In The Night

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The song Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers played softly in the background as I watched her walk down the wedding aisle dressed in solid ivory off shoulder maxi dress. It exposed her curved neckline and shoulders. A year later and we finally got our wedding in. I wanted it to be sooner but Amelia and Cora wanted to plan. They said it had to happen during the summer and it had to be perfect. It not only signified the beginning of our relationship but it also introduced our little one that was growing inside of her.

The little bump on her was evident. Our pup is only four months in for his growth but he has already started to kick. We found out last night right before bed. Amelia and I just had a conversation back and forth in bed. She was talking about the wedding and I answered her. She gasped when she felt the kick, reaching for my hand she placed it under her belly where, I too, felt the kick. That was one moment I marked as the happiest moment in my life besides the day that Amelia agreed to marry me.

My eyes moved from the bump to her eyes and found unshed tears clouding her vision. She looked a vision even when she was crying. My sister was the maid of honor and even at the sight of Amelia brought tears to my sister’s eyes. They have grown so close. The bond between the two although not blood was strong.

I took the last few steps and reached my mate’s side, reaching down I wrapped my hand around hers. She glanced down at where we touched before looking up at me. My other hand I moved to wipe the tear that had escaped.

“You look breathtakingly beautiful, love,” I whispered.

My heart ached with so much love. It was a never ending feeling of emotions. This love I feel for her, it was overwhelming. So overwhelming that any thought of losing her will kill me instantly. I live for her. I breathe for her. She was my lifeline.

She closed her eyes and leaned into my touch before opening them. I don’t think she will ever stop surprising me. She takes my breath away every time I see her.

Together, we finished taking the last few steps to stand in front of the priest. He started the wedding ceremony. All the pack members were there on this official day and unity of their Alpha and Alpha female.

Leo was my best man and stood behind me and even he was getting a little teary. When it came to the exchange of vows, I started it off.

“Amelia, I want to thank you for giving me a chance—for taking me for who I am. You are my savior, my angel, and my Alpha female. When I am with you, I am alive. I can breathe and I can reach for anything. You fill me with so much happiness. My love for you is a never ending river. I vow to love you, to protect you, and to care for you for the rest of my life.”

Amelia let out a soft sob and her hand went up to cover her mouth. I can see the happiness in her eyes and god I never want it gone. I am seriously so whipped that I’ll do anything to make her happy. She took in a deep shuddering inhale before wiping her tears and speaking her vows.

“All my life, I never thought that I would feel this much love.” Her eyes glanced from me to everyone around us. “You all have given me so much—so much that I have ever dreamed of.”

Her eyes found me, “Cassius, our first meeting wasn’t luck. It was fate. Fate brought you to me. With you, I’ve earned myself a large family and friends. You are the roots of my happiness. Without you, I don’t think I will ever be able to find happiness. I love you so much that even those words can’t explain the number of emotions that is bursting inside of me. I vow to stand next to you and to love you for the rest of our life.”

Her words hit home. It broke the dam to my emotions and I sniffled, turning away to wipe the tears that escaped. She reached forward and cupped my chin like how I do so often to her. Standing on her tip toes, she leaned forward and kissed those tears away.

When she pulled back and the rings were handed to me, my hand shook as I put the ring on her finger. I was that emotional I couldn’t control my nerves. She gave a soft giggle before taking the ring and slipping it on my ring finger. I was officially hers. She was officially mine.

I didn’t wait for the priest to give the okay. I took her into my arms and kissed her with everything in me. The unspoken words passed between that kiss. My love for her passed through that one kiss. She kissed me back with the same fever. The sudden cheer and shouts coming from our pack broke our trance. I pulled back enough so that she can breathe and stared into her emerald eyes.

“I love you,” I whispered. “I love you so damn much.”

She smiled, “I love you too, Cassius.”

Leo came over and clapped me on the back before pulled me into a brotherly hug. Cora hugged Amelia before reaching over and hugging me.

“I am so happy for you, Cassius.” She said. “I am so happy you are happy.”

“Thank you, Cora.” I hugged her back.

Everyone followed up to us then and hugged us. After almost an hour of saying thank you and accepting everyone’s congratulations. I took hold of my mate’s hand to get her attention.

“It is time, I take you away.” I grinned.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“Someplace where I can have you all to myself,” I replied with a wink.

She smirked, “Well, I hope you stocked up on pickles and ice cream because the baby is coming along and that’s all he wants.”

My smile faltered, “We can go shopping?”

She rolled her eyes and I wrapped an arm around her, resting my hand at her hip. I leaned in and kissed her temple before running my nose in her hair.

“I need you…alone, love.” I murmured quietly so that she and I are the only ones who can hear what I was saying.

She brought in her bottom lips between her teeth before nodding, “Let’s go.”

I chuckled before taking a step to lead her out but she stopped me by placing a palm on my chest. I glanced down at her hand that has my ring on it before looking back at her.

“Who is going to take care of matters here while you and I are gone?” She asked.

I looked towards Leo who was conversing with some pack members.

“Leo has it covered. Now c’mon, love, we have to leave now.” I said impatiently.

She huffed and rested her hand that was on my chest on her belly. My eyes fell on it before I rested mine over hers. She glanced at our hands before allowing me to lead her out.

We got into my jeep that now has all kinds of wedding flowers and strings attached to it. I helped my poor pregnant mate into the jeep first, making her dress was all the way in before closing the door. Quickly, I made my way to the other side of the jeep and got in. Before we I drove off, I glanced at her. Leaning forward I couldn’t resist but kissed her one last time before we leave this place. The taste of her, I can never get enough. When I pulled back, she breathed another ‘I love you’ that I returned.

We looked at our pack one last time who was waving goodbye to us before we started the car and drove off.

On the back of the jeep was written, ‘Newlyweds’ and underneath it was, ‘Yours forever, and ever’.

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