In The Night

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Chapter 26


I swallowed down the bubbling anger inside of me. Inching forward, I placed a gentle hand on Dick’s chest, pushing him towards the bed. I looked up at him from underneath my eyelashes.

“Do you want to know what happened to them?” I whispered seductively.

He allowed me to push him. His eyes darkening with unspoken lust. He fell onto the bed and pushed himself to the head of the bed. I crawled onto his body. My legs pinning his hips. I can feel the evidence of his member prodding and all I wanted to do was rip him apart, look at his inside to see how cruel he was.

“What?” He arched an eyebrow. A sly grin creeping on his face.

“At first, I thought that wolves got them because it made sense and I was a child, but it wasn’t because of that.”

My hands slid up his chest to his neck. The darkness and rage inside of me taking over, blurring my vision. I dug my fingers into his neck and the sick bastard had the nerve to groan with pleasure.

My fingers dug in and I squeezed as hard as I can. I heard him choking. The gurgling sound of a pathetic excuse of a man and his hands coming up to scratch at my hands.

“Those isn’t a coincidence, Dick. I see the resemblance. Surely, you can’t be that dense.” I sneered, my eyes opened to glare at him.

His attempts became desperate. He threw a punch at my face and it knocked me off his lap. He pinned my body with his. His hands took hold of my wrists and pinned them above me. His face was mere inches from mine as he settled himself between my legs.

“You don’t know how much I enjoy this.” His voice was raspy from the attack. “Of course, I knew you two were related somehow. The resemblance is too hard to miss.”

He started grounding his member onto me, “Your sister fought and cried when I took her for the first time.”

I struggled to thrash him off me. He started laughing.

“That’s right. Fight me, Amelia. I like it when you fight me.” I felt him grow harder. The sick bastard liked the struggle.

He lowered his face and started biting my neck. I cried in pain. It wasn’t just a small nip or bite. No, the bastard bit me hard as if he was an animal taking a bite out of his prey. Nothing about his touch was pleasure but pain. He moved to my lips and when I wouldn’t open for him he used one hand to grasp me hard at the cheek. Immediately, pain shot through me from the bruises earlier at the cabin. He thrust his tongue inside and sloppily tasted me.

Bile crawled up my throat and I whipped my head up, headbutting him in the head hard. My vision blurred at the harsh impact. Although it inflicted damage on him. It also made my headache ten times worse. I was already hurt by the attack in the cabin. My face is probably swollen completely on one side.

He muttered a curse and pulled back. His fist landed on my cheek. My head snapped to the left upon impact. He backhanded me again and my head snapped to the right. My earlier lip wound busted open again and I let out a whimper of pain. Blood spilled down my cheek and filled my mouth.

Both of his hands wrapped around my throat and he squeezed. I couldn’t breathe. My throat hurt, my lung ached, and in seconds my vision was blurring. I felt him trying to remove my pants but a little voice in my head told me to do something. That this couldn’t be the end. That I can’t let him win.

Using my hands, I wrapped them around his head. My thumbs digging into his eyes sockets hard. I heard him cry. For him to remove my hands, he needed to remove his hands from me and that was exactly what he did. His hands came to wrap around my wrist. I took the advantage in weight and bucked him off me. Instantly, I crawled onto my hands and knees.

I grabbed him around the collar and my fist slammed into his nose. I heard a pleasing crack and blood gushed from his nose. I didn’t waste a second. I hit him over and over until he was literally almost unconscious.

I dropped him back to the bed. His head lulled back and forth. His bedposts had cuffs that I assume he uses for his own sick pleasure. I grabbed one hand and cuffed it before performing the same to all his limbs. He was now lying flat on his back with no escape.

“Amelia, let me go. We can work out some kind of deal. I can let you go and promise not to chase after you.” He said weakly.

I laughed, it was almost unrecognizable. I was livid and disgusted. All I wanted to do was kill him, but his death will not go unnoticed. Therefore, I stuffed my hands into his pants pocket and pulled out his ring of keys. Walking to the glass cases, I scanned what was the best torturing device I can use on him.

“Let you go?” I chuckled. “Oh no, that is not on the table for negotiation. Instead, I have something that should be far more pleasing for me.”

I unlocked a glass case and pulled out a metal spring clamp. I also grabbed a knife. I walked over to him. His eyes were wide when he saw the knife.

“What are you doing?” He said in a panic.

“Don’t worry. The knife won’t hurt you. It’s the clamp you should worry about.” I told him.

I cut through his trousers and boxers. When he was fully exposed, I clamped him where it hurt the most. I heard him cry out in pain.

“Cutting the blood flow.” I clicked my tongue. “Imagine what will happen when there isn’t enough.”

“Release me!” The metal handcuffs protested as he yanked at his hands.

I laughed, “What’s the fun in that? You enjoy giving pain to others. You, out of all people should be able to handle it.”

“You will not get away with this.” He sneered. The rage clear in his eyes.

I laughed again, “I beg to differ, Dick. The evidence in this room is enough to put you away for life and move your disgusting position on the political campaign.”

I walked to the glass case and found a ball gag. I picked it up and walked back to his side. There I began putting the thing around his mouth to stop him from talking or screaming for help.

I took a step back and looked what I have accomplished. He was gagging through the ball gag and it looks painful to look at what was happening downstairs. I turned my back and headed for the door that he came from. I heard him protesting.

Opening the door, I peeked outside to the see the hallway was empty. I made my way down the hall until I found a staircase that leads downstairs. It was the only staircase and so I assume it is my only way out.

After walking down, the steps and reaching the foyer, the front door burst open and in entered in my naked mate. His eyes falling upon me immediately. Blood covered his body. Leo walked out from behind him next and a few pack members. Their eyes scanning the empty mansion before landing on me. They were all stark naked, but my eyes were only on my mate.

I ran towards him and jumped into his arms. He held me tight, his nose going into the crook of my neck to breathe in my scent.

An irritated and enraged growl rumbling from his chest, “I can smell the bastard on you.”

“Where is he?” Leo asked.

“Upstairs.” I pulled back enough to glance at Leo, but Cassius pulled my head back down underneath his chin to prevent me from looking at Leo’s naked form.

“What?” Leo was confused.

“He’s chained to the bed with a clamp on his thing and a ball gag,” I explained to Leo.

Leo choked and started laughing, “No way. Seriously?”

“Bastard deserves it.” I snapped.

“Oh yeah, he did.” Leo chuckled.

I shivered when I thought about what I had seen in the bedroom. I wrapped my arms tighter around Cassius and he must have felt my agitation because he scooped me up.

“Leo, take care of things here. I’m taking her back home.” Cassius ordered.

I didn’t protest at all. I wanted to be back home away from all this. Cassius walked me out of the mansion.

“Don’t look.” He told me.

Now, I was curious. My eyes scanned whatever I could, and I saw dead ripped bodies littered everywhere. So, this was why I wasn’t stopped when walking out of the bedroom. We entered a car. In the front seat was a pack member.

Cassius still had his arms wrapped around me. As soon as the car started and started rolling away, Cassius spoke.

“Why didn’t you kill him?” He asked.

“He is a political figure even if I wanted to. It will be messy. The evidence in the room that I was in, will be enough to lock him away for life.” I said, my mind flashing back to the pictures. “It was hard not to. Everything in me wanted to gut him—hear him scream.”

“You have more control than I do. If it was me, he would be dead by now.” Cassius sighed before lifting my face for him to assess. His eyes darkening at the bruises and cuts I received.

“Dylan, call for Gretchen. Tell her to meet us at home.” He ordered the driver.

“Yes, Alpha,” Dylan answered.

His thumb ran over the cut on my lips gently. I winced slightly from the pain.

“I think I should go back and end him,” Cassius said.

I smirked, “I am fine, Cassius. Take me home. I want to go home.”

I leaned back into his arms and he held onto me tightly. This was over. Everything was finally over. A part of me was happy that I finally found peace with my family’s death but a large part of me was sad for the loss. However, I have Cassius now. He was my family and that was more than enough.

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