In The Night

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Chapter 25


By now, it was pitch black outside. Late into the evening and most everybody was asleep. We had shifted when we neared town. We couldn’t risk exposing our kind to the humans.

My scouters didn’t take long before they tracked down Tristen. His smugness can be seen from across the street. He sat in a bar stool, sipping on some liquor. Although everything in me wanted to run across the street and rip the wolf’s throat--I couldn’t.

Therefore, I did the only thing I could do.

Tristen stiffened the minute he smelt us entering the pub. He was pinned. All entrances were heavily guarded. Leo and two lead scouters leaned against the front door with their arms crossed casually. I walked over to Tristen.

Slipping into the stool next to him, I ordered a drink.

The bartender knew something was up but he spoke nothing of it. He filled my glass with strong liquor and slid it over to me.

“Alpha Cassius,” He greeted.

His voice was calm but the way his hand shook, he was anything but calm. I can see the sweat beading from his temple.

“Tell me where she is and I promise your death will be quick,” I said deathly low, picking up my glass cup to sip.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Tristen denied.

I clenched my teeth to stop my canine from elongating and sinking into his throat. My teeth ached just thinking about killing him.

“I’m going to ask again and I won’t be so lenient again. My patience is running thin.” I growled, my voice deep with the authority of an Alpha. “Where is she?”

He quaked slightly before tossing back his drink nervously. He stuffed his hand into his pocket and pulled out a few dollars that he placed on the counter before slipping out from his stool.

He was going to attempt for a smooth escape.

I got up and grabbed the rebel wolf by the scuff. The bartender eyed us. His eyes warning us not to fight in his pub. I dragged Tristen outside and down a dark alley. The only source of light was the one street light on this side of the road.

My pack soldiers surrounded us as I threw Tristen onto the ground. He rolled a little bit before his body stopped. He turned around to look at me. I was in front of him before he knew it.

I raised my fist into the air. before I slammed it into his cheek with a force that heard a crack. He grunted in pain. I lifted it again and swung back down. His lips bust opened. The stench of his disgusting blood filling the night air.

“Where is she?” I growled.

“You’ll never find her if you kill me.” He said weakly before laughing.

I let go of his collar and kicked him in the stomach. His laughter cut short, he started coughing as the wind got knocked out of him. I made sure to break a rib or two.

I grabbed him by the collar again, crouching down to eye level.

“I’ll take my time in breaking every single bone in your body. I guarantee you that you won’t survive this, Tristen. I’ll make sure of it, but before I kill you, I will bring you unimaginable pain.” I promised.

I slammed my fist back down and his him in the jaw. He let out a yelp of pain. His hands coming up to defend against the pain I was inflicting.

I grabbed a hold of his right hand and snapped his wrist. He cried out into the empty night. That didn’t stop me though. I moved to his fingers next.

Tristen knew where my next move was. His eyes widening in terrified pain. My pack stood around unmoved at my ruthless torture. It was merciless and unforgiving but that was what I was at that very moment. I am going to the root of this crap situation and I am going to rip the heart out of the person who leads this women trafficking.

No more.

“Wait!” He gushed in panic.

I stopped.

“I can’t bring her back. She’s gone.” Tristen started.

The rage inside of me was smoldering--suffocating. I broke two of his fingers. He let out a cry of pain. Tears were running down his cheeks.

“Please, let me explain.”

“I don’t have time for your shit, Tristen. Tell me what I want to know or the next pain will be far worse than you can imagine.” I hissed.

“You don’t understand.” He wept like the coward that he was.

“She’s mine!” I roared. “Do you think I am stupid? Do you not see the mark on her neck? You took Ana from me and now you are going to take Amelia. Call me a fool once but fooling me twice--do you really think you will get away with this?”

“I didn’t know she was yours until I handed her over,” Tristen admitted.

“Is that suppose to make me feel merciful towards you?” I growled. “Tell me what I want to know, Tristen.”

“I gave her to Dick Sommerfield. He is particularly fond of blondes.” Tristen quickly answered.

I was seething with boiling anger at this point. My vision blurred with rage, my wolf took control and I shifted. My canines latched onto his skin. The seeping of blood filling my mouth. Tristen’s final feeble attempt in begging me to be merciful was distant.

The idea of someone touching her--it drove me to point of maddening destruction. I couldn’t stop the beast inside of me even if I wanted to. It ripped Tristen to shred. By the time I was done with him, he was not recognizable.

Leo appeared in front of me hesitantly. A crimson red blurred my peripheral vision. My eyes snapped to him and even though I knew he was my friend. My beast still growled in warning.

“Alpha, remember Amelia. She needs you. I have informed some pack members to clean this mess up.” My eyes found their way to the mess I created.

Blood and pieces of Tristen coated the ground. This was a mess that will be hard to clean up. I would have a lot of explaining to do. The council will expect a paper on my reasoning behind killing Tristen. I wouldn’t be hard to explain though because I have witnesses when Tristen confessed to taking a mated wolf. On top of all that, his involvement with the trafficking will end his case. If anything, I will get a slap on the wrist--werewolf probation.

Leo handed me some clean clothes. By this point, my beast has calmed down enough for me to take back reign. I shifted and accepted the offered clothes. Pulling them on, I looked at Leo.

“We head for Dick Sommerfield’s home at once,” I ordered. “Scouters are to fall back, except for the two leads.”

Leo nodded before turning and barking out orders. I pulled on the clean t-shirt and slipped on a pair of boots. Dick Sommerfield’s home wasn’t too far from here. Just a few miles out at the edge of town.


The man carried me into the mansion and up the stairs. We went down a dark hallway until he opened a door. It was pitch black and so it was hard for me to see where he had taken me but as soon as he flipped on the switch, I knew exactly where I was

He had taken me into a bedroom. Tossing me on the bed, he turned around without a word and left. I heard the lock clicked into place. Scrambling onto my feet, I got out of bed and looked for an escape.

The room looked to be like some sort of sick torture dungeon. Handcuffs hung on the wall and on the bed. There were torturing devices enclosed in secured, locked glass. Judging by the thickness of the glass, it was also shattered proof.

I walked over to the window and it had metal bars over it. There goes my escape route. The only way to leave this room was through the door I came from.

The door opened and entered in Dick Sommerfield. He was a tall lanky man dressed in expensive clothes. His white dressed shirt neatly tucked in and the sleeves of his shirt rolled up. He smiled when he saw me. His clean copper hair slicked back with what seems like a tremendous amount of gel.

“Trying to find an escape?” He chuckled. My hands were still wrapped around the bars on the window.

He moved to sit down on the edge of the bed, leaning forward he propped his elbows on his knees.

“You won’t find one, little one.” His smile wasn’t comforting. It was conniving and untrustworthy.

“What do you want?” I glared, releasing my hold on the bars and taking a step back.

He glanced at the bed then back at me, “You know what I want.”

He stood up casually. He gave a short laugh and scratched at his temple.

“You know you remind me a lot of somebody that I used to know.” He said, taking a step towards me.

He might be acting like everything was dandy but underneath that false image, I can see how his eyes were looking at me. How his feet were moving at a slow almost predatory gait.

“She had the same color of hair, skin, and eyes. The only difference is you look a little older than her.” He smirked.

When he was too close for my liking, I backed up further. His eyes dropped to my feet but he made no move.

He laughed again but it sounded fake, “I have a picture of her. She was a pretty one. It was sad to see her end her life but what can I say? She was completely broken and shattered.”

He continued, stuffing his hand into his black trousers pocket he pulled out a ring of keys. He walked to the dresser and unlocked the top dresser. Reaching in, he pulled out a photo album.

He flipped through the pictures until he founded what he wanted. He walked over to me and turned the album so that I can see.

“See the similarities?” He asked.

My eyes dropped down to the four pictures that were side by side to each other. I did see the similarities and my breath hitched. She looked almost exactly like my mother. There were only a few slight differences.

“Who is this?” I asked.

He turned the album back to him. His fingers tracing the naked woman that was laying on a bed in the picture. The look in her eyes looked like someone who had seen too many shades of hell. He traced the woman in the picture and I can see how his eyes lit up. As if he was reliving a moment.

“Her name was Nadine.” He looked and sounded obsessive but that wasn’t what caught my attention.

It was the name. My sister’s name.

It can’t be a coincidence?

But I remember my dad said. Wolves killed my mom and sister.

There was a voice in my head though that screamed at me that the woman in that picture was my sister.

“You said ‘was’?” I said quietly.

He looked at me as if he just remembered I was there, “Yes, she slit her wrists.”

I clenched my hands into fists, “How long was she held here?”

His eyes gleamed with a disgusting glow, “I first took her when she was twelve. She was in our system more than five years before that. I remember taking her mother for the first time.”

All this time, I was told wrong. My dad thought wolves took my mom and sister because it was the only logical thing given the evidence. I was naive and didn’t think of any other possibility. All those years, I have lived with the assumption that they were dead and to find out that they weren’t. My sister...he used her at age twelve.

I was angry--so angry that my heart was beating rapidly in my chest. Heat began to warm my body like a raging fire.

“Do you want to know something?” I asked, my voice was hard and emotionless.

He looked at me expectantly.

“I vowed vengeance for my family,” I whispered, my eyes moving from the pictures to look at him in the eye.

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