me to give my ass a good squeeze.


We went downstairs for a late lunch. Leo and Cora were sitting in the kitchen eating when they saw us. Their eyes moving to the exposed mark on my neck.

A smile appeared on Cora’s face. I sat in a chair across from them. Cassius sat next to me. However, I guess I wasn’t close enough because he pulled my chair until I was right next to him.

Leo scoffed, “Aren’t you getting cozy.”

Cora was still smiling, “Had a good night, Amelia?”

I looked at Cassius who had a pretty smug face on. I tried to hide my own smile but my mate’s happiness was rubbing off me.

“I slept well,” I responded.

“I’m sure that was all you did,” Cora said cheekily. “I can’t wait until I find my mate.”

Cassius scooped some food onto my plate before filling his. Cora and Leo continued to bicker back and forth. Cassius joining in here and there.

There was something different about him. He seems more relaxed. I have seen him smile more today than I had in the past.

After a bit, Leo and Cora left the kitchen. I turned to Cassius.

“I want to go back home,” I told him.

He looked surprised and I realize that I made it sound like I am leaving him.

Shaking my head, I clarified, “There are a few things I would like to get from home.”

“We can go later if you would like.” He asked.

I bit my bottom lip, “Actually, I also want to have some alone time. There are things I need to get done.”

I wanted to grab some things that belonged to my parents and also visit their gravesite.

“That’s not going to happen.” He replied.

My eyebrows furrowed, “You don’t have a say in this. I am informing you, not asking.”

“It is too dangerous, Amelia.” He reasoned.

“I have taken care of myself for years, Cassius. I think traveling back to my home won’t be all that dangerous.” I snapped.

“Yes, but it will make me feel better if I come along.” He added, turning to fully face me now.

I shouldn’t feel upset. I should be happy he was worried about me but I lived all my life independently. It can be overbearing when I feel like now I am being treated like a prisoner who needs her guard dog wherever she goes.

“Can’t you trust that I will be fine on my own for a few hours?” I asked.

“Can’t you see that I am worried about you?” He shot back.

I clenched my teeth and stood up. He followed me.

“Cassius, you are being unreasonable.”

He rolled his eyes, “It isn’t me who is. It’s you.”

I threw him a glare before turning to walk away. He grabbed onto my wrist to prevent me from running away from the argument.

“Let me go, Cassius,” I ordered.

“Amelia, I am sorry but there are things out there that you don’t know about. I don’t want you going alone. I know you can take care of yourself but my wolf and I can’t help but be protective.” He said softly. His thumb rubbing circles on the inside of my wrist.

“I want to go alone. You have to trust that I will come back and that I will be safe. I am not your old mate, Cassius.”

He sighed and I can see the battle happening inside his ashy grey eyes. He ran his fingers through his hair before looking back at me.

“Fine but before you go, I have to warn you about a few things that is happening. You will also have to promise to face time me all the way there and back.” He ordered.

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