In The Night

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Chapter 24


When she didn’t call within the time I told her, I followed her to her cottage. Upon arriving at the scene, I saw that my jeep was still sitting in the driveway of Amelia’s cottage. In my heart, I knew something was wrong even without entering the cottage home.

My wolf senses are on alert. My gut was clenching with fear and barely controlled panic.

The door was jarred open. There were more than one set of footprints on the snowed ground. I can smell the scent of blood reeking from the home. What was more terrifying, was that I can also smell Amelia’s blood and my stomach churned. My heart tightened painfully in my chest at the possibility that she was hurt or dead.

Memories-dreadful memories replayed in my mind.

Ones that I relive over and over. To see the life leaving Anastasia’s eyes, Losing her broke me but losing Amelia will kill me.

Leo stood next to me. His jaw clenched as his eyes inspected the scene before us. Slowly, I walked towards the home and I can see everything happening as if it was a movie being played out right in front of me.

I can see Amelia entering the home, passing through the living room, her kitchen. I can smell her scent. It was all over her parents’ room and the other bedroom. It led straight to her bedroom. I passed the living room and kitchen and went straight for her bedroom. Her backpack was dropped carelessly onto the floor. The trail of blood leading put from her bedroom and out the front door. Her sweet scent and blood. She was hurt but she fought them and must have killed one.

Closing my eyes, I can visualize almost everything that happened. The struggle. The beating. My wolf’s determination to hunt the threat and return our mate back home safely was increasing my senses.

I also smelt another scent besides Amelia and my fist tightened in recognition. My body shook uncontrollably.

“Leo,” I growled, demanding his presence. My voice darker and deeper.

Leo was by my side at once. He also sniffed the air and his back stiffened.

“Tristen.” Leo snarled his distaste and hatred towards the rebel wolf. “The bastard has snuck his way back in after Malachi caught his scent around his neck of the woods.”

“And he has Amelia.” My fingers dug into my palms and my body shook. Hair began to sprout on my skin. My wolf fed my anger with pictures of Amelia getting hurt. My fingernails turned into claws. A low growl vibrating in my chest.

“Cassius, you’re shifting.” Leo tried to get through to me. “You need to control your wolf.”

“I can’t. I need to hunt.” I snarled, my wolf’s eyes gleamed at his Beta. My jaw snapping, ordering him to not interfere. My wolf was exerting his power. His dominion over his Beta.

Immediately, Leo showed signed of submission. His head slightly lowered, and his eyes diverted. After my attempt in trying to stay in human form, my skin side was unable to fight my wolf. I shifted.

Bones cracking, senses heightening-I changed into the predator that I know I am. The Alpha who has nothing else but one motive in mind and that was to hunt and kill.

I shifted, forcing Leo to follow my Alpha command and shift along with me.

Tristen does not know what is coming for him. When I get ahold of that wolf, I will against werewolf law and kill him. The bloodlust in me demands it.

My paws pounded out of the cottage. The second I was out, I let out a long howl that I know my pack will hear.

Through my wolf’s eyes, everything was ten times clearer. I can see things happening before it happens. I know my prey’s next move before it could get away.

Everything was blurring before me.

Tristan’s man carrying her out. The track of the jeep they were in leading down a different road that we came from. Even in the dark, I knew that they were heading North East. It didn’t take long, we were running for a couple of miles before swarms of my pack soldiers and scouters emerged from the woods and followed behind.

The command was clear. It was time to hunt and they knew exactly what had incited their Alpha’s dominating and aggressive wolf.

No words can describe the rage that was bubbling inside of me. The beast inside of me was no help in sedating it either. An internal battle of fear, pain, anger, and guilt. A toxic combination for someone with my kind of power.

I shouldn’t have let her go alone but damn the woman was as stubborn as a mule. She wouldn’t budge and look at what we got ourselves into. I should have been firmer. I should have argued but how can I say no to those emerald hues glistening back at me.

I wanted her happy, but I should have worried more about her safety.

The Alaskan terrain isn’t an easy feat. It’s snow rising high. The cold breeze billowing through, pushing us back and forth.

I can still see the tracks. My scouters increased their pace, moving in an upside-down V formation. The Lead scouter taking the first scent and trail of the tire tracks before it grows cold.

They can’t be more than thirty to forty miles ahead of us. I am sure of it. The tracks are still fresh although faintly gone.


Everything around me was pitch black. I couldn’t see anything. Reaching out, I felt nothing. It was cold emptiness. It stretched to forever.

“Hello?” My voice echoed.

“Amelia,” A voice whispered behind me.

I spun around and came face to face with the mirror image of me.

“Your-your Anastasia, aren’t you?” I stammered. It was like looking right into a mirror. Her long platinum blonde hair reached her waist in soft waves. Her skin was as pale as mine. She had on a simple black dress that hugged her torso before spanning out at her waist.

She nodded but there was no smile on her face.

“Am I dead?” Was the first thing that left my lips.

There were so many things I wanted to ask her, but I didn’t know where to start. She seemed to realize the conflict that was happening inside of me because she spoke again.

“You have many questions, but I don’t have time to answer all of them. There are many things that happen behind the veil, Amelia, many things. There are things that in your world, you will try to explain but doesn’t even touch what is really going on. There are older things beyond us. There are more ancient works that you and I don’t even know.” She told me and moved to take hold of my wrist. The warmth of her hand giving me comfort.

“Amelia, I didn’t choose to enter your empty vessel, but I was guided there.” She continued.

“By who?” I asked.

She smiled, “Again, there are Ancient beings even you and I don’t know. Things that have long exist before our world was created. They alone know the truth behind everything.”

“How did I become Cassius’s mate?” I asked.

Her smile slipped a little. I can see the sadness in her eyes upon hearing Cassius’s name.

“I know Cassius and he needed someone. I might have been once chosen to be fated to be his, but fate changes all the time.” Anastasia sighed and grabbed a hold of both of my hands. “I need you to wake up.”

“What?” I looked confused.

“You know you are sleeping—dreaming about all of this but that isn’t important.” She stated. “What is important is that Cassius needs you.”

It was then I remembered the cottage. The scary, creepy man who beat me to the point of unconsciousness. I killed him.

“Do you remember what he said?” Anastasia asked, squeezing my hands to get my attention.

My eyes found hers, “He will come find me if he doesn’t hear back from me.”

She smiled, “And you remember what you said?”

“That I can take care of myself.” I whispered.

“You can. You can take care of yourself. You are better than me. You are stronger than me even when you are not a female wolf. Your spirit is strong.” She commended.

“I don’t know who took me. What if I can’t fight them off?” I asked.

“You can. You know you can.” She seemed sure.

“If I wake up, will you be gone forever?” I asked.

She sighed, “When my soul reincarnated into your body, I gave your body life but that was all I gave you. Everything else is you. Your body still holds your memories.”


“Amelia, you need to wake up.” Anastasia looked scared now. Her eyes widening slightly. She squeezed my hands hard and they weren’t so warm any longer.

“Amelia, you need to wake up.” She said a little firmer.

“But I still have so-“

“Amelia! Wake up!” Her voice rose a notch.

“Wake up now before it is too late. You need to wake up now.” She demanded.

Her face changed.

She looked dead.

The colors drained.

Her lips are cold. Her eyes are lifeless. The woman I saw from earlier completely gone. I glanced down her body and the clothes she wore, shredded. Maggots crawling out of her body. I gasped and let go of her body. My hand came up to cover my mouth.

Scared, I looked back up and let out a scream. Her eyes were gone, maggots crawling over her rotted flesh. She ran at me like a rabid zombie.

Instantly, I felt consciousness swept into my muscles. I can hear the murmur of two male voices. They were both sitting in the front seat and I was tied in the back trunk. My eyes opened, and it was then I realized they had tied up my hands.

Lifting it up, I chewed at the roped knot to release my hands. It took a while because the rope was thick and tied tightly but I manage to undo the knot. I slowly shifted in the trunk so that I can untie my feet but the car came to a startling stop.

A second later the engine turned off and doors opened and closed.


I searched around the trunk for a weapon. My hands landing on a cold piece of pipe. Another pregnant moment later and the trunk lid opened.

Instantly, I swung the pipe down hard on one of the man. It hit him in the head hard. I can practically feel his pain. He yelped and stumbled back. The other one who was caught off guard turned to face me. I slammed the pipe into his nose and I heard it cracked.

Dropping the pipe, I undid the rest of the rope around my ankles. I jumped out of the trunk, grabbed the pipe and hit the two men a couple more times until I knew they wouldn’t be able to come after me.

I ran.

I didn’t know where I was going but knew we were not in the woods any longer. Buildings were around me. I followed a shoveled driveway down a curved path. Glancing behind me, I saw a mansion almost like Cassius’s. I recognized this place. I saw it on the news.

This place was the home of a lawyer who was campaigning for a judicial position in our system. His name was Dick something.

What the hell was I doing here? What did he want with me? Why did they capture me?

I didn’t wait to find out. All I knew was they took me by force and that equals them being bad men. For the life of me, I ran, but before I could make it out onto the street and immerse myself between buildings. I was tackled down.

“No!” I screamed and kicked hard, swinging my arms and landing punches. I heard him grunt in pain. The pipe hit him in the head but not hard enough.

He ripped the pipe out of my grip and slung me over his shoulder. He carried me back the direction that I was running from.

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