In The Night

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Chapter 23

I’m in Cassius’s jeep driving back to my home. My mind reeling with the things that Cassius told me. There were ongoing women and children trafficking camp. It was what killed Anastasia and his uncle. He told me the gruesome story that happened six years ago.

After he told me what happened, he revealed the reason why he was in rush to bring back home the cave. He heard something and was able to trace it back to another camp.

He came home late that night because he was in the hospital with the rest of the women and children they rescued. The things he told me about—what happened in those camp—I am petrified. I heard stories about these kinds of things, but it was in different parts of the world. I would never have imagined it happening here.

Now, I can see why Cassius didn’t want to leave me alone. Why he insisted on following me to the cabin, but I have roamed these woods and parts of Alaska for a long while now and have never encountered something before. Surely, going back home to grab a few things and going to my parents’ gravesite won’t result in a kidnapping.

“Amelia?” Cassius’s deep voice penetrated my thoughts.

I glanced at my phone that was on the dashboard of his jeep.

“Are you listening to me?” He looked irritated.

I smiled, “Sorry. I got distracted.”

“I said, I want you to call me back as soon as you are leaving your parent’s cottage. You have an hour, love. If I don’t hear back from you, I’m calling you. If you don’t answer me, I’m coming for you.” He ordered.

“Yes, Alpha,” I replied sweetly and gave him a smile that will for sure melt his heart.

He chuckled, “I can’t believe I am letting you do this.”

“I’ll be fine. You worry too much.”

“That’s because you are my mate, love.” He retorted.

“I’ll be home soon.” I glanced at the screen and looked at his concerned face.

“One hour.” He warned again. I agreed and said our goodbyes before hanging up.

I parked his jeep outside the cottage. It looked cold and the feeling of home seemed to have left it a long time ago. It was amazing in such a short time, I have learned to see Dashkov’s mansion as my home. It was warmer and cheerier than here.

I walked past the cottage and out into the back of the woods. About fifty yards out was my family’s gravesite. They were on my parent’s private property. It was what my mother had wanted and my father’s dying wish. They wanted to be together in the end.

I walked up to the cold gray stones. My gloved hand scrubbed the snow off the stones, revealing their names. It had their names on them. On my father’s gravestone, it spoke about his love for my mother.

“” I whispered softly, feeling the familiar emptiness creep back into my heart.

“I feel alone without you. You are my family.” I continued, my finger drew hearts near their gravestones.

“There is something I need you to know. When dad left me, I wanted to follow you guys. I did something bad. I went out to drink and got into a car accident, but I didn’t die. When I woke up, I was torn—hollow. I didn’t know how to move on. How to taught me everything and it was hard to not receive any kind of direction from him.” I admitted, blinking to fight back tears.

“After that, I hated everything because everything seemed happier without me but where was I to go? What was I to do? I thought moving out of this godforsaken village will help me, but I ended coming back.” I smiled sadly and looked at my dad’s grave. “I think a part of it has to do with you. Although you were hard on me, you have always been good to me. You taught me everything and after hating you for so long I learned to let go and come back.”

I sighed and gave them an assuring smile, “I’ve met someone. He makes me happy. I’ve felt things I have never felt before. When I am with him, there is this warm fuzzy feeling that grows inside of me. It wards of my demons and the darkness shrouds that surrounds me. He makes me feel light and free. He takes good care of me.”

I talked about Cassius and who he was and then I talked about my true feelings about him. I don’t know how long I stayed outside talking to my parents, but my cheeks were numb, and my nose was starting to run. Sniffling, I said my goodbye and walked back towards the cottage.

When I got to the front door, I stuffed my key in, but the door slid open without resistance. I pushed the door open slowly. My hand moving to my handgun. I glanced around the empty cold living room space and into the kitchen.

When I saw nothing out of the ordinary, I looked in my parent’s room and into my sister’s before heading my bedroom.

The cottage was just as cold as it was outside. A fire usually keeps the cottage warm, but I haven’t been here for a while. I tried flicking the light switch in my bedroom on, but the power was out.

It was late, and the sun has already set. I used my phone and turned on the flashlight application. It illuminated my bedroom. Everything looked like it was still in place. So, I might have forgotten to lock the door when I left but I am usually keen about this. I sat my handgun down on the dresser and moved to my closet. I opened it and pulled out my backpack.

There I started stuffing some clothes, shoes, winter gears, as well as photo albums of my family before everything happened. Pictures that we took before my mother and sister died.

I was in the middle of stuffing the last photo album in when I heard the floor creak. My head shot up and I glanced at my bedroom door. I strained my ears to hear the sound again but heard nothing. I resumed in stuffing the photo album in and zipping up my backpack.

I picked up my phone and lifted it up towards my bedroom door. However, I was scared half to death when I saw an unknown man standing in the doorway. He was huge like hulk huge. His eyes were sunken, and his skin was pale.

“Who are you?” I slowly edged around him towards the dresser. His eyes flickered to the dresser and I stopped in my footsteps.

“Don’t even think about it.” He warned.

My eyes snapped back to the handgun on my dresser.

“What do you want?” I asked.

He grinned, his ugly crooked teeth flashed in front of me.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He arched an eyebrow.

“You want me,” I replied. I just don’t understand why though. I have never seen this man before. This was the first time.

“Ding Ding. Someone get this woman a prize.” He said sarcastically.

I was about a yard away from my dresser. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight this man off. He was ten times my size and strength. I’ll be crushed underneath him.

I made a decision.

I lunged for the gun, but he was quicker. He jumped in front of me and his fist swung and hits me straight in the stomach. Pain shot through me instantly. I lost my breath. I couldn’t breathe. Heaving I fell to the ground on my knees. He picked up my gun and unloaded the thing like it was nothing before tossing it across the room.

I clutched my stomach with one hand while looking up at him. He walked forward and crouched down on the ground. His elbow resting on his knees.

“You shouldn’t have done that, little one.” He flicked the tip of my nose playfully before sighing and standing up. He tried picking me up, but I fought him. I kicked and threw punches. He grunted and tried to keep my hands and feet together, but I wasn’t letting up.

“Stop it this foolishness!” He hissed. “I do not have the patience with your foolish attempts in escaping.”

“You’ll have to kill me to take me.” I snapped and kicked him hard in his manhood. He groaned and fell back, releasing my body.

He clutched his groin area and fell slightly forward. I kicked him hard in the stomach and he grunts in pain. I raised my fist and landed a good one on his cheek. Pain shot through my hands and arm.

“Bitch.” He growled before grabbing me around my ankles. I fell back onto the ground. My hand instantly went for my knife in my knife sheath. I whipped it out and swiped it across his throat but got his cheek instead.

“Ah! Fucking stupid whore!” He swore and punched me hard in the head.

Everything swarm around me. My vision started to blur, and I fought to keep awake. He hit me again and a dark shadow began to hover over my vision.

“No...“I said weakly. Curling my feet, I kicked him off me. I fought with my body to roll over. Crawling on my hands and knees with my knife still in my hand I tried to get on top of him, but he was fast. He hit me in the stomach with his fist and again in the face. I can feel my lip bust open. The taste of metallic, iron blood filled my mouth.


I was feeling pain everywhere.

He grabbed onto my shoulders to lift me up to a kneeling position. His large fist raised up into the air ready to hit me again. With whatever strength I had left before I lost consciousness, I jammed my knife into his ribs. I felt it tore through his body. It hit him right in the middle of the chest. His eyes widened in surprise. He glanced down at the knife that was now fully embedded in. Blood seeped out of that wound. He clutched the knife and pulled it out.

I collapsed onto the cold wood flooring as I watched him clutch his chest and fall to the ground. I watched the lights go out of his eyes as he looked at me. I just killed a man.

I heard another footstep approaching the bedroom. My eyes starting to close now. I couldn’t fight it any longer but before I could sleep, I heard a familiar voice.

“Shit. Get rid of his body. Take her to the car. Make sure to tie her up. We don’t want another dumb accident to happen.” He ordered.

Darkness flooded my vision and I fell into oblivion.

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