In The Night

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Chapter 4

Show Me Love (EDX Remix) - Sam Feldt

How in the world was he dressed in a dark grey fleece shawl-collar sweater and dark blue denim jeans when it was ten degrees outside? Even with the sun shining down it did nothing against the cold wind. His dark jet black hair reminded me of night with no other light but the shimmering stars. Little pristine light glowing and shining against the dark night. The stubble growth on his chin only prove to increase his masculinity. I couldn’t decipher why but I felt the pull to run my hands against his bare flesh, the stubble growing on his chin, and running my fingers through every shadowed grove of his body which I was pretty sure hard as cement.

The wind blew cruelly and I couldn’t help but shudder from the intensity of it. He notices immediately and moves to cover me with his body. Hunched over slightly as he gazes down at me. This small little change of position from him brought us closer than before. He was literally a foot away. With his head bent a little, I can feel his breath fanning on my face.

“The first time we met I was lucky. The second time was a coincidence but the third time, I am going to say it is fate.” He whispered softly.


It felt like a caress when he said it. I almost sighed and looked at him like a lovesick puppy but I cleared my throat and tried to step away. Keyword—tried. He took one step closer when I took one step away.

“This means I have to ask you out on a date.”

“D-d-date?” I stammered, revealing how surprised and incompetent I am in speaking normally now.

The corner of his lip twitched and his ashy grey eyes glinted back at me daring me to say no—like he wants the chase.

“What do you say? Be my girl?”

If I was stammering before I was completely speechless now. The emotional turmoil inside of me was making me feel like I could burst at any second. Was he joking with me? Is this how the cool kids play the nerds?

“Is this a joke?” I asked, unconvinced he asked for a date.

“Not a joke. I’m being serious, Amelia. Go on a date with me, be my girl.” He reinstated his earlier proposition.

It’s that easy, huh? People just go around asking others on a date—yes, yes they do.

“I’m sorry but the answer is a no even if you are being serious,” I replied and tried to maneuver around him but again he stepped to block me from escaping.

“Why not?” He asked, curiosity reflected in his irises.

“Because I am not planning on staying here long. A week or two and I am gone. There is no point in making friends or planting roots here.” I told him honestly.

“A week?” He growled and just like that the light went out from his eyes and it darkened to a deep fiery amber gold. It freaked me out how threatening he looked and it reminded me faintly of the wolf last night. The image flashing through my mind.

Caught off guard, I took a step back and almost tripped but in a flash he had his arms wrapped around my waist halting me from falling on my butt. The dark fiery pits in his eyes that I have seen earlier now gone and his eyes were back to normal.

“Then it is a week for me to convince you to stay and that there is more to everything.” He said and helped me to right myself back up. He kept one arm wrapped around my body while the other lifted into the air and revealed a familiar looking phone which a second later I recognized as mine.

“Hey, that’s mine.” I pointed out. When he swiped the screen and proceeded to dial a number I mentally scolded myself for not putting a password on my phone.

A second later his phone rang and he hangs up on my phone stuffing it back into my jacket pocket.

“I’ll call you soon for that date.” He drops his arm from around my waist and I watched him walk away.

After he left, I proceeded to process all that had happened in my head. Keep in mind, I have never gone on an actual date since prom. I don’t know where to begin and what to expect and just thought was making my stomach twists into knots and my pulse racing like I have just watched a horror movie.

As I walked to my jeep, I slipped my hand into my jacket pocket and pulled out my phone. My eyes looked at his number like it was an alien code. When a text message popped up on my phone I literally threw the damn thing across the small parking lot in surprise.

916-214-8754: Tell me something about yourself.

I blinked while sitting in my jeep. I could ignore his advances but a part of me longed for something more. Besides, it was only one week. What could really happen in one week?

And so I convinced myself to give him a chance. However, what do I tell him? There wasn’t anything interesting about myself.

Me: I like cheese pizza

I saw that he read it immediately. Dots appeared on my screen and I knew he was typing. A minute later...

916-214-8754: What’s your favorite color?

Me: Green, you?

I put my phone away and drove home which took me about fifteen minutes. I threw my keys on the old living room couch and walked to my bedroom. Pulling out my wallet and my phone, I tossed them on the bed before taking off my jacket and hanging it over my desk chair.

I changed into a warm sweater and sweats, grabbed my phone, before making my way to the living room where an already lit fire was waiting for me. I lit my fireplace before heading out to the bar. Now, my cabin was nice and cozy. Sitting on the ground pretzel style, I swiped my phone to see he had texted me back.

916-214-8754: I don’t have one.

Me: IF you are planning on going on a date with me you have to give me a better answer.

916-214-8754: At first I like the color silver but now I like the color green.

Me: You are only saying that because I chose the color green.

916-214-8754: No.

Me: Then why the change of mind?

I stood up and walked into the kitchen to make some tea. A few minutes later my phone chimed and I picked it up to look.

916-214-8754: Because of you.

Me: ???

916-214-8754: Your eyes, Amelia.

Heat crawled up my neck to my cheeks. I flushed with shyness. It was the first time someone compliment me on my eyes. Not that I ever gave anyone time to compliment me. It was cliche but coming from him it didn’t sound cliche. In fact, it made me feel beautiful.

Me: Thanks, I guess.

The kettle whistled and I turned off the stove before removing the kettle. I poured myself a warm cup of black tea before walking back to the fireplace. I waited for him to respond to me. I could see that he saw my text message but he stopped. He didn’t respond.

It made me second think everything. Did I say something stupid? I was thinking so much that I grew frustrated. I tossed my phone on the ground beside me and continued sipping my tea while gazing into the fire. I tried thinking about other things like bills, goals, and ambition but nothing worked. His perfectly proportion face appeared in front of me and I felt my heart flutter in response.

After I finish drinking my tea, I got up and walked to the kitchen. My stomach grumbled as soon as I place my cup into the sink. I walked over to the small old refrigerator and took out my left over oven baked penne pasta to reheat. I was just about to place one of the containers into the microwave when I heard a knock at my door.

I sat my food back on the counter and headed for the front window. Peeking out from the dark blue curtains with one hand and the other flipping on the switch, I was extremely surprised to Cassius outside carrying what looks like a pizza box.

I walked over to my door and opened it, “Do I even want to ask how you found where I live?”

“I have my ways.” Was all that he said before lifting up the box he was carrying.

“Cheese pizza.” He grinned. “And our very first date.”

“Here? In my home?” I asked.

“I see why not.” He shrugged before waving the pizza underneath my nose. I can smell the marinara and could almost literally taste the cheese.

Biting my lips, I opened the door wider. It’s pizza. I couldn’t turn it down. Especially when it’s free. At least that was what I told myself when I let this godly man into my cabin.

When he walked in I closed the door behind him. I headed over to the kitchen and grabbed two plates from the cabinet and two beers from the fridge.

He sat the pizza on the small dining table and slipped into a chair. I slipped into the other chair before giving him a plate and beer.

Together we dug in for our first piece. It was deliciously good. Cheesy and tangy. I leaned forward curious to find out more about him.

“So is this how you warm your way into women’s heart?” I smirked.

Chuckling, “It may come as a surprise to you but no I don’t do this often.”

“I find that hard to believe.” I replied, taking another bite out of my pizza slice.

“Why?” He tilted his head to the side like a curious little puppy.

“Have you seen yourself?” I looked him up and down. He glanced down his body and back up at me.

He took a bite from his pizza slice, “I get it. My appearances attract women but what my appearances doesn’t match who I am?”

I arched an eyebrow, urging him to continue. He placed his pizza down onto his plate and wiped his hands on some napkins that he brought along with his pizza.

“What if I am a cold and ruthless man that harms and torture woman?” He asked.

“Are you?” I questioned in return.

He chuckled lightly, “No but hypothetically, what if I am not a good person?”

“I am no judge or executioner but if you cause harm to me, I will have to hurt you.” I answered.

He laughed louder as if me hurting him was an absurd idea. I frowned at his reaction.

“What? You don’t think I can?” I glared.

“That’s not what I mean. God, woman, you’re taking this the wrong way. All I am saying that appearances shouldn’t matter. What matters is what goes on inside of us. It is what is truly beautiful and ugly.” He muttered. He looked disgruntle from the turn in conversation.

The corner of my lips lifted, “I agree. What matters is what is on the inside. So what are you, Cassius?”

He looked me dead on when he answered.

“I am neither good nor bad. I am someone who simply wants what he needs.”

“And what is that?” I questioned.

He shrugged and averted his eyes. Picking up his beer can he took a sip before setting it down on the table and leaning forward, propping one elbow on the table he ran his thumb underneath his bottom lip.

“I will tell you when you are ready.”

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