In The Night

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Chapter 27

Since coming back home, I have started recovering. The bruises on my body, face, and the cut on my lips were still pretty horrible to look at but didn’t hurt as much. Along with the bruises, I was feeling all kinds of feelings. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders but at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel sad.

Sad because my family was still dead. Sad because revenge did nothing to make them come back. Sad that all my life I was told it was wolves that killed them it wasn’t.

Cassius was right. There are worse things out there besides animals. Animals aren’t always monsters. I didn’t understand then but now I realized that there were so much out there that I feel slightly naïve.

I am relieved to know though that Dick has been arrested for human trafficking. He is sentenced and put away for a long time. The man will not see daylight and that takes off a load off my shoulders. Women and children are safe for now from this crime.

The FBI has stuck their nose into this situation and has begun uncovering many locations where the camps were.

Christmas is tomorrow and the house of Dashkov is in full-blown. People are hurrying to put up the last minute lights. Going out to go buy groceries for the feast tomorrow.

I feel a little out of my element but it is nice to see such happy spirits around me.

It was dark outside. I finished putting the last of my personal items from the cottage into the dresser before closing it and walking to the bathroom for a shower.

Inside, I removed my articles of clothing before looking in the mirror. The bruise on my body was still black and blue. My swollen cheeks were now gone but in its place were bruises. I ran a finger across my lips at the cut. They really did a number on me.

The bathroom door swung open and my focus flew to the door. Cassius stood in the doorway. His eyes sweeping me from head to toe. This is the first time he has seen me truly naked since the incident.

Dark and furious.

My mate was not happy at all upon seeing my bruises. He walked into the bathroom without permission. Without saying anything, he lifted one hand and ran his fingertips tenderly over my bruised skin on my body. I watched him in the mirror and saw how his jaw tightened. How his eyes swarm with rage and the slight shook of his hands.

“I’m fine,” I told him. “I’m alive and I am here.”

His eyes connected with mine but his fingertips froze on my skin, “These bruises are big, Amelia. How many times did they hit you?”

His voice was hard and coarse. He was really fighting off his rage and to keep calm. I grabbed his hands that was touching my bruise and pulled his arms to wrap around my mid-section. His front now pressed to my back.

“It doesn’t matter now, Cassius,” I said in an attempt to calm him down.

“I want to kill every last one of them.” The way his voice shifted into a deep growl at the end told me his beast was peeking out and revealing how much bloodlust he wanted.

“I look horrible. This is why you shouldn’t see me like this.” I mumbled.

I didn’t want him to see my body like this and that’s why he hasn’t seen or touched me in days. His eyes narrowed on me in the mirror.

“You are beautiful.” He whispered.

“I look ugly. These bruises are ugly.”

One of his hand came up and touched my chin. It turned me to look up at him. He lowered his lips onto mine and gently skimmed them. A soft brush but it was like a breath of fresh air. I missed his touch. I missed his kisses.

I swallowed the lump in my throat when I saw how he was looking at me. As if I am the only person in the word that he lives for. The only person that he needs.

“You are beautiful, Amelia. It doesn’t matter how you look. I would always love you just the way you are. As long as I have you by my side, nothing else matters because what I need is not what is on the outside. I need what is on the inside. Your soul. Your heart. Your mind. Your love.” He murmured.

I didn’t realize I was crying until he wiped my tears away with his hand. He leaned down and kissed my forehead before brushing a kiss on the tip of my nose and back down to my lips.

He turned my chin back so that I am facing the mirror again. His hands dropped to run over my bruises. I watched him caress. My breath hitching with each electric stroke. It sent a yearning and pulse through my body to my core.

“These bruises, although, I don’t like seeing them on you. They mark how much of a fighter you are. You fought and you won. You didn’t give up. I am proud and amaze at your strength.” He was looking at me while he said it. The conviction in his eyes was more than enough proof that he meant every word.

“You don’t think I look disgusting?” I asked.

He pressed his bottom half onto my body and I can feel how hard he was, “Quite the opposite.”

I felt wetness pooled between my legs. My lips parted slightly from feeling how hard he was. I watched his hand skimmed down my belly to cup me down there.

I moaned and leaned back, putting my weight on him as he slid two fingers up and down my lower lips before swirling them over my clit. Heat spread from that sensual contact. Sparks flew and I watched him watch me.

He slipped those two fingers that were stroking my lower lips inside me and my legs shook slightly. With his other hand, he propped my hands on the bathroom counter. My body slightly bent forward as he pumped his fingers inside of me.

“Cassius,” I said in a gasp as he hit me in the most wondrous spot.

“I love touching you this way. Look at how wet you are.” He rasped.

I heard the unbuckling of his belt. I say he has amazing skills as he continued to pump inside me but still manage to take off his pants. I felt his erection bounced against my backside and instantly the need inside of me intensified.

“Cassius, I need-“

He didn’t need me to finish the sentence. He pulled out his fingers and moved them to the side of my hips to hold me in place. A second later, I felt him impaled me. The feeling was amazing. He fit snuggly and deeply. A soft throaty sound vibrated from his throat before he gripped my hips with both hands.

Our eyes never wavered away from each other. In the mirror, we watched the passion and lust swirls in our irises. It was hot to see him become undone. He pulled out and thrust back in.

Inhaling sharply from the instant pleasure. My breasts bounced back and forth as he started a pumping rhythm. His eyes turned into its dark amber gold color. He leaned forward and his lips touched my shoulder as he focused solely on bringing us to oblivion.

His lips moved to his mark on my neck and I felt his canine graze the area. A shudder wracked my body and the sudden urge to have him mark me again flow through me.

“Do it,” I said hoarsely.

He looked at me from underneath his eyelashes before I felt his lips pulled back and his canines pierced my skin again. White dots blurred my vision and my core clenched around his shaft. I cried out his name and my hands gripped the edge of the counter with everything I had. The orgasm that filled my body last for minutes.

His canines were still embedded inside of me while he thrusts harder and faster inside of me. I heard a throaty groan coming from him. His eyes were closed tightly and the grip on my hips tightened. Seconds later, his release filled the inside of me.

He retracted his canine after he filled me with every last drop of his release. He licked the mark, cleaning it up. My blood stained his mouth and chin. It should disgust me but it only turned me on some more and I pulsed once more around his girth, ready for him to give me more. He groaned and leaned forward to kiss me behind my ear.

A soft chuckled rumbled from him, “Ready to go again, aren’t we?”

I wiggled my bottom, “Do you blame me? My Alpha mate is a sexy beast.”

He growled and I felt his shaft twitch inside of me. A second later he pulled out. Disappointment flooded through me until he lifted my bottom onto the bathroom counter and positioned himself between my legs. The tip of his erection rubbed against my lower lips and I watched with renewed interest.

With one swift move, he entered me. His hands moved to my waist and my eyes dropped to where we are connected. It was exciting and enthralling to watch. I felt his erection grew even more inside of me and my eyes flickered up to meet his.

Leaning forward, he brushed his lips on mine. I know how much he wants to kiss me thoroughly but because of the cut on my lips, he didn’t want to risk breaking the almost healed skin open again. For now, the brush of his lips was enough.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lifted me off the counter. I gasped, almost afraid he will drop me but I should have known better. My beast, my Alpha has unimaginable strength. He carried me as if I weighed nothing. He worked the speed of his thrust with the control of my hips. Lifting me up and back down on his erection.

I muffled my cries of pleasure by biting down on his shoulder. It seems he loved that so much, the speed increased. His groans of pleasure filled my ears and it provoked me to bite down harder.

“Ah, fuck.” He growled before he was pummeling inside of me. My breasts bounced against his chest and I released his skin to press my forehead against his. Together we watched ourselves fall apart. I cried and milked his cock greedily while his amber gold eyes burned with lust and adoration. The minute I tightened around him, he came inside of me.

I watched him bite his lower lip and appreciated how his eyes remained open. I saw the raw emotions that flashed through his eyes and it only pushed me to the edge of bliss.

When we both came down from the clouds of oblivion, we were both breathing hard and sweaty. I giggled and the corner of his lip lifted into a half grin.

“That was crazy,” I said.

“That was hot.” He replied before leaning over to skim his lips over mine. “I love it when you bite me.”

My eyes moved to the teeth mark on his shoulder. It will go away soon but it flooded me with heat. I leaned back and allowed my hands to caress what is mine. His hard sweaty muscular chest to his toned abs before going back up slowly and over his shoulder.

This is mine. All mine.

“I think we should take a shower.” He said while walking us both to the shower.

“You should let me down,” I told him but just as I said that I felt him twitch and hardened again inside of me.

My eyes widened.

“No…again?” I laughed.

He shrugged, “I can’t get enough of you.”

And we went at it again. Several times to be exact that the water ran cold and we had to step out. I dried myself with a towel and he watched me with a towel of his own. I bent down to dry off my legs but when I looked up my eyes were met again with a virile erection.

I laughed and scolded, “Cassius.”

“Love, it has been several days. I am a deprived man.”

I giggled before darting out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. He growled and chased after me.

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